Diego Diaz: Hello, i am Lead Inspector Diego Diaz, you are for sure new roo-

Chief Irving Bennett: Diaz there was murder in Church Valley, Publi Pool and since you meet new recruit <name> he will be your partner from this day. GO!

Chapter 1

Investigate Public Pool...

Diego: According to his ID his name is George Tate, swimmer. We nee-

Marco De Pablo: OMG! Is that George.. W-what happened to him, call 9-1-

Diego: Deep Breath kiddo.. Seat and relax me and <rank> <name> will question you later.

Diego: Now when we stopped.. oh yeah right send body to autopsy and why you picked torn paper... Oh you are fast learning rookie.

Diego: You know i have rule, rookie examine clues on his first day.

Examine torn paper...

Diego: Oh-ho, pretty fast rookie, <name> what is that? Love letter.. sound like a new suspect to me.

Diego: You think so, cool! Let's find that Stella, shell we?

Question Marco de Pablo about a victim...

Diego: So, Marco answer to me and <rank> <name>, how do you know our victim?

Marco: How i know him? He was my best friend and collegue in swimming...

Marco: But it look he will not be anymore.

Diego: So romantic.. Do he had any enemies?

Marco: No as far i know, he was cool guy.

Talk to Stella...

Stella: WHAT!? He is d-dead, that cant be true..

Diego: Sorry Miss but its true..

Diego: And because you two was close do you know what he do before he was murdered?

Stella: I was with him, at his place.. it was funny night.

Diego: His house you say, thanks fro your time.

Investigate victim house...

Diego: <name> what you found this time.. a cool phone and a faded paper, nice.

Diego: What you wait for remember my rule about first day rookie?

Examine locked device..

Diego: So this is victim, but we will not deal with that phone

Diego: What? We will send it to our expert, he is russian, strange but cool guy.

Examine faded contract...

Diego: Hey, that swimming contract for.... Marco De Pablo?

Diego: That little jerk didnt tell us about that contract.. right <name>, lets ask him about that!

Question Marco about his contract

Diego: Its not good idea to hide informations from police you know.

Marco: I didnt hide anything, did i?

Diego: Oh yes you are! <rank> <name> found a your swimming contract at George place, what you have to say.

Marco: That idiot stole my contract!

Marco: He always wanted to be better, and than one day he got sick and big swimmer come to our club to find young start, than he saw me.

Marco: When George found that he got mad, he stole my contract, but day after someone stole his car.

Diego: You did that as revende?

Marco: I like to call that a karma!

Diego: If we found you stole his car and than killed him, believe me i will make your life hell!

Analyze victim phone...

Peter: Hello <rank> <name>, i am Peter Dubov, i am brain who make this ship to foward.

Diego: Yea.. sure.. BTW, what you get from this phone.

Peter: A good quality image of your killer <player> and Diaz!

Diego: Really? It been a while since i had this easy cas-

Peter: Not killer face, his outfit, he wears green.

Diego: How? We found his phone at his house, not by a pool.

Peter: And you call yourself a best cop in USA? Killer drop his phone at his house.

Diego: I will pretend i dint hear what you say about me, but <name> write it down that our killer wears green!

Autopsy victim body...

Andre: Hello, Diaz, you gona be <name>, our new rookie, nice to meet you, i am Andre Jovich i take care of our beutifull dead body's.

Diego: Another little crazy russian heh, right <name>?

Andre: I am not russian, i am serbian you portuguese!

Diego: I am spanish not portuguese you east.... Dotn worry <name>, that just our game, right Andre?

Andre: Yeah, in fact we are best friends, drink after case?

Diego: Sure! Now what you found.

Andre: I found a water, a lot of water in this guy's lungs, he died by drowning.

Andre: Also he was tied up and knocked out by blunt object and he was unconscious but he aweke just to close his eyes secund after..

Diego: Wow, thats deep, ahaha..

Andre: Very funny, also by marks of rope i can say its used miliary rope with military knot so you killer definetly had millitary training.

Diego: You heard <rank>, write it down!

Later , at the station...

Diego: what next rookie? Reap time, yeah!

