Edward Jarvis is the killer of his ex-wife, park ranger Lynne Gillis, in "Unnatural Causes" (Case #2 of Justice Department).


Edward is the thirty-three year old ex-husband of Lynne Gillis. He has scruffy dirty blond hair and green eyes. Edward is seen wearing a dark green scarf over a black polo shirt under a brown leather jacket. In his appearance as a suspect, it is known that he drinks kale juice, owns a beagle named Brownie and uses sunscreen.

Height 5'9"
Age 33
Weight 155lb
Eyes Green
Blood B+

Events in Hidden Missions

Edward was first confronted by the player and A.S.I. Agent Eric Wayne when they found a torn photograph of the victim, Lynne Gillis, and himself. The distraught Edward introduced himself as Lynne's ex-husband. Edward grieved as he mentioned that they were just getting closer again and planned to remarry.

Edward was confronted again when the player and technician Reed Rothman discovered heated e-mails between him and the victim. Edward stated that he and Lynne were having a small argument over which place to live in once they get remarried.

In the conclusion of the case, Edward was incriminated as the killer of Lynne Gills. After being confronted with evidence, Edward admitted in killing Lynne. He explained that Lynne was planning to remarry him, but for the wrong reasons – she was remarrying him for his newly found wealth to pay for her debts. Edward confronted Lynne in the day of the murder, the situation escalated and he grabbed Lynne's tranquilising gun while she wasn't looking and shot her in the neck. Upon being shipped to the court, Judge Bishop sentenced Edward to twenty years in prison for Lynne's murder.

Case Appearances

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