Elanna Esposito was a suspect in the murder investigation of her boyfriend, high school student Caleb Millhouse in To Pay A Deadly Price (Case #2 of Toomeswood). She also appeared as a quasi-suspect in A Devastation Of Love (Case #3 of Toomeswood and also made two minor appearances in the events of Too Young To Die (Case #4 of Toomeswood) and A Fallen Hero (Case #5 of Toomeswood).

She later returned as a suspect in the murder of her mentor, home economics teacher Brenda Reynolds in Fitness For Death (Case #8 of Toomeswood before turning out to be the killer of Lord War's top general, blogger Jenna Danson in Delete My Heart (Case #11 of Toomeswood)


Elanna was a 17 year old cheerleader at Perleyville Secondary School.She sports a yellow hairband in her long curly brown hair that has a pink streak and dons a bruise on her shoulder, she also has green eyes, black eye shadow and dark pink lipstick. She sports a navy blue cheerleader dress with yellow and white accents and is seen holding yellow and blue pom-poms. She also sports a scar on her left eye. It is known that Elanna eats protein bars and works out.

In her first quasi-suspect appearance, it is discovered that Elanna has an allergy to wheat.

In her second suspect appearance, her hair is slightly disheveled and her outfit changes to a light blue tanktop with a yellow rose. She sports several purple and blue bracelets as well as a light purple choker with a silver star. It is discovered that she is allergic to seafood, drinks green smoothies and wears running shoes.

In her third suspect appearance, her outfit changes to a black tanktop with bright pink lacing and a pink heart. She also dons a gold locket which belonged to her late mother. It is known that Elanna has access to chemicals, eats frozen yogurt and drinks tequila.

Height 5'3"
Age 17
Weight 127 lb
Eyes Green
Blood O-

Events of Criminal Case

To Pay A Deadly Price

Elanna became a suspect when the team found her locket and identified her photograph with her parents Miguel and Lorena.Not only the school's head cheerleader but also the victim's girlfriend and to Vanessa's surprise, wasn't too saddened by his death. She stated the only reason she dated the victim was to take her mind off her parents' divorce and her father having a new girlfriend.

Elanna was spoken to again after the team found and analyzed a pig statue she created of the victim's mother, she revealed that the victim was abusive towards her so she made the statue out of retaliation. She didn't hesitate to explain to the team all of the victim's actions towards her including but not limited to insulting her father and blaming her for her parents' divorce, lacing the victim's feminine products with chili peppers causing her to get an infecrion and drugging her tequila to use her as a football dummy.

Ultimately, Elanna was found innocent after the team incarcerated Brock Rothery for the murder. While she was not seen for the rest of the case, it is known that Elanna was forced by her mother to move back to Tijuana.

A Devastation Of Love

Elanna ultimately helped the team find a clue in incriminating her grandmother for the murder of her mother. When Jordan and the player went to check on her, she thanked the team for putting her grandmother behind bars. Later however, after she saw Otis Hausen escape from jail before her mother's car crash, she made a hard decision with a heavy heart. In order to protect Brenda from whatever harm may come, she decided to cut off all ties with her mentor; a decision which upset and frustrated Brenda.

Too Young To Die

After the team arrested the killer of a kindergartner, Elanna was taken hostage by escaped serial killer Alden Black. She was rescued by her father who shot Alden in the hand and reunited with Miguel.

A Fallen Hero

Elanna did not appear as a suspect but later on in the investigation, she raged out at Principal Gerald Deckerton for his decision to expel her from the school as he claimed disciplinary issues and for Elanna's failure to attend a meeting to address the issues. Elanna however countered that neither she nor her father, Miguel were ever informed of a meeting in place over the alleged disciplinary issues. The situation only worsened when it was revealed that her grandfather Fidel Esposito was the one to attend the meeting. Fidel explained that he felt Miguel was too unstable to attend the meeting and also felt Elanna would cause trouble. After the team pursued Gerald who was guilty of killing Darcy Keller, it was revealed that Gerald expelled Elanna for refusing to be a part of his sinister plots and trying to convince the other students to rebel against him.

Lies And Deceit

Elanna appeared in the events of the case to attend the double funeral of both Darcy Keller and Michael Merowitz, both of whom had been brutally murdered.

Fitness For Death

In the middle of the investigation, the team had to restrain Elanna from raging out at blogger Jenna Danson who harrassed the victim. However, as Elanna accidentally kicked a seafood display, it was revealed she inherited her father's allergies to seafood and quickly broke out in hives. The team had to take her to the hospital.

Afterwards the team decided to check up on Elanna and after informing her of Brenda's death, Elanna burst into tears upon hearing of her mentor's murder. She was shocked and wondered who would want a kind woman like Brenda dead.

Elanna was spoken to again when the team discovered she had a falling out with the victim in regards to her father. After Miguel's violent outburst in the morgue, Elanna made the executive decision to confiscate his anti-depressants as she felt he couldn't be trusted to take his medications. Brenda, however, stated that she felt the anti-depressants weren't the problem but the tequila was. The young girl had been stressed upon having to homeschool herself and trying to keep her father from harming himself and/or others.


  • Elanna slightly resembles Giulietta Cappechi, a character in Criminal Case:Mysteries of the Past
  • Elanna is one of the characters to appear as a clue

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