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Alan: Listen everybody, we have the same problem again. Bryan Stefode kidnapped Lindsey and we do not know where they could be.
Alan: So if anyone finds any lead, please investigate and tell the rest of the team about it.
Evan: For some reason, the tracker started going to the local district police station. We know Suzie was there so maybe she kept the tracker.
Daniel: Wouldn't it mean that she's there?
Gino: The rest of the police officers would have seen her, I don't think so. Unless she said it was a criminal she had arrested.
Octavius: If she were there, she would have asked to make a call and phone us. That's not the case.
Sabrina: We need to wait until we get a clue, because there's no way to know where she is.
Evan: That's not all, they somehow get info from our team. If any of you is a mole who is in Bryan's gang, confess right now.
Evan: ...
Evan: So nobody is. Well, I'd like to trust my friends, so you'd better not be lying.

Days later...

Alan: Still no news about Lindsey... This is really sad.
Alan: I came to tell you that we have another case to investigate, <Name>. Can you be in charge of it?
Gino: Can I go too, Chief?
Alan: Yeah, why not? I'd like to go too, because we have a special crime scene this time. A dead body was found in Townville's Courts of Law.
Alan: Let's go and see if it's a murder or not.

Chapter 1

Investigate Courts of Law
Gino: Well, it's obviously a murder! Who'd drop a giant bolt sculpture made of metal on a person?! Is it some kind of message?
Alan: It must be, yeah. I'd say it's a symbol of divine punishment, don't you think?
Alan: Wait, this woman is Mirtha Gray, she is a judge, I know her! Who would do this to her?
Gino: A crazy person for sure. Look, the sculpture has some scraped letters here. Can you see what it says, <Name>?
Alan: And that crane must have been used to impale the bolt in her body. Can you see if there are any fingerprints on the crane's controls?
Alan: Let's start working!

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: Obviously, there's no need to say that the giant metal bolt is the murder weapon. However, that was not the only thing the killer did to Mirtha.
Daniel: She was drugged with barbital, so we can say she was asleep when that thing fell on her.
Alan: Barbital can be easily bought anywhere, so that won't help much. Did you find anything else?
Daniel: Of course. The barbital she drank was mixed with some skin cells that didn't belong to Mirtha, so it means they come from the killer.
Daniel: After analyzing their DNA, I can confirm that the killer is diabetic.
Gino: That may be of help, I'll write it down!

Examine Bolt sculpture
Gino: What does the bolt say, <Name>? Is is some kind of message?
Alan: I'm afraid it's not. It just says "Spiritual Garden". What kind of place is that?
Gino: I'll search for it in my mobile, just give me some seconds...
Gino: Oh, it's a place in the Town Outskirts, like... to do yoga? I don't understand very much, but it's related to that spiritual stuff, as the name suggests.
Alan: Well, if the bolt came from there, I guess the place is worth investigating.

Investigate Spiritual Garden
Gino: This place is so... weird. But it looks good! And those giant metal bolts used for the decoration clearly show this garden's connection with the case.
Alan: There are some pieces of china near there, where the other bolt sculptures are. Will you restore the object, <Name>? It may help us.
Gino: Look at the coin lockers, Chief! One of them has the victim's name and it's open. She left a... lucky charm inside.
Gino: Will you examine it?
Hiro: Can I help you?
Alan: Good morning, sir, I'd like to ask you a few questions.

Examine Broken china
Gino: So the pieces that were next to the bolt sculptures are in fact a vase. What do we do with it now, <Name>? Is this useful?
Alan: We'll take it to our lab, of course. I hope Sabrina finds something interesting about the vase.

Analyze Vase
Sabrina: There's not much that can be said about this vase, <Name>. However, after looking at it carefully, I noticed something that I could confirm.
Sabrina: Do you remember the yoga case on Valentine's day?
Alan: We do. I do, at least. <Name> investigated that case with Octavius and Evan helped too.
Sabrina: Well, Octavius and <Name> gave this vase used for Feng Shui to one of the suspects, Ibis Grewn. He said that this was the vase and the old lady's prints are all over it.
Gino: So that woman's vase ended up in a crime scene. I wonder why, <Name>. Shall we talk to her?

Ask Ibis Grewn about the case
Gino: Good morning, Miss Grewn. We're sorry to tell you that Mirtha Gray has been murdered.
Ibis: Oh, Mirtha?! Who could do such a thing to her? Who, <Name>?
Gino: You, maybe? You left your broken Feng Shui vase at the Spiritual Garden. Why was it there?
Ibis: I wanted to give it as a gift to the garden owner to thank him for giving me his internal peace. Unfortunately, it got broken. He said I shouldn't worry and that broken things are useful too.
Alan: What about those giant metal bolts used as a decoration?
Ibis: Oh, that was the owner's idea too. Don't they look beautiful?

Examine Lucky charm
Gino: There were some fingerprints on that lucky charm. If we manage to identify them in our database, we'll see who was near our victim in this place.
Alan: In case they don't belong to her...

Examine Fingerprints
Gino: Those prints belong to Morgan Wid. The name rings a bell, <Name>...
Gino: Oh, he is the Catholic priest we interrogated during the sun religion case, remember? I was your partner that time, and that's not all.
Gino: Father Wid caught a bullet for you, saving your life! I can still recall that epic scene.
Alan: If this Father Morgan Wid came into contact with Mirtha's lucky charm, I'd say it's worth interrogating him. Don't you think so?

