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Alan Smith: Girl, where are you going so early?
Lindsey: I'm going to the hairdresser's, Chief Smith! She opens her shop at ten a.m. and I want to go there early.
Lindsey: Why are you looking at me that way? It's my free day! I came here just in case my help was needed.
Alan Smith: Let me check... Yes, it's true. Well, you can go!
Alan Smith: <Name>, it's your free day too! No murders have been reported, so you can leave if you want.
Lindsey: Why don't you come with me, <Name>? You need a haircut too!

Lindsey: The hairdresser is called Natasha Dakes. I met her when she got involved in one of your cases, the case in a foundry. Yes, the victim was his brother.
Lindsey: I'm sure she'll like to see you again! And look who's coming there, Officer Keys!
Lindsey: He looks so handsome with that stubble, doesn't he? What is he doing here?
Lindsey: <Name>, my hair looks TERRIBLE! It'd be good if we met AFTER I go to the hairdresser's, not before! What can I do to look attractive to him?
Lindsey: You're right. I'll never look attractive to him.
Octavius: Hi, <Rank> <Name>! I didn't know you came to this shop too.
Octavius: Um... Hello, Lindsey.
Lindsey: Hm... Hi. Does Natasha take care of your hair too?
Octavius: Yes, sometimes. In fact, I'm here to have a shave. Have you ever talked to the barber, Miguel?
Lindsey: No, but... You shouldn't shave. Your stubble looks really good!
Octavius: Thanks for the compliment, but my stubble itches a lot.
Octavius: Why don't we get into the shop and keep talking there?
Lindsey: The door's not open. And I can't see anyone. Well, there's a woman sitting there, but...
Octavius: I'll call, <Name>! Please, try to bring this door down!
Octavius: Chief? I'm with <Rank> <Name> and Lindsey in front of the barbershop, there's a corpse inside!
Alan Smith: Please, try to help! <Name> knows how to act in this situations. I'll send Evan there, when HE COMES!
Octavius: Let's go, <Name>! Lindsey and I will help you.

Chapter 1

Investigate Barbershop
Lindsey: <Name>, there isn't anybody here! How did the killer escape?
Octavius: We'll investigate that later. Now, let's focuse! I found the victim's ID. Her name is Paula Thomas?
Octavius: Paula Thomas?!
Lindsey: You know her, Octavius?
Octavius: She was one of the bravest people I've ever seen at the LGBT pride parades!
Octavius: I never thought she would end up murdered. <Rank> <Name>, we need to send her body to the lab.
Lindsey: <Name>, you found that razor? Well, it's full of blood and the victim's wounds seem to match the razor.
Lindsey: It's the murder weapon! We will have to examine it back at the lab.
Octavius: Guess who's just arrived! The barber.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: It's good to see you working with Lindsey! And who is this guy?
Octavius: I'm Octavius Keys, an officer at the Residential Zone. I used to work at the prison.
Daniel: So this is the man you fancy, Lindsey?
Octavius: Don't worry, I know it's true. I mean, YOU are the one who told me.
Daniel: I wonder why Evan isn't here. He never comes late.
Daniel: Well, I have to tell you that the razor isn't the murder weapon. A razor would have left wider wounds. The weapon is a thin and sharp blade.
Lindsey: Thiner and sharper than a razor?
Daniel: Yes. Apart from that, I found the killer's hair on the body. It must come from the killer, as it doesn't belong to Paula.
Daniel: It was covered in blood and many chemical products! It would take ages to find a DNA sample.
Daniel: But don't worry, it was short hair. It belongs to a person with short hair! Please have the sample, you might find something interesting.

Examine Hair
Lindsey: I wonder what this substance is. It smells like shampoo...
Octavius: You shouldn't touch any suspicious substance. Everyone who works at a lab knows about it.
Lindsey: So you care about me!
Octavius: <Name>, we have to send this sample to the laboratory.

