Edwina Samuel
Full name Edwina Samuel
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Death 22/02/16
Residence Belfriar, Kensington Heights, England
Appearance(s) Look Down

Edwina Samuel was the victim of Look Down (Case #3 of Kensington Heights).


At the time of her death, Edwina had short brown hair, and wore a dark blue velvet jacket, with a rose on it, a pair of dark trousers and red shoes. She had brown eyes.

Murder Details

Edwina was found bludgeoned in a restaurant, her face had been battered and her clothes had been ruffled up.

Duchesse Carne revealed that traces of wood were found in the wounds, but she couldn't work out what it was. However, she found drops of chamomile tea on her clothes, but Edwina didn't drink chamomile tea according to her doctor, so before killing Edwina, the killer drank some chamomile tea.

Killer and Motives

Sonya Burton, a retired director, was revealed to be the killer of Edwina.

Sonya said she killed Edwina with her cane because she was so rich. Sonya was at the restaurant, when Edwina came over to her table, she started going on about how she had done more with her life, and was almost elected prime minister, Sonya saw red and tripped her up with her cane, and beat her. She made sure no one saw, and dumped her under a restaurant table. Hamani Bhaatt sentenced Sonya to 40 years imprisonment for a chance of parole of 16 years.



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