Have a chat with Morgan Wid about Mirtha
Morgan: <Rank> <Name>, Detective Gino! Um, sorry. Corporal Gino Reina, I heard about your promotion. A police officer told me about your new position in our forces.
Gino: Police officer? Who?
Morgan: Officer Suzie Robin, she goes tu church every week!
Gino: Oh, don't even mention that woman!!!
Alan: Excuse us, Father Wid. We're sorry, Mirtha Gray has been found dead today.
Morgan: Mirtha! Oh, God, how much more blood will our brothers draw? Why do we have to suffer from this?
Gino: Don't cry, Father! Did you meet her at the Spiritual Garden these days?
Morgan: Sorry. Yes, I did. I like to go there and relax, I can feel peace there. However, it seems there's nowhere to be safe now. Even you and I had to put our lives at risk once, <Rank> <Name>.

Talk to the spiritual garden owner
Hiro: Welcome to the Spiritual Garden, I am Hiro Tamaoshi. Can I help you?
Gino: Tamaoshi? Aren't you a descendant of Eisuke Tamaoshi, the Japanese sportsman who founded the Sakura Soccer Club?
Hiro: Yes, that's part of who I am. Though I'm afraid I'm not as good as him at soccer, haha.
Alan: We're here to talk about Mirtha Gray, a judge from Townville's Courts of Law. One of those giant metal bolts ended up involved in her murder.
Hiro: Murder?! Mirtha would come here often, but I don't think she could have taken one of those bolts with her. They are part of our decoration.
Hiro: I hadn't noticed one of them was missing, by the way.

Examine Crane controls
Alan: Well done, <Name>! Now we have this set of partial fingerprints we'll send these to the lab and...
Alan: Who will we give it to?
Gino: As you are helping us with the case, why don't we give it to Daniel? He's very good at doing Lindsey's job.
Alan: Lindsey... I wonder if we'll ever see her alive again.

Analyze Fingerprints
Daniel: Thanks for trusting me enough to let me do this! I'm afraid that the portions of fingerprints aren't enough to identify their owner.
Daniel: However, they matched some of the prints on the bolt and on Mirtha's brooch. What they didn't match was Mirtha's fingerprints.
Alan: So if these were on the bolt, on the brooch, and on the crane controls... They're the killer's ones!
Daniel: Yes! Using that crane is not easy, you know? It looks like this killer has some good knowledge in mechanics, <Name>!
Gino: Great, I'll add it to the notes I'm writing in my notebook. Knowledge... in... mechanics.

Back at the headquarters...

Gino: Wow, another murder in the district. All of our suspects look like quiet angels. Is the killer really one of them?
Alan: Don't trust anyone, Gino. I'm glad to have helped you, <Name>, but working in my office is better. Do you mind if I leave the investigation?
Gino: Of course we don't mind, Chief! It was already great from you to have joined us. You can go.
Evan: Why don't I take his place? I haven't spent as much time with <Name> as I did before.
Daniel: Gino, would you mind staying here at the HQ? We need some help, so let Evan and <Name> handle this.
Gino: Why do I have to stay? I haven't partnered <Name> for ages!
Daniel: You were <Name>'s partner like a month ago or so during the skydiving case. Please, do it for the team, okay? Thanks very much.
Evan: Daniel, you used to be my friend but lately I get uncomfortable just by looking at you. What-
Daniel: That's not the way you should talk to me, Evan. I told Gino to stay because I found out that the crane used for the murder belongs to Suzie.

Chapter 2

Daniel: That crane you found at the murder scene is under the name of Suzie Robin, <Name>. That's why I wanted Gino to stay out of this case.
Evan: Crane? <Name>, you'll have to tell me more about the case details later. Why would Suzie buy a crane?
Daniel: I investigated a lot about her and it seems she's kind of an entrepreneur now. Her current venture is building a... building, in Low River, near the city limits.
Evan: So if the crane used for the murder came probably from that construction site in Low River, we have to go there and find more evidence.
Evan: Are you ready, <Name>? Our first murder investigation out of Townville!
Daniel: If you want I can go with-
Evan: No, I don't want you as a partner, Daniel! We'll talk later, ok? Now, <Name>, let's investigate that place in Low River and have a chat with that woman.

Confront Suzie about the crane and the construction site
Evan: I regret having to meet you again, Suzie. Could you explain why you took Bryan Stefode to his escape route? Are you in a gang or something?
Suzie: Who do we have here? The smart and stupid Evan Day. I was told to transfer him to the detention center. And what gang are you talking about?
Evan: It's about Lindsey, our tech expert! Her tracker went to your police station.
Suzie: A tracker? I really don't know what you're talking about, but I will-
Evan: I hate you, Suzie! We came to ask about that construction venture of yours in Low River. One of your cranes became part of Mirtha Gray's murder.
Suzie: Mirtha Gray is dead?! I had no idea! I learnt how to use those cranes, it was very difficult, you know?
Evan: Stop pretending to be innocent, Suzie, and show your true face!

Investigate Construction site
Evan: What kind of building does Suzie want to have here? And why in Low River and not Townville? Who are the masons doing this? Does she have enough money?
Evan: Well, after finding out she was involved in Lindsey's kidnapping, she's surely part of Bryan's gang. They must get a lot of money if they're in such a big gang.
Evan: So we have that container and that sand. There could be something hidden in both, so let's look inside them!

Examine Debris container
Evan: What is that vial doing in this construction site? I wonder what it is.
Evan: There's some scraped code at the bottom, maybe it will help us understand what this is. Can you decipher it, please?

Examine Vial
Evan: Wonderful! Now let's send this to our lab and see what this vial is.