Analyze White substance
Sabrina: Now I understand why you found this substance in strands of hair.
Lindsey: Is it shampoo? It smells like it, doesn't it?
Sabrina: It's not exactly shampoo. It is another product for hair called cream rinse.
Sabrina: As it was in the killer's hair, you can be sure the killer uses cream rinse.
Octavius: Then we would need to talk to that hairdresser, right?
Lindsey: You mean Natasha? Ok, but she can't be the killer.

Ask the hairdresser about the murder
Natasha: Lindsey, why did you ask me to come to the police station?
Natasha: <Rank> <Name>, remember me?
Octavius: We're afraid you're a suspect in a murder investigation.
Natasha: Oh my, not again! Who died this time?
Lindsey: It's a woman called Paula Thomas. Does her name ring a bell?
Natasha: I think a woman called Paula came to the shop a few times. But I'm not sure if it's the one you're talking about.

Examine Razor
Octavius: Should we give that DNA to Sabrina, <Name>?
Lindsey: Sabrina will analyze the whole chain of DNA to be sure who it belongs to.
Lindsey: But <Name> can analyze just a bit and get a list of possible suspects, right?

Examine DNA
Lindsey: So that's the list of possible suspects. Well, let me see...
Octavius: This woman, Ximena Rodeland! She's a suspect, I'm sure!
Octavius: She's a beauty therapist who started working at the barbershop some weeks ago.
Lindsey: The DNA must belong to her! Let's interrogate her.

Have a chat with Ximena Rodeland
Octavius: We're sorry to disturb, but we found a dead woman in the shop where you work. Her name is Paula Thomas.
Ximena: Am I supposed to know her, sweetie?
Lindsey: No, sweetie. We're just interrogating you as a suspect.
Ximena: Look at me. Do you think I'd be capable of killing a person?
Ximena: I swear I don't know anything about her death. I don't even know who she is, honey.

Talk to the barber
Miguel: Octavius, I understand your face itches when you have a stubble, but you can't break into my shop and shave on your own!!!
Octavius: I wasn't shaving, Miguel. I'm working. Paula Thomas was found dead here. Do you know her?
Miguel: Paula?! Yes, she was one of my customers! But how did she enter my shop?
Lindsey: Actually, we'd like to know how the killer left the shop. Is there any hidden exit?
Miguel: No, just the garden. But I guess you already looked for the killer there.
Octavius: Yes, but we didn't look for clues there! What do you think, <Name>?

Investigate Garden
Octavius: Now we're sure. The killer isn't in the garden.
Lindsey: Unless the killer is this sweet parrot! Does it belong to Miguel?
Octavius: I don't know. But this garden is really nice!
Octavius: <Name>, you're right. We're working. And now we should collect a sample from that rock.

Examine Bloodstained rock
Lindsey: I don't know how this blood got to the garden, but we'll know it soon.

Analyze Blood sample
Sabrina: First of all, it's obvious that this was left by the killer.
Octavius: Why?
Sabrina: If the rock is stained with blood it means it got stained when Paula died. If someone is cutting your veins, would you go to the garden to leave a staine there?
Sabrina: The answer is no. Which means the killer stained it while escaping.
Sabrina: The blood belongs to Paula, but I found some hair dye on the sample also.
Lindsey: The victim wouldn't have taken seat on a rock after the murder. Therefore, the rock and the dye were touched by the killer!
Sabrina: That's exactly what I was going to say. Well done, Lindsey!

A couple of minutes later...

Lindsey: Time to think. When we found Paula, she had died just a few minutes ago. The door was closed and the keys were inside. Strange.
Lindsey: Nobody was inside the shop, but the killer must be somewhere and I don't know where!
Octavius: We also know the killer has been to the garden. That means their scape route includes the garden.
Lindsey: Do you mean they jumped over that wall? That's impossible without a ladder?
Lindsey: Did you see any ladder near that wall? No.
Octavius: But what if once they were on the other side of the wall, they took the ladder with them?
Lindsey: Do you really think the killer would do that? The people who live next door would have noticed a mysterious ladder there!
Octavius: What about the possibility of the killer living next to the crime scene?
Lindsey: They wouldn't leave the evidence in the place where they live. Living next to the crime scene and having the evidence would make them even more suspicious.
Octavius: Unless someone who lives next door decided to hide the evidence for them. The killer wouldn't be that suspicious.
Lindsey: You mean... an accomplice?!

