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Deceptive Lies
General information
Season Murdertown
City Burnwell
District Sparklight Beach
Case # 1
Initial release date July 19, 2021
Partner(s) Lexy Barrymore
Case chronology
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{{{preceededby}}} Don't drink the acid
Welcome to Murdertown !, uh, sorry, I mean, Burnwell! I know it's your first day here but a young woman was found dead at an illegal party! Catch her killer before the party is over

Deceptive Lies is a case featured in Criminal Case: Murdertown as the 1rd case of the game. It is the third one to take place in Sparklight Beach, a district of Burnwell.


The player arrives in the city of Burnwell, and enters the Burnwell police department, and who is greeted by a newcomer in the department, Lexy Barrymore, Lexy greets the player and introduces herself to him, saying that she too was new, and who was excited, the boss Clifford Becker, interrupts them and says that he was very happy that there are new people in the team, but that there was no time to introduce himself, since several people reported that there was an illegal party at a beach house in the district, and that they sent the player and Lexy to inspect the place

The duo arrived on the scene, and they saw that it was a not allowed party and they noticed that several young people were consuming illicit drugs, and that they looked underage, the duo interrupted the party and that everyone had to leave the place, when suddenly a girl he starts screaming: WHITNEY IS DEAD, HELP!, the duo asked him what was wrong, and he said his name was Lisa Willstorm, and that his girlfriend, Whitney Pmebroke, was lying outside the party with a rope around her neck, and that she was dead, Lexy He asked the girl to take her where the body was and Lisa took the duo to the scene

Upon arrival on the scene, the body was rushed to Melissa Loveberry, the team's coroner, and the victim's girlfriend, fashion student Lisa Willstorm, and partygoer, Julian Abernathy, were flagged as a suspect after it was performed. The autopsy, Melissa said that the victim died due to strangulation, and that the rope was definitely the murder weapon, she also concluded that the killer has a manicure

Lexy and the player recapped the case outside the crime scene, until they received a call from tech expert Vincent Smart, who said he checked the victim's friendnet, and it came out that he had posted a photo minutes before his death. death, of her with a famous singer named Brianna Love, who was still in Burnwell, since she was giving some concerts in the city, after going to Brianna's dressing room, we found a wealthy young woman, named Elissa Bradburn, and at the same time, she was the daughter of the mayor of Burnwell, It was also discovered that Whitney had been unfaithful to his girlfriend and that Lisa broke up with her the same night of the murder, They also spoke with Chuck Farrell, the stylist of the victim who was with her before the party, Chuck said that that night she had been unbearable, he yelled at him, he threw the hair products at Chuck, sunning him, It was also discovered that Elissa had recently sued Whitney for stealing her family gold necklace, but it was never brought to trial.

Then they found all the evidence they needed to arrest Chuck for Whitney's murder, when they went to arrest him he said it was slander, and that he had fought with Whitney, but would never kill her, when the duo gave him the evidence, he confessed He said that he and Whitney were in an organization that threw illegal parties, and that Whitney planned to leave the organization and tell the police everything, and if he did say it they would ruin his plans, he cornered Whitney and strangled her, who escaped, the Judge Zara Thompson sentenced to 15 years for the cold-blooded murder of Whitney Pembroke

Lexi and the player were left thinking about the organization that Chuck said, and that it would ruin his plans, they thought that maybe they were going to see other illegal parties, but they wondered what they wanted to do at those parties, why , and who, A few minutes later they received a call from Lisa, she said that she saw how Julian was kidnapped a few minutes ago, Lexy was surprised and asked her if she had seen who kidnapped him, and said that it was several people dressed in black, and that they were wearing bird masks.

A few minutes later they received a call from Lisa, she said that she saw how Julian was kidnapped a few minutes ago, Lexy was surprised and asked her if she had seen who kidnapped him, and said that it was several people dressed in black, and that they were wearing bird masks, and that everything had happened outside the party, they went to see the scene and there was a broken phone that had the initials of Julian Abernathy, the duo fixed the phone and sent it to the technology expert, Andrew Santiago, who said that the phone I was recording just the moment of the kidnapping, and since the phone fell when they grabbed Julian, and it was seen that he put Julian in the same car as Chuck, Lexy gave the idea that maybe that organization that Chuck mentioned had done it, Later at the station the duo told Chief Becker everything, he said that we had to be attentive to any calls, and also that we got to work to find out the whereabouts of Julian

Later, a letter arrived, with a logo of a bird, the duo quickly thought about Lisa's testimony regarding the kidnappers, since they had bird masks, they opened the letter and said: Do you want to have more clues about who? We are? Well, go to Elissa Bradbury, they went to talk to her to ask her about that letter, she sighed and left her phone and she commented that she knew an organization called The Bird Corrupt, that they were the ones to blame for Whitney trying to kidnap her , and that she only managed to steal her family jewels, she tried to sue Whitney and the organization but they threatened to kill her entire family, and Elissa kept quiet, Days later the department received another call, from Tom Fawcett, that maybe he knows where Julian is, and he sent them an address, an abandoned house.



Murder Weapon

  • Rope



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer had a manicure.
  • The Killer uses ether.
  • The Killer eats biscotti.
  • The Killer have black eyes
  • The Killer wears golden accessories.