Denzel Brunell
Full name Denzel Brunell
Alias(es) Diggie B
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1987
Nationality British
Residence Kensington Heights, England
Profession Rapper
Appearance(s) Mistress of the House

Denzel "Diggie B" Brunell was a suspect in the investigation of Rian Thyme in Mistress of the House (Case #11 of Kensington Heights).


Diggie B wears a green tracksuit (a green hoodie and green tracksuit bottoms) with a white logo on it. His tracksuit has white stripes on the shoulders. Diggie B has dark skin and a shaved head.

In his first appearance, Diggie B is known to drink bear and have bad breath.

Height 6'3"
Age 29
Weight 184 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O+

Role in Case(s)

Mistress of the House

Diggie B is first spoken to when a picture of him and Rian was found of them in bed. Diggie B explained that she and him were sleeping together. However, Diggie preferred to be alone while still performing as a rapper. Rian was furious with Diggie and threatened to kill him. Diggie explained that he drank a lot of beer to get over it.

Diggie B was his next rap "Over That Ting" was released, and proved to be extremely popular when Cora Portillini started singing it. The lyrics proved to be very aggresive, and name-dropped Rian several times. Diggie explained that he only released the song because that's what songwriters do when they are upset. Diggie B told the team not to get too stressed over the matter and to leave him alone.

Diggie B was found innocent when Baron Sacha Coenn was found guilty of killing Rian.

Diggie was spoken to again after the case when a video of him was posted on ViewTube abusing cocaine and marijuana while heavily drinking, surrounded by prostitutes. Diggie said that the video was edited. The team noticed the video took place on a bench near EK Park. A small plastic bag was found with traces of a white powder were found, and sent to Percius, who confirmed the substance was cocaine. Diggie B was fined.



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