Father Dermot Mullen
Biographical information
Full name Dermot Mullen
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1968
Nationality Flag of Ireland Irish
Residence Pheadmouth
Profession(s) Priest
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case: Pheadmouth
First appeared Case #2: Hit the Sack

Father Dermot Mullen was a suspect in murder investigation of bartender Jennifer McCarthy in Hit the Sack (Case #2 of Pheadmouth).


Dermot is a 50 years old priest with short brown hair, green eyes and a beard. He is seen wearing a white priest robe and sporting clover tattoo below his left eye, as well as a bee sting below his right eye. It is known that Dermot drinks lemonade, eats caviar and knows Latin.

Height 5'5"
Age 50
Weight 145 lbs
Eyes green
Blood Type O+

Events of Criminal Case: Pheadmouth

He became a suspect after the player recover his name on the Bible. He said that he never know a victim well, but he mention that she was here with someone and gave discription of the person.

He was interrogated again after his cat "attacked" Ned. He apologized for his cat and said that someone noticed a error in the building plan, which the Church ws illegally builded, and that he suspected on the Jennifer.

Case appearances

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