"Digging Deeper" is a case appearing in the Criminal Case series, Justice Department. It is the fourth case of the Memorial Bay district and the sixteenth overall.


The Acropolis Justice Defence Force attends Darryl Wade's overview of his latest historical book — Remembering The Coward. When Lt. Wayne became suspicious over Darryl's late entrance, him and the player investigate the back exit of the town centre. It was there that they found Darryl dead in a pool of his own blood.

Sure enough, the cause of death is the severed aorta caused by the stab wound. Dr. Graham Fraser also found a peculiar substance on Darryl's shirt, which he identified as clam chowder. Since the victim was allergic to seafood, it means that the killer eats clam chowder.

In the end, the murderer was later unveiled as Vivian Bellwood, the co-writer of Darryl's new book. Vivian confessed to the murder after repeatedly denying her involvement. Vivian stated that Darryl wanted to fire her not because she rejected his affection, he wanted to fire her because he was jealous over how much she was a better writer than him. To prevent her career from failing, Vivian lured Darryl into the backstreet alleyway and stabbed him to death with the knife from her bayonet. In court, Judge Chandler gave Vivian a 40 year prison sentence for Darryl's murder.

In the additional investigation, Lt. Wong and the player visits Vivian in prison when she offered the police some information about Virgil Frazier's story. The team find out that there was a witness to Virgil's contact with the enemy. Lt. George Doyle of the fourth squadron discovered Virgil's codes that matched the enemy's cryptography. The police tries to gather information from Lt. Doyle in the next case.



  • Darryl Wade (stabbed with a bayonet before his speech)

Murder Weapon

  • Bayonet


  • Vivian Bellwood


Killer's Profile

  • The killer eats clam chowder
  • The killer is a knife collector
  • The killer drives a convertible
  • The killer wears green
  • The killer has a scar

Crime Scenes



Chapter 1


Chapter 2


Chapter 3


Additional Investigation


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