Edgar Toffington
Full name Edgar Toffington
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1948
Nationality British
Residence Belfriar, Kensington Heights, England
Profession Solicitor
Affiliation(s) Ecsadus & Co.
Appearance(s) Cutting Off Loose Ends

Edgar Toffington was a suspect in the investigation of Geoffrey Ecsadus in Cutting Off Loose Ends (Case #2 of Kensington Heights).


Edgar has grey hair which was balding at the top, he wears a black suit, a white shirt and a lilac tie. It is known he has knowledge in chemistry and smokes.

Height 6'2"
Age 68
Weight 263 lbs
Eyes green
Blood O+

Role in Case(s)

Cutting Off Loose Ends

Edgar was fist spoken to when his credit card was found in an office after coordinates were found. Edgar said that he and Geoffrey were partners in the firm, he said that he met Geoffrey in his chemistry class at school, the two were interested in chemistry, so they decided to go into business.

Edgar was found innocent after Florinda Charmmfield was found guilty for killing Geoffrey.

After the team arrested Florinda, the team spoke to Edgar, who said that as Geoffrey's old partner in the solicitor firm, he said he wanted to rename Geoffrey's house to "Ecsadus House", but had lost the deed to do so, the team checked his office, where the deed was found in a bin, the team found it, and gave it to Edgar.

Case Appearances


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