Dominic Sayeed
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Biographical information
Full name Dominic Sayeed
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 1981
Death 2020
Cause of death Beheaded
Personal information
Nationality Flag of Iran Iranian
Residence Tehran, Iran
Profession(s) Arms Dealer
Partner(s) Farrah Sayeed (wife)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #17: Jump the Gun

Dominic Sayeed (1981-2020) was a suspect in the murder of delivery driver Abdul Rashid in Jump the Gun (Case #17 of Explore the World). He was later found murdered in Scream Bloody Murder (Case #20 of Explore the World.


Height 6'0'
Age 39
Weight 172 lbs
Eyes Green
Blood A+

Events of Explore the World

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Murder Details

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Killer and Motives

The killer would turn out to be charity worker Leonora Jones.

Leonora confessed straight away, saying there was no point in denying it. She told them how she and Stewart were Logan's accomplices in the killings, saying that Stewart used to work at the Blackmoor Haven mental institute and that he was the one who helped break Logan out. Once Riya confronted Logan about what he was hiding, Logan realized it was only a matter of time until they found out the truth and ordered Stewart and Leonora to the plane so they could ambush and kill those on board to keep the murderous secret. Logan first placed the plane on lockdown so nobody could escape before the trio split up. Soon, Leonora encountered Dominic in his cell and, to tie up loose ends, beheaded him so there'd be no witnesses. The duo quickly handcuffed her and left Penelope to watch over her, Leonora later being sentenced to life in solitary confinement.

Case Appearances

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