Diego: We know that our victim George Tate was drowned at the Public Pool, tied up and knocked by blunt object, like Hawaii Five-0 bab'.

Peter: Hey guys i have good news, auto you looking for was found near airport, its demolished.

Diego: Great! Now we know what to do next!

Chapter 2

Peter: Hey guys i have good news, auto you looking for was found near airport, its demolished.

Diego: Cool, ready <name>?

Investigate Victim Car...

Diego: <name> i can say ou did good job finding anything in this bunch of glass.

Diego: Another torn paper, you are just like me when i started, so i think this gona be vital evidence.

Diego: And also you found box, can we smash it haha?

Examine torn paper...

Diego: Picture of our victim, his girlfried and... who is this fella is solider uniform?

Diego: Right <name>, database will answer us.

Examine Picture...

Diego: Nice, this solider on picture is Jack Gibbs..

Diego: He is probably Stella's father, lets talk to him, partner!

Examine box...

Diego: Oho, thats expansive, lets send it to Kim, our new lab Chief.

Question Jack Gibbs about picture

Jack: George is dead! How awfull.. He was sweet boy. Perf-

Diego: Yeah, i bet he was.

Diego: Why he tore picture if is he that sweet, me and <name> would like to know?

Jack: I dont know <rank>, and why should i, he had some angry problems sometimes..

Analyze expensive necklace...

Kim: Hello <rank> <name>, i am Kim Smith, but wh ou send be stolen necklace?

Diego: Stolen?

Kim: Si Diaz, stolen, but dont worry i found fingerprints on them and ask-

Peter: Asked me to check database.

Kim: Would you ever let me finish sentence Peter?

Peter: Maybe one day.. Now back to prints, one pair belong to your victim <name>, and other belong to..

Peter: Daniel White!

Diego: Didnt i arrest him 5 years ago?

Peter: Yeah but he was realised two weeks ago, and week after necklace was stolen, coincidence?

Diego: Maybe not, get up rookie, lets find Daniel!

Quizz Daniel about victim and necklace

Diego: Hello again Daniel, meet my new partner <rank> <name>!

Daniel: Really, you come just to say that... Goog job than officer, haha..

Diego: Very funny, now told us why you stole this necklace?

Daniel: I didnt stole anything, that jerk George is!

Diego: Okay, lets ask Georg.. oh wait, he is dead. You killed him?

Daniel: Look i was in prison because of robbery, i was thief, but i am not killer. Now if you dont have anything smart to ask i need to back in military campus, adios!

Later, police station...

Diego: Lets recap this, ok pal?

Diego: We found two new suspects: Jack and Daniel, also we learn that George was not sweet as Jack said.

Diego: We missing something, but i-

Irving: There you two are..

Irving: Crime Scene Cleaners called, they need to clean Public Pool

Chapter 3

Diego: They cant! We didnt finish case.


Investigate Olympic Pool...

Diego: Locked box and car key, huh.

Diego: Sorry rookie, its important i know, lets open box and..

Diego: Wait, this car key are trunk key for Cobra, our victim car are Cobra!...Yes, <name> lets find last piece of puzzle.

Examine locked box

Diego: Rope, really... Today people keep..

Diego: Wait Andre told us victim was tied up with military rope and that rope is in use in military, lets send it to our serbian friend!

Investigate Trunk...

Diego: Our victim cleary love vegetables. Look all this carrots <name> i could feed my bunny for a year.

Diego: Bloody glass you give to me? Ok i will get the glue and you cut yourself?.. No uff, send napkin to Kim than.

Examine broken glass...

Diego: Teapot, he is blunt, look we found thing who knock off George.

Diego: You are right rookie, design is the same as one in victim house, lets look close his house, specially his table.

Investigate Victim Work Table...

Diego: Paper? Really? Examine it, if you want..

Examine paper...

Diego: Skin cells, cool bonus job for Kim.

Analyze rope...

Andre: Hello again, nice rope, its the same as one used to tie up George.

Diego: Found something on it?

Andre: Da, sweat. I analyze it and i found DNA who point to male person.

Diego: Killer is a man, thanks.

Analyze bloody napkin...

