Diana Strauss is a suspect in The Fallen (Case #1 of North America).


Age 36
Weight 120 lbs
Height 5'9
Blood A-
Eyes blue

In The Fallen, Diana is known drinking herbal tea and wears a cap.

Case Details

The Fallen

Diana Strauss is the chief of KH and she wasn't surprised about it. Diana was interrogated and it felt like a pinch in their society. Even if Diana cannot ease the pain handling documents, she resigned the group.

Diana was found innocent when Ryan Lewis was guilty as killing his daughter. Diana was runnning as for president too, with the candidates too. Diana suppose to run for president, but for now, Diana lost the document so she cannot run for it. Many people idolized how she is kind and spend millions of money for the Headquarters, and the poor people became good and has cozy shelters. Well, the document was in the office, and it has a fingerprint that belongs exactly to Diana Strauss. So, the document were finally ready for Diana to run as a president. Diana knows that the luck they gave is a great chance to help people.

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