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Don't drink the acid
General information
Season Murdertown
City Burnwell
District Sparklight Beach
Case # 2
Initial release date July 23, 2021
Partner(s) Justin Morgan
Case chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
Deceptive lies A water beating
You go to an abandoned house looking for Julian, but instead of finding him, we find a dead man with a mouth full of acid, can you catch his murderer before he puts acid in the other coffees in the city?

Don't drink the acid is a case featured in Criminal Case: Murdertown as the 2rd case of the game. It is the second to take place in Sparklight Beach, a district of Burnwell.


After they gave an address where Julian could be, Justin and the player went as soon as possible to capture him and his kidnappers, they entered the abandoned house and there was no sign of Julian, only a glass of coffee almost broken with some kind of green liquid, being closer there was a man on the ground with burns in his mouth and with the same liquid as the glass

His mouth literally seemed to be completely melted, Justin when he saw he put his hands in his mouth and put an expression of disgust, the duo put the body in the bag and we sent the body to Melissa, at the crime scene there was a cell phone where he had A message with an address, from a hotel, called Woodsmor, we went to the place and questioned the owner of the hotel, Hernest Woodsmor, who said that the victim was Victor Montoya, a hotel guard, they also began to suspect a gothic cheerleader named Chelsea Lavinge, and a hotel guest, a French lawyer named Aubouin Benoiste, Melissa said that the victim had died from the burns in his mouth, and said that most likely he died from sulfuric acid, and that the murderer most likely knows chemistry, in the hotel garbage can, they found a jar with acid inside, we sent it to Edmundo, and he said it was indeed the murder weapon

Later in the abandoned house, the duo began to compile the case, and that in addition to finding Julian, they also had to solve the murder of Victor Montoya, Justin noticed a flash coming from the window of the place, Justin and the player They went to see and noticed that it was a photographer named Jordan Deringer who was photographing the scene, they also marked the victim's brother as a suspect, Edward Montoya, thanks to Edward we were able to go investigate the victim's apartment later it was discovered that Victor stole money from Hernest's hotel, and that he beat Chelsea because they were fighting, Later it was discovered that Jordan had photographed Victor kicking Aubouin out of the hotel as he had not paid for his accommodation on time

After recapping the case again, until the boss called the duo to notify that Julian was near the victim's apartment, since his phone was near that place, Justin found this strange since they had gone to the place previously and They did not find the phone or Julian although the duo in the end decided to go, they came back to the place and found Julian there, Justin asked Julian how he was, he said he was better now that the police have found him, and Julian was taken where his parents

After getting enough evidence we were able to arrest Ernest Woodsmor for the murder, he was offended and said that because he would commit something so vulgar, but after giving him the evidence, he sighed and gave a smile and confessed to the murder, he explained that he did it for "The Bird Corrupt", since Victor had betrayed them, since Hernest and Victor kidnapped Julian Abernathy, but Victor wanted to free him and escape, Hernest discovered him and put acid in Victor's cafe, when they were about to put handcuffs on him , Chelsea Lavinge, the cheerleader arrived on the scene and pointed a gun at the duo and started shooting at them, Justin and the player were not injured, but Hernest was able to escape with the help of Chelsea


After the duo told the Boss that Hernest and Chelsea fled, the boss sent them to look for them, Justin and the player went to Hernest's "hotel" to see if there was any clue, and they found a black bag, that it had Chelsea's initials, and there was a phone, and we sent it to Edmund, and he said that there were messages from Chelsea and an anonymous person who were talking about the illegal party in the previous case, and that they planned to have more parties, he also found a message from Chelsea saying that they would earn a lot of money with kidnappings, and that's when they discovered that illegal parties were held to kidnap children of millionaires and thus collect their "ransoms"

Lexy arrived at the station saying that Julian was outside at the station and that she wanted to talk to the player.

Lexy and the player went to talk to Julian and he said that those who organized the illegal party were planning another party, and they sent him a note with the address of that party, Julian shook us the note and we began to read the note, and left that the party was in a few days, days later it was the next party, Justin and the player went to the party without imagining what would happen



Murder Weapon

  • Sulphuric Acid




Killer's Profile

  • The Killer knows chemistry,
  • The Killer drink Rocket Pphynix
  • The Killer eats Cheesesteak Sandwiches.
  • The Killer he has a pocket watch
  • The Killer he wears red clothes,