Chapter 2

Lindsey: Are you saying the killer has an accomplice who lives next door to the shop?
Octavius: It's a possibility, just that.
Lindsey: The only way to see if that's true is going to the building next door!

Octavius: This building's backyard is right next to the garden! The killer must have been here.
Lindsey: Alright, let's see if we find anything related to the murder.
Lindsey: Hey, you! Stop there!
El Pantera: I live here, <Rank> <Name>! You can't make me leave.
Octavius: You live here? <Name>, he might be the accomplice!

Interrogate El Pantera
El Pantera: I understand you're working. But why are ya interrogating me? Em I suspicious?
Octavius: Did you know a woman called Paula Thomas?
El Pantera: Oh, that lesbian! D'ya found 'er dead?
Lindsey: It's pronnounced "did you find her dead". And yes, she's dead.
El Pantera: But I didn't kill her! If yer lookin' for her killa, that's not me!
El Pantera: Ya should ask that other wuman who lives here too. Tha retired thief, Barbara Thacks.
Octavius: Barbara Thacks lives here? <Name>, don't you think we could see if she's the accomplice we're looking for?

Ask Barbara Thacks about the murder
Barbara: Do you like my new hairstyle, <Rank> <Name>? See, cream rinse can do miracles! But where's Evan?
Octavius: We're not here to discuss your hairstlye, though it looks beautiful. We're working, miss.
Octavius: A woman called Paula Thomas was found dead. Do you know anything about it?
Barbara: It's actually the fifth time you interrogate me during a murder investigation. Remember those cases, <Rank> <Name>? Weren't they enough to prove I'm not a killer?
Lindsey: We aren't interrogating you as a suspect, just as a witness.
Barbara: Well, I didn't see anything. So please leave.

Lindsey: Octavius, that idea of an accomplice was ridiculous! We didn't find anything in that building.
Octavius: We found two suspicious people. That's enough for me.
Octavius: If we want to know how the killer got out of that garden, shouldn't we go there again?

Investigate Tree
Octavius: See? It was a good idea! That bottle of plastic says "For Paula". It's related to the victim.
Octavius: If we could take a look at the barcode and see who bought it...
Lindsey: <Name> and I can do it, so shut up. I guess we need to pay attention to that photo, huh?

Examine Torn photo
Lindsey: That photo shows Paula and the barber hugging! It means they knew each other well, but he didn't mention it.
Lindsey: By the way, did you notice they're both shirtless?
Octavius: Of course I did! But Paula was a lesbian, I don't think she would have hugged Miguel without a shirt on.
Octavius: Paula can't explain this to us. But I'm sure Miguel can.

Ask Miguel about his relationship with the victim
Miguel: I'm very stressed with this case in my shop. Could you return later?
Lindsey: Stressed? You're washing your hair!
Miguel: Using cream rinse relaxes me way too much. But I guess you won't leave. Tell me, how can I help?
Octavius: What is this photo about?
Miguel: I admit it, I fell in love with Paula! Although we were good friends, I couldn't help falling into her charm. She was so cute!
Miguel: She felt comfortable when she was around me. I protected her! I loved her!
Miguel: I knew she couldn't love me, because she liked women. However, I never stopped loving her.
Lindsey: I understand, but she hugged you without a shirt on. I'd say she DID like you.
Miguel: No. She did it and she didn't care, because she trusted me. She thought I'd never fall for her.

Examine Green bottle
Lindsey: You did it, <Name>! Now leave it up to me. I will see who bought this mysterious bottle "for Paula".

Analyze Barcode
Lindsey: This bottle is actually a bottle of hair dye. And it belongs to Natasha Dakes.
Lindsey: She said she'd just seen Paula a couple of times, but she had a special dye only for her!
Octavius: How can you say that? Wasn't she your friend?
Lindsey: She is, but I can't deny she's suspicious. <Name>, can we go interrogate her again?

