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Chapter 3

Arrest the killer...

Bruno Filipovich: Gregory Woods you are under arrest for the murder of Lisa Harper.

Gregory: What are you talking about <Rank>. Have you gone mad ?

Bruno: Don't lie Woods. We found traces of pink thongs on stage light after you cut it down on Lisa.

Gregory: Pink Thongs is something everyone here drinks and I don't think it's a crime.

Bruno: But crushing someone to death is. We know that person who killed Lisa is right-handed, like you.

Gregory: Literally half of the world is right handed. 

Gregory: Sorry <Rank>, I think you have a wrong person here.

Bruno: No we don't. We found your shaving cream on the pocket knife you used to cut the wires. Care to explain that ?

Gregory: Oh...I...

Bruno: Or that scar on your chest ? We know you accidently cut yourself while trying to cut the wires.

Gregory (facepalms):...

Gregory: Alright <Rank> you got me. I killed Lisa.

Bruno: But why ? Because she broke up with you to be with Tiana ?

Gregory: Not that, I didn't even cared for that honestly.

Gregory: I killed her because she spread rumors that I'm a transgender.

Bruno: Wait what ? You are trangender ? Holy cow I didn't even noticed.


Gregory: You see, I have nothing against trans people, but lying to everyone that I'm one of them is a different story.

Gregory: Clyde wouldn't approve having a trans stripper in his club.

Bruno: you decided to kill her ?

Gregory: She was planning to kick me out of the club, what was I supposed to do ? 

Bruno: Tell Clyde the truth ?

Gregory: He wouldn't believe me, he was obsessed with Lisa, even after she cut off his hand.

Gregory: I couldn't let her end my career by some silly rumors about me transitioning from female to male. I just couldn't.

Bruno: Well Gregory, you sure end your career now. You are under arrest,

In courtroom...

Judge Pierre: Gregory Woods, you are brought over here for the murder of Lisa Harper. How do you plead ?

Gregory: Guilty your honor, but you have to understand my motive.

Judge: You killed a girl because she spread rumors about you transitioning from female to male...I really don't understand.

Gregory (mad): SHE WOULD END MY CAREER INSTANTLY. Clyde would never approve of transgender stripper at his club.

Judge: But there were so many other options Mr Woods.

Gregory: Well, this was the easiest one your honor.

Judge: Mr Woods you clearly show no remorse...

Judge: Meaning that I will have to sentence you to 25 years in prison. Officers, take this man away.

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