Dustin Vega
Biographical information
Full name Dustin Vega
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 1996
Death 2018
Cause of death Burning
Personal information
Nationality American
Residence Laroy Bay
Profession(s) Skater
Partner(s) Anya Kuzmanov - girlfriend
Game information
First appeared Case #25 Deep Waters
Dustin Vega (1996-2018) was the suspect in the murder investigations of social worker Zoe Kusama in Deep Waters (Case #25 of Laroy Bay) and banker Gerald Miller in Game of Cones (Case #26 of Laroy Bay).Dustin got murdered in A Shape of Betrayal (Case #30 of Laroy Bay)


Dustin was a 22-year-old skater.He had short white hair with red streak under purple helmet.He wore red shirt,sunglasses and shark tooth necklace.

Age 22
Height 5'6''
Weight 140lbs
Eyes Green
Blood Type A+

Deep Waters

Dustin was interrogated after he showed up in station and claimed that he is Anya Kuzmanov's boyfriend.He said that he doesn't know who let her free,but he knows that it's someody from Laroy Bay Police Department.

Dustin was interrogated again after team found him destroying evidence under water.They put him in custody,but he was later released.He said that he was not destroying evidence and that he was only scuba diving.

Dustin was found innocent after team arrested Derrick Samuels for a crime.

Game of Cones

Dustin was interrogated after team found him hiding with Anya.He said that he has nothing to do with Gerald's death.He also confessed that he is afraid of Anya and that he thinks she is going to kill him if he breaks up with her.

Dustin was interrogated after team found his fingerprints on vase found in Buxton mansion.Dustin claimed that he and his friends were robbing mansion few times but they stopped.Dustin was fined.

He was found innocent after team arrested Hank Buxton for a crime.

A Shape of Betrayal

Dustin was tied up and burned with molotov cocktail on the beach.Megan said that the killer first beat up Dustin with incredible fighting skills and then tied him up,which means that the killer is a trained fighter.

Later,the traitor was proven to be Josh Knight.Josh tried to convince player and Rosie that he is not the killer,but he eventually confessed.Josh had horrible childhood.He lost contact with his father,his mother was abusive and he got shot 7 times by theif that got into his house.Josh was paralyzed for 2 years.Eventually,his mother died from cancer and his best friend drowned in swimming class.That is when Josh started to believe that all people are weak and heartless creatures (because of his mom) and that he is strong.When he finally grove up,he got a job from Chief who immediatly recognized him.As the time passed,Josh found Laroy Bay full of ''weak'' people.Josh then carved ''THE WEAK DIE'' on his chest and decided to take matter into his own hands.He broke into military and hacked their machine to create big hurricane that will destroy the city and he released his half-sisfter,serial killer Anya Kuzmanov from prison.Since hurricane Josh created brought ''The Midnight Zone'' animals to Laroy Bay Beach,Josh and Anya decided to sell them in Africa to get big amounts of money and to escape from USA with that money.As for murdering Dustin,Josh said that Anya accidently revealed Josh as traitor to Dustin,so Josh kidnapped and killed him before he revealed Josh as traitor.

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