Dylan Smith
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Biographical information
Full name Dylan Smith
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 2016
Cause of death Shot in the forehead
Residence America
Family Teresa Smith (mother)
Affiliation(s) FEAR
Game information
Appears in American Edition
First appeared Case #1: One Soul Away

Dylan Smith was the victim in One Soul Away (Case #1 of American Edition.


Dylan is a 24-year-old citizen in America. He has short blonde hair and has a light brown suit jacket with matching top hat. He also dons a white shirt with a blue tie underneath a brown shirt.

Murder Details

Dylan was found dead in the docks shot in the forehead. Frederick confirmed that the gun they found was the murder weapon. However, he found traces of white substances, commonly found in milk tart, in the bullet. The victim's stomach didn't contain it, so he deduced that the killer eats milk tart.

After a visit from the underground base, the team found a purse and sent it to Colin for analysis. He found traces of sunscreen inside the purse with substances of milk tart, thus he confirmed that it came from the killer. Therefore, Colin figured out that the killer has a tattoo.

Killer and Motives

The killer turned out to be the mother's victim, Teresa Smith.

After denying involvement, Teresa admitted that she shot Dylan in the forehead. She loved her son and refused to kill anyone, but she told Adison and the player that she was blackmailed into killing Dylan. Judge Kara Montes sentenced her to 9 years in jail for the premeditated, involuntary manslaughter of the victim given that she did not mean to do it, but was forced.

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