Elena Harvest is a suspect in the murder investigation of a high schooler Yolanda Stokes in The Girl on Fire (Case #5 of Criminal Case: Denton City)


Elena is a 49-year-old principal with curly long brown hair and black eyes. She wears a black jacket and a paw scarf. It is know that she chews gum.

Age 49
Weight 199 lbs
Eyes black
Blood B-

Events of Criminal Case

The Girl on Fire

Elena was flagged as a suspect after the team found his smashed painting in the burning hall. The team then told Elena that there‘s a victim and she was shocked. She then permitted the team to search everywhere in the school, even the principal office. The team then headed to the principal room to continue their investigation

Elena was spoken to again after the team found her gift to the victim. She was embarassed and then explained that the gift was not for her, but for her mother. She explained that she was in love with the victim’s mother and wanted to give her a special gift. After she bought the neklace, she asked the victim to give it to her mother. After a while, she asked the victim about the gift, but the victim told Elena that her mother rejected her.

Elena was found to be innocent after the team found enough evidence and arrested Morgan Springley for the murder.

Case appearance

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