Edward Jarvis is the killer of his wife, con artist Amber Oliver, in "Amber Alert" (Case #2 of Hidden Missions).


Edward is the 37 year old chauffeur of Osprey Airline's CEO, Alastair Hahn. He has a tanned complexion, as well as receding dark brown hair and brown eyes. Edward is seen wearing his chauffeur uniform - a black coat with red lining and silver buttons over a white shirt. He also wears a chauffeur's cap. In his suspect appearance, it was determined that Edward drinks kale juice, owns a beagle and uses sunscreen.

Height 5'10"
Age 37
Weight 165lb
Eyes Brown
Blood B+

Events in Hidden Missions

Edward was first confronted by the player and Agent Wong when they found Amber's phone. Amber had asked him to pick her up from the Midwestern Bar. Edward confirmed that he did pick up Amber, as Alastair had given him the task to drive Amber around wherever she pleases. Furthermore, Edward claimed that he barely had any interaction with Amber.

However, after finding a customized plate number that said "F1R3D" that was addressed to Edward, the chauffeur explained that Amber tried to have him fired because he scolded her about always leaving his limousine untidy. Edward claimed that he only disposed of the plate number, he did not confront Amber about it.

In the end of the investigation, however, it was revealed that Edward was guilty of killing Amber. After denying the accusation multiple times, Edward finally confessed to the murder and revealed that he was secretly Amber's husband. It turns out that Amber and Edward were working together in conning Alastair into handing them 10 million dollars from the food bank investment scam. Edward found out that Amber was planning to cheat him off his share off the money, which explains why she tried to have him fired, as well as the one-way ticket to Sultanistan. Edward confronted his greedy wife in Alastair's office, the argument got heated and it led to Edward shooting Amber dead. In court, Judge Bishop gave Edward a 35 year prison sentence.

Case Appearances

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