Seriously, you just gave me another cell phone when I could do my streaming on Kwitch?!
—Destiny Webber

Destiny is a main character of season 1 of Criminal Case, serving as the tech expert for the Concordia Police Department.


Height 5'1"
Age 23
Weight 110
Eyes Green
Blood Type A+
Hair Color Blonde and Pink

Destiny has long blonde hair with pink highlights along with a purple headband on her head, which resembles cat ears. She wears a pink shirt with a cat logo on it, wears pink lipgloss, wears purple headphones, wears black pants, and has pink cat earrings.


Destiny is a energetic young woman, who is such a huge cat lover, that she usually volunteers at the local cat shelter on Saturdays. When she is not tasked with analyzing technical and digital evidence, she usually streams videos of her playing video games on Kwitch, where she has a million followers on there, but she doesn't tell them about her job with the police.

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