Talk to Natasha about the hair dye
Lindsey: Natasha, we found out you had a bottle of hair dye specially for Paula Thomas.
Lindsey: But you said you barely remembered a certain Paula who came to your shop once or twice.
Natasha: In fact, someone told me that <Rank> <Name> would appear in my shop. I was scared!
Natasha: I was told not to tell you anything. I didn't know what they were talking about, but when I found out Paula had died, I knew I shouldn't tell you anything about HER.
Octavius: Do you think we'll believe you?
Natasha: That's up to you. I know that's true, I don't need to prove it to you.
Octavius: And who was it? Who told you those things?
Natasha: I don't know, I received a call and I started hearing those things. I got so nervous I forgot where I'd put my cream rinse!

Investigate Backyard
Octavius: These scissors must be the real weapon! The blad is thiner and sharper than that razor.
Lindsey: It's obvious. If they're bloodstained, they surely are the weapon. I don't think they got stained by coincidence. The blood didn't reach the backyard.
Lindsey: Why don't we examine them?

Examine Scissors
Lindsey: I wonder what that powder is, <Name>. But don't worry, Sabrina will tell us.
Octavius: Couldn't it be Daniel? I feel Sabrina hates me.
Lindsey: You're really clumsy, Octavius. And stupid. But you're a great policeman!
Octavius: I guess. Do you think I should apologize for my mistakes in the past? Yes, I know I ate donuts in the lab, but that's not really bad.
Octavius: Forget it. Now, we'd better get back to work.

Analyze Powder
Octavius: Sabrina, um... I'm sorry for... having eaten donuts in your lab.
Sabrina: That happened like two weeks ago, haven't you overcome it yet? It happened in the case in a stadium.
Sabrina: Forget it. The powder you found on the scissors is in fact makeup.
Lindsey: So it was on the killer's hands when they grabbed the scissors.
Sabrina: Exactly! What means that the killer uses makeup!
Octavius: I can only relate it to Ximena! I think we should talk to her.

Talk to Ximena about the makeup powder
Ximena: Yes, sweetheart. Of course I use makeup. I am a makeup artist, aren't I?
Ximena: The fact that you found makeup on the scissors doesn't make me the killer. Almost every woman worldwide wears makeup.
Octavius: Are you sure you don't know Paula Thomas?
Ximena: Very sure, my love. Would you like to come home and interrogate me there?
Lindsey: I know Officer Keys is really sexy, but he's gay, my dear chocolate bunny.

Octavius: How could you tell her I was gay in such a way? That offensive to her.
Lindsey: She had to know she was wasting her time, didn't she? The same happened to me when I met you. Trust me, it feels horrible.

Minutes after that...

Lindsey: I think we should summarise again, I'm getting dizzy. Besides, Evan told me you do it a lot.
Lindsey: By the way, why hasn't Evan shown up yet?
Lindsey: Forget it. First, we have that stupid "beauty artist". She says she doesn't know Paula.
Lindsey: Then there's Miguel. He was in love with Paula and knew she would never lay an eye on him. So sad, right?
Lindsey: Natasha says she received a call predicting the murder. She was supposed to ignore our investigation.
Lindsey: Oh, and those two possible accomplices. Dorian and Barbara.
Lindsey: The other problem is how the killer fled. They went to the garden, but... what happened after that?
Lindsey: Wait, we forgot about the hair dye! We already know Natasha is in contact with hair dye, don't we?
Lindsey: And it's obvious Ximena uses hair dye too. Her hair has like three different shades of red.
Octavius: I remember seeing Barbara with another hair color in the past. Then she dyes her hair too.
Octavius: And Miguel used to dye my ex-boyfriend's beard because he had some white hairs on it.
Lindsey: Do you dye your beard too, Octavius?
Octavius: No, this black is my natural color. But you use hair dye, don't you? I love that purple you have there on the right side.
Octavius: Talking about beards, I should really shave. My stubble has been itching during the whole investigation.
Lindsey: You'll shave later. We've got to arrest a killer!
Octavius: Hang on, <Name>, I have just asked one of my gay friends about Paula Thomas. Remember she was one of the most famous lesbians? Well, I've got some precious information.
Octavius: I know who her girlfriend was!

