Dicing with Death is the sixth case. It was made by Kit0804.


In a quiet stroll around the centre square. The team were wondering about when Diego Martinez started smoking. Chief Hardy snapped at him and ordered him to put it out. Diego flicked the cigarette out, to the point where it landed on a pile of bin bags that suddenly caught fire. The team hurried to put them out. But stumbled upon Simone Loveday's body. She had been hacked apart from head to stomach. They sent her body to Annalise.


  • Simone Loveday (Found hacked apart. Her head missing and insides spilled out on the ground).

Murder Weapon

  • Axe


  • TBA


Mitzeee Minniver

Grace Black

Myra McQueen

Dirk Savage

Tegan Lomax

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