Darya Savchenko
Full name Darya Savchenko
Alias(es) Duchess Elizaveta Romanova
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 19/08/1988
Nationality Russian
Residence St. Petersburg, Russia
Profession Unknown
Appearance(s) Police International Edition
Darya Savchenko (Originally appearing as duchess Elizaveta) is a supporting character in Police International Edition. She debuts as a suspect in the murder of Natalya Sharapova in St. Bloodersburg  (Case #2 of PIE).


Darya is a supposed duchess. She has auburn hair and hazel eyes. She wears a woollen white winter coat over a white sweater with diamonds, a black pair of winter trousers, white long gloves, a red scarf and white knee-length boots. It is not known whether she is actually a descendant of the Russian Royal Family that were assassinated (albeit one) in July 1918, which was proven to be false. In St. Bloodersburg, it's known that she eats candy canes and plays the piano. In Historical Deaths, she wears a white silk top under a black silk blazer, a beige tie, black pleated skirt, black boots and a museum access badge. She is known to play chess

Age 29
Height 5'7"
Weight 155lbs
Eyes Hazel


Events in CutePets95's version of Criminal Case:

St. Bloodersburg:

She was first interrogated when the player and Cassie found an article of her and the victim, doubting whether she is royalty or not. She identified the victim as Civil Notary Natalya Sharapova, who was also the heir to the Sharapov Family Fortune. She claimed that the victim was supposed to sign the document that was to prove she was Russian Royalty and that they met at the Cafe Akunim.

She was talked to again after the duo found a note saying "I AM telling the truth" which was identified by Sahir, who found signs of mental instability. She said that the victim thought she was a liar and is not needed help because she is mentally insane.

She was proven innocent after the team arrest Ermoli Sharapov for the murder. 


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