Chapter 3

Octavius: My friend told me that Paula Thomas was dating a woman. And that woman is...
Octavius: Ximena Rodeland, the beauty therapist!
Lindsey: Ok, I'm tired of these liars. She told us twenty times she didn't know her!
Octavius: Understand her, maybe she has some problems with coming out. I told my parents I was gay when I was already twenty-one years old!
Octavius: <Rank> <Name>, I know we have to interrogate Ximena. But can't we investigate that building again?

Ask Ximena about her relationship with the victim
Ximena: Yes, Paula Thomas was my girlfriend! Are you going to criticize me for being a lesbian?!
Lindsey: No, my little blue-eyed dragonfly. It's fine, my partner is gay so you can be sure I don't mind you're gay too.
Lindsey: Just tell us, couldn't you have told us you were dating her?
Ximena: It's really hard to tell others about your sexuality, at least for me. I was going to tell Miguel about it.
Ximena: I thought Miguel was gay because he wears makeup, but that's just a stereotype.
Octavius: So tell us, was your relationship with Paula going well?
Ximena: Yes, kind of well. We had our fights, but she was a great girlfriend.
Ximena: Once she gave me her cream rinse when I ran out of it!

Investigate Backyard Stairs
Lindsey: We know the killer uses makeup and we know the killer has been here. So, great discovery, <Name>!
Octavius: <Name> is right. We're going to get more clues after we examine it.

Examine Makeup flask
Lindsey: I know you can do it, <Name>, but there are a lot of fingerprints. Let me analyze them.

Analyze Fingerprints
Lindsey: First of all, let me tell you that I traced this barcode to Damian Greensworth. He bought the flask.
Octavius: So the fingerprints were his?
Lindsey: Some of them were, yes. But the rest of the prints belonged to another person.
Lindsey: More precisely, Barbara Thacks!
Octavius: So they had a make-up session together? I don't get it.
Lindsey: Let's ask them, Octavius. That's the best way to know what this whole thing means.

See why Barabra used El Pantera's makeup
Octavius: Barbara, have you been having make-up sessions with El Pantera?
Barbara: The police is so stupid. I don't know what you're talking about.
Lindsey: We found a flask of makeup which belonged to him. It had your prints on it.
Barbara: I just saw a flask in front of his apartment door and picked it up to see what it was. Yeah, I think it was makeup.
Barbara: But that wasn't mine. I'd never leave my makeup in front of my door.

Ask El Pantera about the makeup flask
Lindsey: We found your flask of makeup. It had Barbara Thacks' prints on it. Can you explain that to us?
El Pantera: Shut up! It's a secret! Nobody must know I use makup.
El Pantera: I'm getting old, and that flask said it wuld remuv wrinkl's. Did it work?
Octavius: Y-Yes, it did!
El Pantera: Thank ya! But I dunnow why Barbara's prints were there.

Some minutes later...

Lindsey: So Ximena is also a lesbian and the gang leader wears makeup. We're learning interesting things but we're not getting closer to the killer.
Lindsey: Any ideas, Octavius?
Octavius: We didn't pay much attention to the shop front, don't you think? Were mainly focused in the garden.
Octavius: Maybe because that parrot is so cute.
Lindsey: Fine, let's go to the shop if you want!

Investigate Seats
Octavius: This is stained with blood, <Rank> <Name>! What can we do?!
Lindsey: Take a sample, dumb*ss.
Octavius: O-Oh, you're right.

Examine Bloodstained rag
Lindsey: We should give this to Sabrina. Try to keep your donuts away from her.
Octavius: That's not funny, hey!

Analyze Blood
Sabrina: A part of this blood belongs to Paula, but the other part belongs to a different person.
Sabrina: The only one who could get stained with her blood was the killer. They must have cut themselves accidentally while killing her.
Sabrina: That's the reason why their blood is here. And it was mixed with dirt, grass and many other things.
Sabrina: However, I found a bit of DNA and now you know the killer has blue eyes!
Octavius: Perfect! Now can we arrest this criminal, <Name>?

