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Dinah Watson
Dinah Watson.png
Biographical information
Full name Dinah Watson
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth Heroldia City, 19 May 1990
Nationality Flag of Heroldia.png Heroldian
Origin City Center, Heroldia City, Heroldia
Family Riley Watson (father)
Profession Detective of the Heroldia Police Department
Alma mater Heroldia University
Religion Christian
Affiliation(s) Heroldia Police Department
Heroldia University (formerly)
Game information

Dinah Watson is a detective of the Heroldia Police Department. She is one of the two personnel assigned to be the player's partner.


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Hailing from Heroldia City, Heroldia, Dinah is the 25-year-old detective of the Heroldia Police Department. She wears a police uniform and has a camera. She has a short red hair and wears a glasses. It is known that Dinah is the daughter of Chief Watson.

Height 5'7"
Age 25
Weight 125 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A+

Notable Events of Louisgustavo's version of Criminal Case

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Personal Life

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Case Apperances

As the one of the main characters in Criminal Case and one of the player partners, Dinah almost appears in every cases of Heroldia.