Kim: napkin you send me, belong to your killer..

Diego: We know that.

Kim: But you dont know his blood type: A+!

Analyze Skin Cells...

Kim: cells you send me <name> have male DNA and A+ blood type so they belong to your killer.

Diego: So he..

Kim: Yes he has scratches!

Arrest the Killer!

Diego: Jack Gibbs, you are under arrest for murder of George Tate!

Jack: I didnt kill him, why i would?

Diego: You told us why, first you knock him with his own teapot, tied him with military knot and then drowned him.

Jack: Nonsense i am not only one who know military knot

Diego: <name> also found victim phone who take a picture of your cloth, green cloth..

Diego: Also in his car we found your blood.

Jack: OK! I killed him, but i will dont say anything until trial!

Diego: How you want..

Judge York: SILENCE IN THE COURTE! Jack Gibbs you stand here for murder of teenager George Tate, how you plead?

Jack: Innocent, i helped this community!

Judge York: How? Murder is not help!

Jack: I did it to protect my lovely Stella from that touble maker! Its not enough he hang out with that ex convict Daniel, he also take drugs!

Jack: I stel his car to scare him, but he didnt care.. but later i found that ws not cocaine, it was just sugar!

Jack: But when i saw him to steal, i knew it i need to stop him, my Stella will not be on dark side!

Judge York: ENOUGH! For stealing and murder of George Tate court sentence you to 28 years in prison! All rise!

Diego: Well rookie, <name>, that was cool case.

Diego: I cant wait to slove another with you, partner!

Holly Blood (1/5)

Irving: Thats a fantastic work <rank> <name>, you prove us that you are material for our department!

Irving: With honor i give to you Fario PB bagde! Wear it with pride <rank>.

Irving: Oh yeah i almost forgot your second partner wait for you in breakroom, long red hair, you cant miss.

Stella: There you are <rank> <name>, i was attacked!

Diego: Calm Down, lets go to interogate room and you will told us everything you know.

Meet Lena in breakroom...

Lena: Aloha, you are <rank> <name>, right?.. Nice to meet you..

Lena: I just move from Hawaii wth my mom, what you say wegot o cantine and eat something and later show me the city?

Lena: You thing that is amazing idea, cool, lets go <name>!

Talk to Stella about attacker...

Diego: You ok miss.. Now told us everything you know about attack.

Stella: It was at the Pool, i wanted to go to Marco's speeach about Georgy, but there was no one.

Stella: Next thing i remember is that someone follow me, i take a picture of him but..

Stella: He knoked me and when i wake up 911 was with me. I think i still have a picture but i left my purse at-

Diego: Dont worry me and <name> will found your purse in no time!

Investigate Public Pool..

Diego: Nice catch you found Stella's purse, lets see if there is her phone.

Examine Stella purse

Diego: Ok, we found her phone, but is damaged.. badly.

Diego: You think Peter will fix it, ok lets send phone to him.

Analyze Stella Phone...

Peter: This phone was totally destroyed, but i am a Tech Wizard and i fix it.

Diego: Ok, is there picture Stella told us about?

Peter: Yes, its picture of John McJoy, local drug dealer.

Diego: Thanks, so <name>, you ready for another arrest?

Back Stella her purse...

Diego: Miss, <name> the <rank> found your purse.

Stella: Thanks officers, please accept this as a reward your for work.

Arrest local drug dealer...

Diego: Yo, you skinny.. yes you hand in the hair, on you knees, NOW!

Diego: Your really like to beat womans?

John: Why you care idiot!

Diego: Me, idiot.. how clever..

Diego: Now, give me one reason to not kill you here, jerk!

John: Haha, you cant do that, you are the police, you need to respect law..

Diego: Really.. <name> can you please go i will arrest this derpface.

Later on...

Lena; There you are <name>, ready to show me the city while we patr-

Diego: <name>, hello again i finished with a jerk fr.. Who is new rookie?

Lena: I am not rookie you handsome idiot!

Lena: I moved here from Hawaii where was successful Detective.

Diego: Thanks for that handsome but i am not idiot, hehe.

Lena: If you say that.. Back to story, lets go <name>.

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