Arrest killer
Octavius: I can't believe you killed Paula Thomas! You loved her, didn't you? Why did you do it?
Octavius: Miguel Llanos, you're under arrest for first degree murder.
Miguel: I'm sorry for you, Octavius. It took me years to get used to you and your beard's capricious whims.
Miguel: You'll have to wait a long time until you find a barber who can stand a squeamish boy like you!
Octavius: For ME?! You should be sorry for Paula! And don't call me boy, I hate it!
Lindsey: You're arrested for murder and the only thing you can think about is Octavius' stubble?!
Miguel: Yes. That woman was not worth my respect. I decided to kill her some days ago.
Miguel: And my plan was perfect! I just threw the scissors at that backyard. I thought the police would be distracted by that fake hint.
Miguel: When I climbed the garden's wall, I escaped walking over the shop's roof in fact. Then I appeared and pretended I didn't know anything!
Lindsey: And why did you call Natasha Dakes? Was it necessary to tell her not to co-operate with us?
Miguel: Who told you that? I never called her to say that.
Lindsey: Uh?

Esteban Gonzalez: Is there something else you want to add, Mr Llanos?
Miguel: That woman played with my heart! I confessed her my feelings for her and she mocked me!
Miguel: I already knew she was a lesbian, but she could have just said she didn't like men. She needn't have called me an old rotten ugly man!
Esteban Gonzalez: Did she really say those things?
Miguel: Yes, so I decided I had to kill her some time. When I finally saw the chance, <Rank> <Name> appeared and ruined it!
Esteban Gonzalez: That's enough. Miguel Llanos, you are sentenced to 20 years in jail with a chance for parole in 12 years.
Octavius: Cr*p, my neck itches a lot!

Lindsey: We did it, <Name>! And without Evan.
Octavius: I'm worried about that guy. Where could he be?
Lindsey: You like Evan?!
Octavius: He's not bad, but no. I don't have a crush on anybody at the moment. What about you, Lindsey?
Lindsey: I still can't forget my last boyfriend. Anyway, I hate him a lot!
Octavius: The same happens to me! Remember I told you my ex used to get his beard dyed at Miguel's shop? Well, I can't forget him.
Octavius: He was always there for me, but I think he was overprotected by his mother when he was a child.
Lindsey: Our stories are so similar! My ex, like I say, was a mummy's boy. His name was Orlando Edra.
Octavius: No way, he's MY ex!
Lindsey: WHAT?! So Orlando is in fact a bi?

Additional Investigation

Alan Smith: <Name>, that Octavius Keys you talked about is really a good policeman! Lindsey told me he helped you in this case. And of course, she also mentioned that she helped you even more.
Alan Smith: I'm afraid both of you couldn't get the haircut you wanted. And Officer Keys couldn't get his shave.
Alan Smith: Evan? He came here three hours late! And you know what? He was completely drunk!
Alan Smith: I don't know what happened to him, but that was yesterday. Today he's sober, I think.
Alan Smith: Please see how he is. If he's sober, take him with you. El Pantera said he needed your help with something. I want to know as much as I can about him.
Alan Smith: And now I mention him, see if that woman, Miss Rodeland is alright. She also wants to see you. I'm just interested in her because she said something about El Pantera.

Lindsey: <Name>, Natasha asked me if I could go to the shop. Can you come with me? I'm afraid something bad might have happened.
Lindsey: Evan, there you are!
Evan: I got completely drunk two nights. I remembered Linda and I couldn't help drinking that old whisky.
Evan: I heard you talked to El Pantera and Barbara Thacks. Is that woman still making troubles?
Evan: Oh, you worked with Lindsey and Octavius! What, did he really have a beard?
Evan: I see, we've got things to do. Can you drive, please? I'm not feeling well.