Analyze Vial
Sabrina: This was a great discovery, <Name>! This vial contains the barbital that the killer gave to Mirtha.
Evan: How can you be so sure?
Sabrina: The code you deciphered traced me back to barbital, there's Mirtha's DNA on it as well as another sample that matches the one Daniel found while autopsying her body.
Sabrina: That's not all though, at the bottom of the vial I found traces of detergent, which the killer must have used to clean it.
Evan: Ok, so the killer uses detergent, I have to write that down.

Examine Pile of sand
Evan: I don't think that piece of silk is something relevant but... if it was inside this pile of sand, who knows? Let's send it to the lab, <Name>.

Analyze Piece of silk
Sabrina: I... am very shocked, <Name>. This piece of silk comes most probably from a robe or gown, these are very common in such items of clothing.
Sabrina: However, after I found some cells, sweat, DNA, and so on on the piece of fabric...
Evan: Speak, Sabrina! Is it really that bad? Was it the Chief's DNA or something like that?
Sabrina: No, not the Chief, but actually Judge Gonzalez. Look, this is exactly like the suit he always wears!
Evan: Oh my God, you're right! It just... It doesn't make sense! Why would he be involved in Suzie's project?
Evan: I'm afraid he'll be one of our suspects, <Name>. Let's interrogate him.

See if Judge Gonzalez is somehow related to the case
Esteban: <Rank> <Name>, Lead Inspector Evan! How are you?
Evan: Fine, thanks, um... Your finger is bleeding, your Honor.
Esteban: Oh, yes, I have to do this every once in a while to make sure my diabetes is under control, don't worry. Why are you here?
Evan: Judge Mirtha Gray has been murdered, your Honor. And-
Esteban: Mirtha is dead?! Oh no, this can't be true!
Evan: Well, it is, and... You've been to a construction site in Low River which is connected to her murder. We wouldn't like to think you had something to do with it, but you know how things are.
Esteban: I knew she wouldn't get anything good from there! I saw her once leaving job early, <Rank> <Name>, so I decided to see where she was going because she looked worried.
Esteban: And I saw her leaving Townville to go that building site! She told me to leave and didn't explain what that place was.

Evan: Judge Gonzalez's story is weird, but I have to believe in him. He can't have killed that woman in such a bizarre way!
Evan: Now that we've already come here to talk to him, why don't we take another look at the crime scene?

Investigate Lawn fountain
Evan: Ok, people seem to enjoy throwing coins at fountains, don't you think? I wonder if someone could have left something else there apart from a coin...
Evan: Besides looking through the coins, what about this poster? It says "have you seen this man?", even though I doubt I've ever seen him.
Evan: Why don't we look for him in our database? He could be someone important.

Examine Heap of coins
Evan: I knew there would be something else in that lot of pennies! However, I don't know if it's more important than those coins, it's just another piece of metal.
Evan: I've seen these... It is a brass fastener, <Name>! How couldn't I notice it?
Evan: Let's examine it and see why it was inside the fountain.

Examine Paper fastener
Evan: Well done, now we'll send this sample to Sabrina and see what this fastener was doing there.

Analyze Brown oil
Evan: You seem sad, Sabrina. Are you ok?
Sabrina: No. I should be planning my wedding with Wane but... Lindsey isn't here to share the moment with me. I hate this.
Evan: Just be strong. I miss her much more than you, and you know how much I've cried.
Sabrina: I just... Ah, I'll try to go on.
Sabrina: This substance is chrism, and it is in fact very important for the Catholic religion. I'd say it's related thereby to Morgan Wid, the priest <Name> interrogated this morning.
Evan: I think I've heard that name.
Sabrina: He saved <Name>'s life during a case in which you weren't partners because Gino was there.
Evan: Wow, I... I had forgotten about that time you almost got killed... Let's ask Father Wid about the case.

See why Morgan Wid was at the crime scene
Morgan: You're back, <Name>! Where is Corporal Gino, by the way?
Evan: Nice to meet you, Father Wid, I'm Evan Day and <Rank> <Name>'s partner in this investigation.
Morgan: You can call me Morgan, don't worry.
Evan: Ok, Morgan. You lost a brass fastener at Townville's Courts of Law, right? When and why did you go there?
Morgan: I went this morning to talk to Mirtha, actually. I wanted to know why she had agreed to make that Green Year Parade return, I couldn't believe she had done that.
Evan: Was Mirtha the one who let the parade get back to Townville?!
Morgan: Yes, she was! I took a folder with all the arguments against the parade but she was not there.

Examine Poster
Evan: The man in the poster was Hiro Tamaoshi. Does he have anything to do with Eisuke Tamaoshi, the founder of the Sakura Soccer Club?
Evan: So you say he's his descendant... Wait, is he already involved in this case?
Evan: A spiritual garden? Why are they looking for him? Maybe talking to him would help us, or help him...

Ask Hiro what happened with him
Evan: Excuse us, Mr Tamaoshi. We found a sign asking if we had seen you with a picture of you, though it was clearly from many years ago. What is it about?
Evan: If we're the police and don't know you're one of the most wanted, then you must be innocent, right?
Hiro: Oh, that sign is indeed very old. There are some things I will always regret...
Hiro: When I was young, I was about to be tried for stealing from a supermarket, but I escaped. They made those posters back then to find me.
Evan: Where did you go?
Hiro: I returned to Japan, where else could I have gone? I learnt a bit about mechanics there and my diabetes got a bit better. Life was good there.
Hiro: Though it's not the way things are solved. I returned to Townville and got a job here. I just... didn't know my shoplifting case would still be open after so many years.

Back at the police station...

