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Earning to Murder
District Europe
Case Number 4
Date of Release May 22, 2016
Partner(s) Me

(All Chapters)

Allen Muir

(2 Tasks in Crime Solver)

Joey Manzano

(1 Task in Crime Solver)

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Killing Spree One Hit Kills

 Earning to Murder is the fourth case of  World Edition. It is set in Athens, Greece. It was created by KyleAsherSPerea03 .



  • Nikolaos Costas - found dead with a hole in his right eye

Murder Weapon

  • Flare Gun


  • Kevin Parker

Killer's Profile


  • Killer takes exercises
  • Killer eats sushi
  • Killer knows Greek mythology
  • Killer wears glasses
  • Killer wears red clothes


Age 45 61 40 62 16
Height 6'3" 6'1" 5'9" 6'3" 5'0"
Weight 167 lbs 191 lbs 230 lbs 120 lbs 90 lbs
Blood B+ AB- O+ A+ A+
Eyes Black Brown Brown Green Green
Attribute He takes exercise, he eats sushi He takes exercise He eats sushi, He takes exercises, He knows Greek mythology He eats sushi, He takes exercises, He knows Greek mythology


Crime Scenes

Bank Victim's Briefcase Bank Bonus
Pet Shop Aquarium Pet Shop Bonus
Pile of Cash Cash Luggage Pile of Cash Bonus


Chapter 1

  • Investigate Bank (Clue: Bloody wad of cash, Victim's Body, Victim's Wallet; Victim Identified: Nikolaos Costas)
  • Examine the bloody wad of cash (Result: Blood)
  • Autopsy the Victim's Body (18:00:00; Attributes: Killer was taking exercises, Killer eats sushi)
  • Examine Victim's wallet (Result: Faded Note)
  • Examine Faded Note (New Suspects: Alden Greene and Joey Manzano)
  • Talk to Alden Greene.
  • Talk to Joey Manzano. 
  • Analyze Blood (03:00:00)
  • Go to Chapter 2 (No Stars)

Chapter 2

  • Allen wants to talk with you (New Crime Scenes Unlocked: Pet Shop, Pile of Cash)
  • Investigate Pet Shop (Clues: Faded Book; New Suspect: Julian Ramis)
  • Talk to Julian (New Crime Scene Unlocked: Aquarium)
  • Investigate Aquarium (Clues: CCTV Camera)
  • Analyze CCTV Camera (03:00:00)
  • Talk to Joey Manzano (New Crime Scene Unlocked: Victim's Briefcase)
  • Investigate Victim's Briefcase (Clue: Locked Phone)
  • Examine locked phone (Result: Victim's Phone) 
  • Analyze Victim's Phone (00:30:00)
  • Talk to Alden about the killer. (New Crime Scene Unlocked: Cash Luggage)
  • Investigate Cash Luggage (Clues: Coin)
  • Examine coin (Result: Fingerprints)
  • Analyze Fingerprints (Attributes: Killer wears glasses)
  • Talk to Allen Muir
  • Go to Chapter 3 (No Stars)

       Chapter 3

  • Investigate Bank (Clues: Flare Gun; Murder weapon found: Flare Gun)
  • Analyze Flare Gun (Result: Blood
  • Analyze Blood (Attribute: Killer wears red clothes)
  • Take Care of the killer now
  • Go to Crime Solver (4/6) (1 star)

Crime Solver (4/6)

  • Allen wants to talk with you
  • Investigate Bank (Clues: Broken Scarecrow)
  • Examine the broken scarecrow (Result: Scarecrow Restored)
  • Give back the scarecrow to Allen (Reward: 20,000 coins)
  • Talk to Alden Greene
  • Investigate Pet Shop (Clue: Cigarette Pack)
  • Examine Cigarette Pack (Result: Picture of the Greene Family)
  • Talk to Alden Greene about his family (Result: Burger)
  • Go to the next case (no stars)


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