Debby Pembroke
Biographical information
Full name Debby Pembroke
Gender Female
Status Incarcerated
Age 40
Birth 1978
Nationality American
Residence Laroy Bay
Profession(s) Doctor
Affiliation(s) Tech Tigers
Game information
First appeared Case #33 Painball
Debby Pembroke was the killer of businessman Tarik Reem in Painball (Case #33 of Laroy Bay)


Debby is 40-year-old doctor with black hair and brown eyes.She wears her doctor coat with white shirt under it and black ribbon.She wears an opal badge and has blue paintball stain.

Age 40
Height 5'6''
Weight 140lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood A-


Debby became a suspect after her lipstick stains were found on broken champagne bottle found on crime scene.She said that she is Tarik Reem's old friend and that he invited her to a paintball game along with Tech Tigers.

Debby was spoken to again about an embroidered message she had given to the victim which expressed her impatience with him.She said that she waited her whole life for Tarik to accept her love confession,but he married Amna Reem instead.

Later on,the killer was revealed to be Debby.

Debby tried to deny the fact that she killed Tarik and tried to kill Daria,but she eventually confessed.Debby wanted to join Melbury Cobras and to get big amounts of money,but their leader Tobias McMinn thought that she was not worth it so he hired Frank Durant.However Debby got hired in Tech Tiger.She was mad at Tobias for not letting her in and she wanted to prove that she is loyal to them,so she heard Tobias talking to gang members that he wants Tarik dead.She then dressed in her paintball suit,brought a crossbow and shot him in the heart.Since Tobias hated Daria,she tried to kill her too.Judge sentenced her to 43 years in prison.

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