Dustin Flanagan
Biographical information
Full name Dustin Flanagan
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 1973
Death 2021
Cause of death Blast injuries
Nationality Flag of Ireland Irish
Residence Stonemoor, Scotland
Galway, Ireland (formerly)
Past profession(s) Mayor's Assistant
Partner(s) Bethany Fairbanks (ex-girlfriend)
Gianna Flores (fiancée)
Stonemoorian Justice Enforcers
Rank Chief of Police
Game information
Appears in Stonemoor
First appearance Case #1: An Unhappy Greeting (s2)
It’s the right thing to do, and I’m honored to have lived and fought for justice to the end. And now it’s time for me to go. To see Gianna again.
—Dustin Flanagan

Dustin Flanagan (1973-2020) was a main character featured in Season 2 of Criminal Case, where he appeared as the Stonemoorian Justice Enforcers's Chief of Police.

He became a suspect in the murder investigations of Deputy Mayor Alyssa Burke in Breaking the Bank (Case #24 of Stonemoor) and his fiancée, socialite Gianna Flores in Under the Bridge (Case #40 of Stonemoor), before sacrificing himself for the team during the events of To the Bitter, Bloody End (Case #65 of Stonemoor).


Hailing from Galway, Ireland, Dustin is the 47 year old Chief of Police who was previously the Mayor's assistant prior to his tenure in the Stonemoorian Justice Enforcers. He has red curly hair, brown eyes, freckles and a red mustache. He is seen wearing a white collared shirt with a black collar and a orange vest under a black blazer with decorative patterned lining, a bronze medal on his left and a matching orange handkerchief in his right pocket.

Notable Events of Stonemoor

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Case appearances

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