Ask Natasha what she wants
Natasha: Lindsey, my hair straightener has gone missing! I'm sure Barbara Thacks took it!
Lindsey: Why are you sure it was her?
Natasha: Because she hates me! She used to be my brother's girlfriend. When Craig died, she started harassing me!
Natasha: And now my straightener disappears. She must have taken it. After all, she's a thief.
Lindsey: The shop is till a mess, since it was a crime scene. Maybe it's here, so let's have a look.

Investigate Barbershop
Lindsey: I knew Barbara hadn't taken it. Excuse Natasha, <Name>. She can be a bit dumb sometimes.
Lindsey: However, we can't give her this broken thing. I'm sure you can repair it and connect those wires back together!

Examine Broken hair straightener
Lindsey: Um... I can't say it looks new, but I think it works. What do you think, <Name>?
Lindsey: I think we should use this straightener on Octavius so that he becomes straight.
Lindsey: Yes, it's a bad joke. It's even worse now I know he was Orlando's boyfriend!
Lindsey: Forget that. Let's give this thing to Natasha.

Give Natasha the hair straightener
Lindsey: Here's your hair straightener. It was broken but <Rank> <Name> repaired it, or tried to. I'm not sure whether it works or not.
Natasha: I'm sure Barbara did it! <Rank> <Name>, can't you tell her not to-
Lindsey: It wasn't her, girl, listen to me! Miguel must have broken it while fighting with Paula.
Lindsey: Please, understand that Barbara has many more important things to do.
Natasha: It's ok, <Rank> <Name>. Now you have repaired this straightener, will you let me use it on you?

Ximena needs to talk to you
Evan: Good morning, miss. Did you say something about El Pantera?
Ximena: Yes. My poor parrot is sick. And he always complains it makes a lot of noise.
Ximena: He lives next door to the shop now. Since he got divorced, he moved to this apartment complex. I thought he would be a bad neighbor.
Ximena: And I wasn't wrong! He always complains about my parrot and now my poor John is ill!
Evan: Um... We'll see what we can do. There must be something related to that in this garden.

Investigate Garden
Evan: I don't think Ximena eats from this bag of seeds. These must belong to her parrot, John.
Evan: Maybe the answer to its sickness is here.

Examine Bag of seeds
Evan: These seeds are not like the rest, <Name>. They are... stained. But what is this substance?
Evan: Well, we should take a sample to be sure.

Examine Stained seeds
Evan: Well done! We will give this sample to Sabrina right away. I hope she's able to find out what happens to the little John.
Evan: And I also hope El Pantera has a good explanation for us if he's responsible for John's disease.

Analyze Substance
Sabrina: I was wishing not to get this sample again. <Name>, I'm afraid they're now after animals.
Evan: Sabrina, don't tell me this is...
Sabrina: Cyanide. Dr. Cyanide has induced the poor John's disease.
Sabrina: I'm very curious about something. They killed two plants, but after that, every dose of cyanide was less than the lethal dose.
Sabrina: Remember Linda's sauce? And now John's seeds?
Evan: Wait, you mean John is still alive? That's not so bad! We saved him!
Sabrina: You didn't need to save him. Remember the dose wasn't lethal.
Evan: Killjoy. <Name>, let's tell Ximena the parrot is alright. And expect another call from Dr. Cyanide very soon.

Explain to Ximena what happens to her parrot
Ximena: Tel me, what happens to John, <Rank> <Name>?
Evan: Your little parrot has been poisoned with cyanide. But don't worry, he isn't going to die.
Evan: I guess you've read an article in the newspaper about Dr. Cyanide.
Ximena: I'm sure that psychopath is El Pantera after all! You need to believe me.
Evan: But, we know they have something in common with Doodley, and El Pantera doesn't-
Ximena: I'll let you do your job, you can leave. Thanks for your help, <Rank> <Name>!

See what El Pantera wants
El Pantera: Yo, yer back! Thought I'd never see ya again, Evan!
Evan: Just tell us what you want. And try to speak properly.
El Pantera: I don't know what happens to ya. I lost an important letter, and I guess it must be on the backyard. Can ya help me?
El Pantera: I'll reward ya if ya do it.
Evan: Ya must be kiddin'! Let's go look for it.

