Dmac Ulangan
CCProfilePic DmacUlangan001
Full name Dmac Roberts Ulangan
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth April 1
Nationality Filipino
Residence Tripea Bay, Cortonith Island (birth)
Brockston Slumbs, Cortonith Island (current)
Family Carmen Roberts (mother)
Profession Demonic Wanderer
Appearance(s) TBA
"There's one time we could even let this job done. By taking down Martha."
—Dmac Ulangan

Dmac Ulangan is the chief of Cortonith Island Police Department. He debutted at Stolf's Remains, which he allowed the player to roam at Brockston Slumbs.


Dmac Ulangan's favorite animal is a parrot, and his favorite food is... nothing. Just rum and beer. He is loud, hot-headed (except towards other police staff) and at least, friendly. However, he is always bragging about himself.

He is 43 years old, stands 6 feet tall, weighs 240 lbs, and is B+.


"Say what now, you satired demon?!"
—Dmac Ulangan, taunting Morrigan Witherwood

It is also known in history that one time Morrigan was in the sudden rampage, killing numerous people, leading to the Cortonith Island Police Department on the Severe Condition immediately, affecting only where she was, Morrigan single-handedly killing the police. However, as Chief Dmac Ulangan's troops surround her in the time, Dmac, along with his best friend Lionel Frenchlight, and some other high-level Police troops, pointed a gun against her. Dmac told her to give up or to get killed. She instead keeps fighting and cut Dmac's hair in process, but Dmac pushed her and managed to use his body force that did a knockback, pushing her to the waterfalls, yet the bloodied swords were left behind, leading to Dmac's purpose to be a success. What they don't know is that a black-winged creature rescued her as she fell, yet not anyone even noticed but a sneaky Yumiko Fujiwara.


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