Evan: How did we get involved with this case? A judge appears outside the Courts of Law with a bolt impaled in her stomach, and it turns out she brought Green Year Parade back.
Evan: She was somehow related to that son of... Suzie, and her construction venture in Low River. Judge Gonzalez went there too to see what that was about though he got no answers.
Evan: Morgan even went to the crime scene to give her some documents to complain about her decision regarding the parade. And if you ask for my opinion, he's right.
Evan: What can we do now? Where do we-
Daniel: <Name>, Evan, I have some big news for you!
Evan: What is it now, Daniel?!
Daniel: My father will come tomorrow to the HQ!

Chapter 3

Daniel: Just as you heard, my dad will come to the police station tomorrow. Isn't it great?
Evan: Wasn't your father in a coma?
Daniel: That's why it's great, Evan! He woke up! He'll speak and he'll eat and... I'm so happy!
Evan: Well, that's good for him! Congratulations.
Evan: Oh my, I didn't know what to say to him but why has he been lying to us all this time? We'll have to talk to soon-
Alan: How is Judge Gray's case going? Is it going well?
Evan: We're doing fine but we need to keep investigating.
Alan: Ok, get down to work.
Evan: Of course, Chief! <Name>, where can we go now?
Evan: Yeah, you mentioned that Spiritual Garden Hiro owns. I don't know if we'll get much from there anyway. Let's go!

Investigate Yoga spot
Evan: Wow, this place is so peaceful. I could stay here all day long. Did you find anything?
Evan: All those things? That black thing, isn't it a diabetes monitoring device? Wait, the killer is diabetic! Maybe it belongs to them, so we have to examine it in detail.
Evan: There's that suitcase too. It has the logo of the city's Courts of Law so it must belong to Mirtha, right? Let's see what we can find inside.
Evan: And then you found that ripped paper. What does the visible part say?
Evan: It's a bond?? Why would a bond holder be so careless? The issuer's signature is here so let's examine it and see where it comes from.

Examine Diabetes monitoring device
Evan: Perfect! Now that we have these blood cells, let's send them to Sabrina. We need to make as much progress as we can in this case!

Analyze Blood cells
Sabrina: It was not easy this time, guys. The sample was there in the garden exposed to air and dirt, so it took longer than usual. As you must already know, I could do it anyway.
Evan: You always think so highly of yourself.
Sabrina: Shut up! This blood belongs to Ibis Grewn, the old lady who had that vase.
Evan: Who is she?
Evan: Oh, you had met her with Octavius, I see. During the yoga case? Yeah, when I told Lindsey I had a crush on her. Why did Orlando have to do that to her?
Evan: No, I don't have to think about that! Let's give this back to that woman, <Name>. Now we also know she is diabetic too.

Return the device to Ibis
Ibis: My monitor, <Rank> <Name>, thanks very much! And who is this partner of yours?
Evan: Lead Inspector Evan Day, nice to meet you, lady. I'm sure <Rank> <Name> has already talked to you about the murder of Mirtha Gray, right?
Ibis: Yes, I was devastated! Everyone from the Spiritual Garden liked her, it's a shame that she died.
Ibis: She was a very optimistic person. I remember she loved the perfume that Mr Tamaoshi made with detergent to make the garden smell like lemon.
Ibis: I started making the same for my house and... Oh, Mirtha. We'll miss you a lot!

Examine Suitcase
Evan: Good, you found this document, and what is it about? It says it's a petition and it was initiated by Mirtha Gray. So it was her suitcase after all.
Evan: Let me read a bit...
Evan: Wait... <Name>, this was the petition she made to have Green Year Parade back! This is what Morgan said, I don't know why she would do this.
Evan: Look, the signatures of all of our city's judges are here. Even Randy Pagosh agreed! Let's see if I can still recall Judge Gonzalez's signature.
Evan: It's none of these, <Name>. Where is it?
Evan: Oh, you're right, it must mean he didn't sign Mirtha's petition! It looks like he's the only judge who did not agree. And he is right.
Evan: I'm just afraid this could have caused some problems between them. Should we talk to him again?

Ask Esteban Gonzalez about Mirtha's petition
Esteban: You are here again! Is everything ok?
Evan: Yes, things are ok so far. We wanted to ask about Judge Gray's petition to bring Green Year Parade back-
Esteban: Oh, do not remind me of that! You know what my opinion on that event is, <Rank> <Name>. I'm sure you remember those trials from the activist cases in the Commercial Area.
Esteban: You see, I went to a technical school where I learnt a lot about mechanics but nothing about the environment. I got more interested in ecology when I was studying law.
Evan: Yeah, but... You were the only judge who didn't sign the petition. I counted the signatures and only one was not there.
Esteban: Of course I was not going to sign! She knew what I think about killing plants, how could she try to do that? I even told her which detergent brands caused less water pollution.
Esteban: Anyway, I'm sure that petition was just the tip of the iceberg. I wonder what were her intentions behind that...

Examine Bond issuer signature
Evan: This bond was issued by Paul Waters, the mayor! This means that it's a bond from the city of Townville, but why did he issue these? We don't need money urgently.
Evan: Why was it at the Spiritual Garden? Who is its holder? I guess we should let Alan take care of this because of that protection programme.
Evan: Ah, we'd have to give it to him anyway. Lindsey is not here to help us...

Analyze Bond
Alan: I'm very shocked, <Name>. The mayor didn't explain anything about why these bonds were issued. I just found out who bought this one.
Evan: Well, that's enough for us! Who was it?
Alan: Suzie Robin, our dear friend.
Evan: So she has money to finance a construction in Low River, she has money to buy a bond... What kind of police officer is paid so much?
Evan: I'm very positive she's part of Stefode's gang but this time she's going to speak!

