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Downtown is the third district in Townville to be investigated by the player in PetersCorporal's fangame. It contains eleven cases, as well as every other district in Townville. After this district is finished, the player will head to the Residential Zone.

The main themes in this district are Jade River Holdings, Today's Network, the Cleaning Patrol, Linda Farren, the Mayor's business and the mayoral elections.


Case #23, Greed Of The Treasures:

Greed Of The Treasures

  • Victim: Josephine Yode
  • Weapon: Inkwell
  • Killer: Jonas Gadell

Case #24, Newspaper In Blood:

Newspaper In Blood

  • Victim: Kellin Cardagreen
  • Weapon: Printing machine
  • Killer: Bill Pagosh

Case #25, Red Waters:

Red Waters

  • Victim: Daniel Peterson
  • Weapon: Worms
  • Killer: Franklin Untrill

Case #26, Hoist The Dead:

Hoist The Dead

  • Victim: Martin Darejam
  • Weapon: Paintbrush
  • Killer: Friedric Franche

Case #27, Sudden Death:

Sudden Death

  • Victim: Florence Adams
  • Weapon: Bottle of water
  • Killer: Lyla Trebish

Case #28, A Lethal Campaign:

A Lethal Campaign

  • Victim: Alberto Gandil
  • Weapon: Roach poison
  • Killer: Lucy Loas

Case #29, Jump To Hell:

Jump To Hell

  • Victim: Barry Dumbbell
  • Weapon: Fishing line
  • Killer: Krey Hjodarp

Case #30, Climb Out The Culvert:

  • Victim: Christian Edu
  • Weapon: Drowning
  • Killer: Douglas Jenn

Case #31, Wardrobed Corpse:

  • Victim: Robert Agrode
  • Weapon: Bedside table
  • Killer: Jenette Yodes

Case #32, White Ghoulish Nurses:

  • Victim: Joe Lafed
  • Weapon: Cyanide
  • Killer: Bertha Zapper

Case #33, Fishy Tastes:

  • Victim: Mitch Anteur
  • Weapon: Frying oil
  • Killer: Linda Farren

Climb Out The Culvert

Wardrobed Corpse

White Ghoulish Nurses

Fishy Tastes



Police Dogs Shop

To unlock the police dogs shop in the third district, the player has to earn 24 gold medals first. The available dogs in this shop are the next:

Dog Cost Output
Samoyedo 400,000 coins

200 XP (Tiny)

2 lucky cards (Tiny)

Rottweiler 450,000 coins

200 XP (Very tiny)

2,000 coins (Small)

Tibetan Mastiff (Premium) 500 cash

200 XP (Small)

1 Orange juice (Small)

Level Hearts required Stats increase
Level 2 50 Hearts Skill 2: +1 bar
Level 3 200 Hearts Skill 1: +1 bar
Level 4 600 Hearts

Skill 1: +1 bar

Skill 2: +1 bar

Level 5 1200 Hearts

Skill 1: +1 bar

Skill 2: +2 bars