Deep Waters
Season 7
City Laroy Bay
District Sunnyland Beach
Case Number 25
Date of Release 12.9.2018
Partner(s) Diane Miller
Preceded by Succeeded by
Through My Vampire Heart Game of Cones

Deep Waters is a case featured in Criminal Case Laroy Bay.It takes place in Sunnyland Beach and it's 25th case of the game also the first one to take place in Sunnyland Beach.


Angie Peters banned into meeting room and said that Anya Kuzmanov's cell is empty,somebody let her go.Key of her cell was in chief's office and somebody went inside to take it.Diane and player posted wanter posters for her hoping that somebody will report her before she kills again.Few hours later,they got call from social worker Zoe Kusama,girlfriend of late GPD Senior Agent David Jones.She said that Anya is scuba diving with some boy.When team got there,Zoe already dived in to found her.When Diane and player dived in,they saw Zoe dead with bullet hole through her diving tank.Somebody shot it and oxygen ran out.During investigation,team met Dustin Vega,the boy Anya was diving with.He said it doesn't matter to him that Anya is a serial killer.When they asked him if he released her from prison,he said that Anya told him that somebody from Laroy Bay Police Department released her,but she kept that person's identity secret.Later on,team arrested Derrick Samuels for murder.After denying involvement, Derrick admitted he killed Zoe because she took his child away.He said that he and his ex-girlfriend had a child named Andrew,but Zoe thought child was suffering because Derrick and his ex were using drugs.When Zoe took child to safe home.Derrick was furious,and he decided to take revenge,He waited to perfect timing,when Zoe will be alone.He then took his scuba diving equipment and followed her to the bottom of ocean,He then shot her diving tank,making her run out of oxygen.Judge Eva Rose sentenced him to 20 years in prison.In AI,Juniper Cooper and Angie watched all security cameras,and nobody entered their station,but cameras that showed chief's office,hall and cells were disabled.It must someone from Laroy Bay Police Department,but they were not 100% sure.However, whoever let Anya out,must used his IDCard to enter Chief's office.Since everybody had their IDCards with them,they knew it is someone from their team.Later on,they got call from army general.He said that somebody used Laroy Bay Police Department ID Card for their weather machine and caused big hurricane that will happend in 3 hours...



  • Zoe Kusama (drowned after getting her diving tank shot)


  • Drowning




Name Rozetta Pierre
Age 26
Height 5'7''
Weight 127lbs
Eyes Black
Blood Type 0-
Profile Knows scuba diving,Uses eye drops


Name Oka Thompson
Age 16
Height 5'3''
Weight 100lbs
Eyes Green
Blood Type B+
Profile Knows scuba diving,Has been on yacht,Uses eye drops


Name Derrick Samuels
Age 28
Height 5'8''
Weight 153lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood Type B+
Profile Knows scuba diving,Has been on yacht,Uses eye drops
Name Dustin Vega
Age 22
Height 5'6''
Weight 140lbs
Eyes Green
Blood Type A+
Profile Knows scuba diving,Has been on yacht,Uses eye drops


Name Rosa Wolf
Age 22
Height 5'3''
Weight 107lbs
Eyes Green
Blood Type B+
Profile Knows scuba diving,Has been on yacht,Uses eye drops

Crime Scenes

Ocean-Big Rock

Victim's office-Desk

Victim's apartment-Kitchen

Killer's Profile

  • The killer knows scuba diving.
  • The killer has been on yacht.
  • The killer uses eye drops.
  • The killer has B+ blood type.
  • The killer is male.
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