Chief Dolores Carter
Biographical information
Full name Dolores Carter
Gender Female
Status Alive
Nationality Flag of Spain Spanish
Past profession(s) Teacher

Chief of Denton Police Department

Family Unnamed Brother
Michelle Carter (Daughter)
Affiliation(s) Denton Police Department (formerly)

Denton Justice Squad

Game information
Appears in Criminal Case: CyanVin Edition
First appearance Case #1: A Shocking Discovery


Without a leader, a team won’t be structured. But, without the members who cooperate, a team won’t be formed and there will be no such thing as a cooperation
—Dolores Carter

Dolores Carter is a main character appearing in season 1 of Criminal Case: CyanVin Edition, where she serves as the chief of Denton Justice Squad


Dolores is a 37-year-old woman who serves as the Chief of Denton Police Department. She has a long blond hair and dons a black cap. She wears a black police chief uniform with a police badge on it.

Age 37
Weight 175 lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood B-

Events of Criminal Case

A Shocking Discovery

Chief Carter greeted the player warmly and then introduced herself to the player. She assigned the player to go on patrol, but then field officer Sean Moreau rush into the room and told us that there is a murder at a soccer field. Chief Carter then assigned the player to investigate the murder with Jake Wilde and allow them to go.

After arresting the killer, Chief Carter congratulate the player and ask them to accompany her to talk to Landon Garcia about the treasure he mentioned when he got arrested. When we arrived at Landon’s cell, we ask him to explain about the treasure. He replied that the treasure was buried in this city, but he don’t know the whereabout. Chief Carter then thanked Landon about the information and head back to the headquarter.

Case Appearances

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