Make Suzie explain why she bought a bond
Evan: Suzie, we have to talk this time and seriously.
Suzie: I've just returned from the supermarket, so can you wait? Let's see, here are the noodles, toilet paper, detergent, toothpaste, bleach, rice-
Evan: You'll take care of your shopping later because you are a murder suspect! Can you explain where and how you got the money to buy the mayor's bonds?
Suzie: How did you find out about the bonds?! Are you... you know... one of...
Evan: WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! Just tell us how you got all the money you seem to have now.
Suzie: It's just my savings, Evan! Not your business at all. Maybe you could understand when my project in Low River is finished.
Suzie: Well, if you can still call that Low River... How did you find out about the bonds, if you can say?
Evan: You lost it at the Spiritual Garden, Suzie.
Suzie: Sh*t, that must have been Mirtha!

Minutes later...

Evan: Well, we're in trouble. We haven't progressed much and we're discovering lots of things but nothing about the case we're investigating. Green Year Parade, bonds, Low River...
Evan: I wonder what-
Evan: GINO, STOP IT! Suzie is not your wife anymore, when will you understand?! Tyler is the one taking care of her now, get over it!
Gino: You... you... you have no idea, Evan! I'm glad both Linda and Lindsey are out of your reach!
Gino: You hit ME?!
Evan: You have no right to say that about Linda or Lindsey, Gino. First of all, because I didn't shout at my friends when I felt bad because of them.
Evan: And second, because they didn't leave me to choose another person. It was me who put a limit to those relationships.
Evan: So I hope this is the last time you tell me such a thing because of that b*tch who has caused nothing but problems. If you want to hit me back, you can do it.
Gino: No, I won't... I'm sorry, Evan. I'm just... out of myself. If you need my help with the case, I'm here.
Evan: We don't know whether Suzie is diabetic or not.
Gino: Oh my God... She is, but... <Name>, is she the killer?
Evan: We don't know yet. <Name>, can you come with me to the construction site? We know the killer has been there and we need more evidences.

Investigate Site groundwork
Evan: Are you picking up those pieces just because they are pieces? It seems you love restoring objects.
Evan: What about that tiny cap? It looks too small for an average bottle. Where does it come from?
Evan: Oh, you're right! The vial we found here did not have a cap and this one would fit its size perfectly. Let's see if we can find anything on it.
Evan: Maybe working on this helps me forget about my argument with Gino. <Name>, do you think that what he said was right? Perhaps I shouldn't have said that about Suzie...
Evan: If only I knew where Lindsey is... I-I will call Linda tonight, <Name>. I haven't talked to her since last weekend.

Examine Carton pieces
Evan: So this card was from the Spiritual Garden. We know the killer got the murder weapon from there, right? It makes sense.
Evan: The card is a bit stained. Can you collect a sample, please?

Examine Card
Evan: Ok, I don't know what this pink thing could be, <Name>. Have you any idea? No?
Evan: Well, we should give it to Sabrina then and she'll know better. This could be the clue we need to arrest Mirtha's killer!

Analyze Pink sample
Evan: What was this pink substance, Sabrina? Is it related to the killer?
Sabrina: It was barbital, Evan. It's dyed pink because some drops of blood got mixed with it.
Evan: Blood? Why did Mirtha's blood end up in the construction site?
Sabrina: The answer is easy. This blood is not Mirtha's one. It matches the sample we had of the killer's DNA so this is the culprit's blood.
Sabrina: I know you need to catch them really soon so I analyzed the sample. If you give me more time, I'll get better results.
Evan: I don't know if we have more time... What can you tell us now?
Sabrina: Well, so far, I'm sure that their blood type is O since I found two recessive blood type alleles, and i and another i. I don't know yet if it's positive or negative...
Evan: Don't worry, that's helpful too!

Examine Plastic cap
Evan: Those are hair cells, aren't they? I'm glad we could find this on the cap. I'll give the sample to Sabrina.
Evan: We need to find this killer soon!

Analyze Hair cells
Evan: Please tell us you found something useful about those hair cells.
Sabrina: Of course I did, I am still the greatest forensics expert in Townville. I compared the cells' DNA with the sample that Daniel had found during the autopsy and they matched.
Sabrina: In other words, these came from the killer's hair!
Evan: That's what I wanted to hear! And what can you say about them?
Sabrina: After analyzing them, I studied their pigments and I confirmed what I had already supposed. The killer has gray hair!

Right after that...

Evan: Ok, <Name>, it's time to put an end to this case now. This bolt killer will face our justice now! Are you ready to go and arrest them?
Evan: Perfect! Let's go.

Arrest killer
Evan: Hiro Tamaoshi, you are under arrest for the brutal murder of Mirtha Gray!
Hiro: Me?! <Rank> <Name>, are you really arresting me??? I am just a man with a tranquil soul.
Evan: Mr Tamaoshi, you took the crane from Suzie Robin's construction site to drop that bolt sculpture on Mirtha's body. You own this place so you didn't have to steal the bolt.
Evan: Then you drugged her with some barbital you had on a vial. However, you dropped this card in Low River after you got hurt and bled. Isn't that right?
Hiro: No, no, it's not right. I have been here since I got up, I did not go to the Courts.
Evan: <Name>, had you told Hiro that Mirtha was found at the Courts of Law? Oh, so you hadn't... Interesting.
Hiro: Ah, I can't believe it! What have I done, <Rank> <Name>? I murdered her in a gruesome way. I confess, I give in.
Evan: That's what we wanted to hear. You will be taken to the court to be tried by Judge Gon-
Evan: Wait, Judge Gonzalez was one of the suspects in the investigation. Who will sentence Hiro, <Name>?

