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Dexter Alstott
Biographical information
Full name Dexter Alstott
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1987
Nationality United States of America American
Residence Pinefield, U.S.
Past profession(s) Crime novelist
Affiliation(s) Pinefield Police Department
Pinefield Police Department
Rank Detective
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appearance Case #1: Sticks and Stones (s1)
Oh! Don't scare me like that! I thought you were Ina, trying to get the donuts back.
—Dexter Alstott

Dexter Alstott is a main character featured in Season 1 of Criminal Case. Appearing as the Detective of the Pinefield Police Department, he serves as a partner to the player throughout the season.


30 years of age, Dexter worked as a crime novelist prior to his tenure to the department. He has gelled blonde hair that is combed to the left and blue eyes. He normally dons a black blazer with a black shirt underneath and the Pinefield PD badge around his neck.

While Dexter is street-smart, humorous and keenly observant, he is a goofball who can sometimes not take things seriously. He has a soft spot for all small animals, and likes to prove people wrong as well as play the piano. It is known that Dexter's favorite animal is a hamster and his favorite snack is donuts with coffee.

Notable Events of Criminal Case

Meeting Dexter

Calm down, partner. This section is soon to be added.


The player may choose Dexter to join the investigation of each crime scene (in any Pinefield case) and provide hint bonuses. He is available as a 1-hint partner.

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