El Capo Marín
Full name Burkaso Alzi
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1969
Nationality Flag of Colombia Colombian
Residence Cali (previously)
Profession Drug Trafficker
Affiliation(s) The Andean Cartel

The Oceanic Gang

Appearance(s) In Pain Furrows

Dead Airs in Buenos Aires The 10th Man The Ocean Among Us

El Capo Marín (born as Burkaso Alzi) was a suspect during the murder of Abelardo Ibañez in In Pain Furrows (Case #3 of PWT), He later returned with the fake identity of Paolo Costas in The 10th Man (Case #27 of PWT) being suspected of Hudson Farim's murder and later turned to be the killer of Don Dourne in The Ocean Among Us (Case #28 of PWT).


El Capo is an overweight man of 47 year old. He has Short black Hair, Dirty blue overalls, and glasses

as Paolo Costas he has blond Hair and blond tick mustache, He has a big straw hat and a yellow Hawaian shirt.

in his third appearance he gets back his old appearance from Colombia

As Burkaso Alzi, his past self, he had his black hair spiky, wore lab googles and white collared ship with a little bag around his neck

Height 5'8"
Age 47
Weight 300 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A-


  • He is the only non-WPE suspect of the Police World Tour Edition to appear in more than one region.
  • He is one of the suspects to appear in two cases consecutively

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