Randy Pagosh: Silence, silence! Tamoshi-sensei, we all know you are guilty, you even confessed, and your sentence has been more or less already decided.
Randy Pagosh: Anyway, if you explain your motives you could get some parole considerations.
Hiro: It was because of the time I stole some food from a supermarket when I was young. I escaped and went to Japan. I returned to Townville again a few months ago.
Hiro: When Judge Gray came to the Spiritual Garden and found out who I was, she reopened a case from over 30 years ago to send me to jail! She made "wanted" signs with my old mughsot.
Hiro: What was she trying to do with that? Why would she do such a thing?
Randy Pagosh: Oh my God. I can't believe you staged her murder to make it look like she was struck by divine justice because of an old theft.
Randy Pagosh: Well, you will spend the rest of your days in a psychiatric institution for criminals and just in case, I'd rather not give you any chance for parole.
Randy Pagosh: Court dismissed and good luck to the Sakuras in this year's tournament!

Evan: Well, Judge Pagosh is as grumpy as he has always been but at least he looks a bit more easy-going now. I wonder if he dislikes us for having arrested his nephew back then.
Evan: I was as shocked as him though. Being Hiro such a pacific person, why did he kill her like that with that stupid motive?
Evan: Now we have more tasks to consider priorities. Those bonds, Green Year Parade, Lindsey's kidnapping... Many things have been happening and I can't see the connection yet.

Creepy Crops 10 - Translation

Octavius: Hello, <Rank> <Name>! Evan told me you solved a case with him yesterday. I hope I can learn something from your skills one of these days.
Octavius: Well, see you later!
Octavius: What? Oh, yes, I'm leavintg. I have to go meet Joshua. Since Lindsey was arrested, he has been really depressed and I'm the only one who is there for him.
Octavius: The worst part is that he doesn't know she's been kidnapped by Stefode yet. At least he got happy to get his male ID with Presto's help.
Octavius: I thought that Presto was a greedy lawyer but Joshua told me he helped him for free! He asked him not to tell anyone about it.
Octavius: Ah, I'm so stressed. Ok, see you!
Octavius: Aww!!! Gino, I'm so sorry! You should watch your step though.
Gino: I can't now, I'm in a hurry! I have to get things straight with Suzie.
Octavius: I'm not an expert in getting things straight but I think you should just let her live.
Gino: I'm not in the mood for your gay puns, Octavius! I just want to talk to that woman.
Octavius: I'd go with you to make sure you behave but I'm busy... <Name>, don't hate me... Could you go with him?
Gino: You can bring as many people as you want, nobody is stopping me!

Try to get the truth from Suzie
Gino: Suzie, why didn't you tell the truth?! I know that Tyler Wive is your boyfriend.
Suzie: Boyfriend? I'm not a teenager. He's my partner, if you like that word. I just don't get what your trouble with that is. We are divorced, remember?
Gino: That doesn't changre the twenty-four years we spent together!
Suzie: And those years don't change the fact that you aren't my husband anymore and that you didn't turn up on your wife's birthday, Gino. Tyler remembers my birthday.
Suzie: Now if that's all you have to say, you can leave.
Gino: Is he the one giving you the money to start a construction in another city?
Suzie: I-AM-NOT-YOUR-WIFE. Get it inside your head.

Gino: I've lost her! I lost her, <Name>, forever! She's right anyway, we're nothing but acquaintances now. I spent days investigting a shotgun to find out who Tyler was and it was in vain.
Gino: So that woman who kept Stanley June's shotgun was surely Madison Louieson. That would make sense, Tyler and Ray Louieson were friends.
Gino: Ray even bought the transatlantic tickets for him!
Gino: However, Suzie hasn't revealed everything. I heard about her building site in Low River, and I'm sure she didn't have enoug money to do it when she was my wife.
Gino: Why don't we investigate that a bit more? Would you escort me to Low River?

Investigate Construction site
Gino: There are no workers here now. It's the perfect time to snoop around this place! Perhaps that toolbox has something inside that can help us understand what this building is.
Gino: Let's see what we can find...

Examine Toolbox
Gino: This one is good. It's a map of Townville, right? I'd say a draft rather than a map. I can recognize the city's shape easily.
Gino: But those lines over the southwest corner... they're not part of Townville. What is this region?
Gino: I hope Alan can understand this better than us...

Analyze City draft
Alan: I understand this draft though I can't be sure of what it means. I'm sure you know this big round-square shape is Townville.
Gino: Yes, we know that.
Alan: Ok. This prolongation towards the southwest is in fact part of Low River. That's not all, it includes the construction site where you found this.
Alan: I'm just afraid there's nothing in the protection programme about that part of Low River. I did a lot of research and found nothing. I can't do much.
Gino: Don't worry, Chief. If our city has plans with Low River the mayor might announce them soon, right?
Evan: Gino, <Name>, Chief! You need to come here now!

Evan: Look, guys, I found this article in Jade River News' homepage. It's the one that says "Breaking News".
Alan: Bryan Stefode was found unconscious and handcuffed in a parish?! That's impossible, he kidnapped Lindsey! Who would kidnap him back?
Gino: It says that a group of priests found him there. Stefode is still asleep and staying at Townville's Third Hospital. Wow.
Gino: There's a photo of the group who discovered- Wait, if we can't interrogate Stefode, we can talk to the priests.
Evan: The article does not mention their names. What can we do?
Gino: Not their names but we have their faces instead. We can find them, can't we, <Name>?

