Down in the projects, junkie was found dead.
—Case Teaser
Dope Stick
Case 26
Season 1
City Waterborough
District Bronx Hills
Case Number 26
Date of Release 29th December 2018
Partner(s) Tony Dunkin (All Chapters)
Bonnie Pearson (In the Hood 2)
Preceded by Succeeded by
Ghetto Style The Fighter
Dope Stick is a case featured in Criminal Case as the twenty-sixth case of Season 1, and the twenty-sixth case of the game. It takes place in Bronx Hills district of Waterborough


Tony, Bonnie, and the player patrol the Lavender Avenue Housing to report any ODs and fights. There, they encounter the body of resident Henry Broke.

Mid-investigation, Sakura suggest he was at a empty lot to buy drugs from dealer Adam Cooper. Later, the victim's girlfriend broke into the victim's apartment to retrieved his bracelet. Later, the team made enough evidence to arrest



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