Hello, <Rank> <Name>. I'm your new boss but it's only temporary. He'll be back again I should say tomorrow.
—Harrison in The Night Walker's Demise

Deputy Chief Phillip Harrison is the deputy chief of the new Grimsborough Police Department. He is also the Chief when his boss is not present, whilst The Chief often briefs the player at the beginning of each case and informs them that a new murder has been committed it is Harrison who commonly appears in the Additional Investigations.


Harrison is a 68 year old Irish man with brown hair and brown eyes. Compared to his boss he wears a light blue suit and black office shoes often with his top button slightly undone but not to the extent of Jones.

Notable events


After Kate Murphy was arrested the player was introduced to Harrison in the Additional Investigation. He explained that not only had the Chief been replaced but several political changes occurred in Grimsborough one of them being that the mayor had now been replaced.

The Night Walker's Demise:

The new GPD chief had his day off in this case so Harrison stepped in for briefing the player and informing them of the murder of Duncan Young also known as "The Night Walker". He also got the same call from Alden that his boss got in From Grimsborough with Love.

A View from the Bannister:

Chief Marquez originally considered sending Frank into the murder investigation of femme fetale Velma Bannister but after remembering what happened last time when Velma and Frank came across each other she brought Harrison into the picture to help the player's investigation. As he previously did with the player in Grimsborough Harrison still continued to brief the player in the Additional Investigation of this case.

He began to appear more frequently after The Body Snatchers.

Personal life

Harrison was born in Ireland in 1946 and moved to Grimsborough in around 1972 during The Troubles. Little is known about him.


Harrison resembles Irish actor Stephen Rea.

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