Examine Priests' faces
Evan: Morgan Wid was one of the priests who found Stefode, <Name>! He's the one who saved your life and he was a suspect in yesterday's case!
Evan: We need to get Stefode's issue clear now, and we can only talk to Morgan so far. Let's go!

See what Morgan Wid can tell you about Bryan Stefode
Evan: Father Wid, we know you saved <Rank> <Name>'s life and all of that, but we need your help again, please. I hope we can return the favor to you some day.
Morgan: Favors aren't meant to be paid or returned, they're meant to help. Or save lives.
Evan: You see... We know that you found Bryan Stefode kidnapped in a parish, right?
Morgan: Yes! We took him to a hospital at once. He looked hungry and sad.
Evan: Did he say anything to you? Does anybody know why he was there?
Morgan: No, we don't know a thing about that. Maybe you could ask him if you want.
Evan: What?! Isn't he unconscious?
Morgan: No, he woke up some minutes ago. I'll take you there so that they let you in and I'll get you something from the bar.
Evan: Oh my God!

Rita: Good afternoon, can I help you?
Rita: Oh, you're Evan Day and <Rank> <Name>! Do you still remember me? We met in a case last year and I called you a few times after that as well. I'm Rita Deuce.
Evan: We do remember you... We came to visit Mr Stefode.
Rita: He has just regained consciousness, but... I don't know if I can let you in.
Evan: We can unload our guns if that makes you feel more confident. We came with Father Wid.
Rita: Aha, I see. Well, I guess I can let you see him then. Room 309, to your left.
Evan: Thanks very much, miss Deuce.

Evan: Can we come in, Bryan? It's time to talk again.
Bryan: You two?! Agh, my head still hurts. Please do not be agressive.
Evan: We won't. We know you are the leader of the biggest gang in Townville. We know you don't have a gun here and there's nobody else in this room.
Evan: I think that's our guarantee for not ending up like Brooke Lynn did.
Bryan: I'm glad you found out. This means that the true leader was wrong.
Evan: True leader? What are you talking about?
Bryan: The true leader can't show themselves. They use me as a facade, you know? Only I know who it is. I'll tell you what it was about, my plan, I mean.
Bryan: I had told the girl from your team that if I was going to jail she'd have to take care. I was told she was in the detention center and I made a plan.
Bryan: I was transfered there and with the police officers' help I escaped with her. I kidnapped her. Anyway, the leader didn't want to expose us so they kept the girl and kidnapped ME.
Bryan: So many bad news... I also heard that one of our members has been murdered.
Evan: Murdered? Is it... Mirtha Gray?
Bryan: Yes. She helped us a lot. That "Dr. Cyanide" wanted to have Green Year Parade back and she did it.
Evan: Mirtha did that for Dr. Cyanide?! I can't believe it! And that construction site in Low River must be for you too! Bryan, tell us. Who is that true leader?
Bryan: So you haven't read my message yet... I can't say the name, there could be a microphone here. I left that message for you in a contract that nobody would ever read.
Bryan: I don't want to be a fake leader anymore. I want to stay in jail and forget about that secret gang.
Evan: Don't worry, Bryan. You're under arrest for prison break, kidnapping, and criminal activity. Once you've recovered, you'll go back to the detention center.

Alan: What did you get from Stefode? Where is Lindsey?!
Evan: He can't say that for his own safety, but he's not the real leader of that gang. There is someone behind him and he said who it is "in a contract nobody would ever read".
Alan: Well, that must be one of Artclan's contracts, don't you think? If he wanted you to read it, he must have left it in some place where you'd search. Like a crime scene.
Evan: Could it have happened during one of our cases? We met him first in that case in the museum, though there wasn't any contract anywhere, I think.
Evan: Then his son-in-law's murder. I don't remember anything special about that case. After that, Drew Wiese's case... Nope, nothing...
Evan: Oh, then Eliza Plans' murder, when Lindsey was kidnapped and missed her own birthday. And...
Evan: <Name>, Eliza was dyslexic! Nobody would ever read her contract apart from Bryan, remember? We thought he was cheating on her. Where was that contract though?
Evan: That's it, he left it in a trolley will towels! I wondered why he hadn't just torn it up and now I know it! That was one of the case's pieces of evidence so now it is...
Evan: At the city's Courts of Law. <Name>, let's go back there NOW!

Investigate Courts of Law
Evan: I don't know where that contract could be, <Name>, these buildings are gigantic! Isn't that a map of this place?
Evan: It just had to be faded... We need your skills!

Examine Faded map
Evan: Here it says, <Name>, "evidence storage room". That's where the clues from police investigations are kept after they leave our headquarters. I've never been there.
Evan: I think they trash or auction everything there after 5 years or so. Well, let's see how we can get there...
Evan: I've got it. Let's go!

Evan: Wow, this place is full of things, I can barely walk! I think they are ordered by date... Yes, they are. Eliza's case was on Lindsey's birthday, 3 months ago.
Evan: May the second... Here it is! Look, a photo of Seaside Hotel, her room's key, an Italian flag...
Evan: A contract from Artclan! The leader's name should be here, but... he can't have written it in an explicit way. I think we should give this to the Chief.