Investigate Backyard
Evan: It looks like a letter, <Name>, but it's blank. And it smells like lemon.
Evan: Is it a love letter?!
Evan: Oh, so it's like invisible ink. We need to know what this letter says. Please try to recover the text!

Examine Faded letter
Evan: You were right, <Name>! It works like invisible ink! This letter was a coded message for El Pantera.
Evan: It says "It was really a risk to leave the tickets in your apartment, so I sent them to the Flukes' headquarters. Let me know if they were fine once you've checked them".
Evan: It isn't signed. But El Pantera must already know who wrote it. I don't think he gets invisible letters from many people.
Evan: We could use Lindsey's machines and see who wrote this. Do you agree?

Examine Letter
Evan: Let me see who sent those mysterious tickets to El Pantera, <Name>.
Evan: Harry Clover?! Will that guy ever stop getting into troubles? And what are those tickets he was talking about?
Evan: <Name>, every time I hear his name, I get a headache. What does he want? Who is he? Is he a Fluke or a Hades? Is he both? Is he none?
Evan: By the moment, we can show this letter, now with visible ink, to Dorian.

Tell El Pantera about the tickets
Evan: Speak now, Dorian! We know everything about the tickets Harry Clover gave you.
El Pantera: And? Can't I get some tickets for the Falcons' next match?
Evan: The Falcons? But aren't the Hades fans of the Falcons?
El Pantera: Anyhoo, don't wanna miss tha game. It's gonna be good. But I ain't no fan of the Falcons. Flukes are fans of the SFC!
Evan: The Sakura Flowers Club, founded by a Japanese footballer? Wasn't it... Eisuke Tamaoshi?
El Pantera: Exactly! And the Sakuras will beat those ridiculous Falcons at the finals!
El Pantera: Harry just sold some tickets to me 'cuz he's the sports club president, yeah?
El Pantera: If ya think I'm a bad man, come into mah apartment. Ya can take some food if ya wanna.

Some time later...

Lindsey: <Name>, you mean the call Natasha received was from Dr. Cyanide?! You're right, it's their style. After all, they were warning her about poisoning the-
Daniel: Were you talking about Dr. Cyanide?!
Lindsey: Were you listening to our conversation?
Daniel: I just happened to pass by... But it doesn't matter. I am very interested in Dr. Cyanide.
Lindsey: Daniel, we arrest criminals, we don't find them interesting.
Daniel: I'm afraid we can't arrest them for poisoning plants. It's not a crime.
Lindsey: No, but they're crazy. And breaking into Lucy Loas' shop IS A CRIME.
Daniel: However, I'm interested in their mind. I think they must have an interesting psyche. I want to know what their plan is about.
Daniel: Don't you think the same? Don't you think you'd like to know how they think, how they react?
Daniel: For example, when you find a dead body, don't you feel you want to know how they died? What happened to them? What did the culprit do and why?
Lindsey: You're crazy, Daniel!

Evan: Oh, you were talking to Daniel. That guy is kind of... weird, don't you think?
Evan: You're right, he knows a lot about gangs. But he's still weird.
Evan: By the way, I'd like to know what Harry Clover has to do with gangs. And I'm sure you'd like to know that too.
Evan: He was seen in a burglary along with some other Hades, and he's a fan of the Falcons. That would mean he's a Hades.
Evan: But he seems to be very close to El Pantera! Talking about him, I remember he has tickets for this weekend's match.
Evan: Remember the Falcons last match? It ended up in manslaughter and it was suspended. Last week, they finished it and the Falcons won.


Evan: Oh, my! It's Dr. Cyanide!
Evan: Tell me everything! I've spent nights crying alone and drinking booze because of your madness. Who are you and what is 27111918?
Dr. Cyanide: You found the cyanide in that parrot's seeds, haha.
Evan: Answer me!
Dr. Cyanide: 27111918, that's eight numbers. Did you realize eight is two plus two plus four?
Evan: You never get tired of speaking in codes. Did you also know that Linda was the killer in that case? Doodley told us it was their style.
Dr. Cyanide: The Farrens, the Perkins, the... mine... 27111918.