Analyze Eliza's contract
Alan: This is not easy, <Name>. The contract looks normal, so I deduced that the true leader's identity was written in some code. We know the Wizard of Seas loves anagrams, right?
Alan: Unfortunately, that was not the case.
Evan: At least did you find something?
Alan: It mentioned Eliza's book, "Terror In Hotel", which inspired her murder. It said that the culprit in the novel was Italian. Isn't in extremely weird that the contract mentions such a thing?
Alan: So I thought that I should translate something from that language. Then I also saw it mentioned Eliza was going to stay in Room 217 at that hotel for a meet and greet.
Evan: Why did Bryan include such things in a contract?
Alan: That's part of the code and Sabrina helped me a lot with it. Every 217 letters, you had to pick one and a text in Italian was formed! So you translate it...
Alan: And it says "The leader of the black eagle society is..."
Evan: Who is it?!
Alan: I... I don't know! The pages where the name was supposed to be are missing, see? These are the torn edges.
Evan: F*ck, does it always have to be like this? Who could do such a thing? That was in the Courts of Law, maybe Mirtha did it, don't you think?
Evan: No, Bryan said he's the only one who knows who the leader is. Mirtha shouldn't have known Bryan would betray this black eagle society.
Evan: Well, Judge Gonzalez was the one who had Eliza's case. Could it have been him, <Name>? We have to ask him!

Question Esteban Gonzalez about the missing pages
Evan: Judge Gonzalez, do you know something about... a black eagle?
Esteban: What?! Er... No, I'm not sure I know what you're talking about.
Evan: Well, do you remember Eliza Plans' murder case? You tried her killer three months ago.
Esteban: Yeah, I remember that case.
Evan: Eliza's contract with Artclan was one of the clues. We found it in the evidence storage room and it's missing a few pages. Do you know anything about that?
Esteban: Ah, I see. Someone broke into that room days after that case. We were very shocked. It happened the day before Mayor Waters came to visit us.
Esteban: It was weird, after that person broke in, we found there a torn leaflet of the Capitalist Alliance. However, nothing was missing so we didn't worry.
Esteban: Well, things like that happen. And... maybe you should keep Mirtha's suit, right? It can be of help for the case you've solved.
Evan: I don't know if it can help, but thanks.

Alan: What happened, <Name>? Do you have new leads?
Evan: Someone broke into that room to steal those pages, probably. They left behind a torn leaflet of the Capitalist Alliance Party, that's all we know.
Alan: Oh, <Name>... Doesn't that sound shockingly familiar to you? You know, last year you and I investigated Alberto Gandil's murder when Lucy Loas killed him.
Alan: And at one point, Dr. Cyanide broke into her shop and stole a flask with cyanide before leaving a torn leaflet of the United Socialism.
Evan: So Dr. Cyanide leaves a torn leaflet of the current governing party every time they break into a place?
Evan: Wait, that means they are the one who stole those pages from the contract! And therefore, they must know who the society's true leader is!
Evan: We have so many mysteries and-
Daniel: My father is here, <Name>! Come, he wants to meet you!

Daniel Sr: Alas, you must be <Rank> <Name>! Daniel said you are a great friend and police investigator! I woke up from a long come, so please forgive me if I don't understand much of what you say.
Daniel: I missed you a lot, dad. I'm really glad to have you back.
Daniel: Evan, can you take a photo of us?
Evan: Oh, yeah. Stand there, Mr Mossle.
Evan: Say cheese!
Daniel Sr: Can I take a look?
Daniel Sr: Oh, my son and I look really well together! What is that black thing in the picture?
Daniel: Wh-what, dad?
Daniel Sr: There's a black dot under that desk, see? Behind us.
Evan: Let me see... I don't know what it is, but... wait, I can see it from here. What's that?
Evan: There... This... <Name>, take a look! This device was under that desk! What is it? Can you find out what this thing is?

Examine Unknown device
Evan: This is a microphone! <Name>, someone was secretly listening to everything we say! I can't believe it, could it be Dr. Cyanide? They always find out about everything we do here.
Evan: Just like you, Daniel, don't you think? You knew I had asked Lindsey out before anyone did.
Daniel: She told me about it! And are you suggesting I am Dr. Cyanide? My father has just woken up from a come after years.
Evan: Lindsey also told me you once said that you were very interested in their plan and even quoted-
Daniel: Are you saying I dated Harry Clover just like Dr. Cyanide did?! I'm straight, Evan!
Evan: How can we be sure? Besides, we know you are Jessica Trimmle's son! I sent your hair and Jessica's one which Ash had given to us to a laboratory and found it out.
Daniel: Yes, and Ash is my father too! I discovered who my biological father is a couple of months ago and to be honest I wasn't even sure about who my mom was.
Daniel: Therefore, Harry was my own brother! Just like George Framel. I found out they were Ash's sons as well. I would have never dated my brother, Evan.
Evan: And you... You were never there when Dr. Cyanide called! That "day" Octavius heard on the phone must have been your unusual pronnunciation of Daniel, which you told us about.
Evan: Until your innocence is proved, I have no choice but to keep you under arrest, Daniel Mossle. I'm afraid you won't be able to go to the rally race as you wanted.
Evan: Just like Dr. Cyanide does...

Daniel Sr: What happened, <Rank> <Name>?! What was that all about? Why is my son in a cell?
Evan: Criminal activity suspicion. Believe me, Mr Mossle, I've always seen him as a friend but last year he changed a bit. I don't know what happened.
Alan: Is it true, Evan?! You arrested our coroner for being Dr. Cyanide?! What were you thinking about?
Evan: I'm sure he is, Chief! And if Dr. Cyanide doesn't show up at the race, it means I was right. I'm sorry but our lab will have to go on with you and Sabrina.
Evan: Everything is really sad... I don't want to cry... We'll just have to wait for the race now, <Name>!

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