Field Agent Deborah "Debbie" Sommers is a recurring character appearing in Season 10 of Criminal Case. She initially appeared as a suspect in the murder of private consultant Phillip Daley in "Back To The Glory Days" (Case #1 of Hidden Missions).


Sommers is a thirty-eight-year old field agent of the Acropolis Secret Intelligence. She is of African American descent, having black curly hair tied to a bun and brown eyes as well as wearing red lipstick, a pair of eyeglasses and an earpiece on her right ear. Debbie wears a pink striped dress shirt under a black blazer, also displaying her A.S.I. badge hanging on a lanyard. Debbie is also seen sporting red nail polish and a ring on her left ring finger. In her suspect appearance, it is known that Debbie eats salmon and uses hand cream.

Height 5'7"
Age 38
Weight 175lb
Eyes Brown
Blood A-

Events in Hidden Missions

Back To The Glory Days

In the very first case of Season 10, Debbie becomes a suspect in the murder of private investigative consultant Phillip Daley after she was seen dining with the latter in the Crème Café. Debbie explained to Agent Kate Wong and the player that she usually spend her break time in the café, and Phillip happened to join her there that time. Upon being asked if she knew Phillip personally, Debbie answered that she knows of him and only managed to get to know him a little that time in the café.

But when it was discovered that Phillip was planning to file a complaint against her, Debbie was questioned again by the player. Debbie admitted that she had let her temper slip on Phillip when he misplaced some important files. However, the two made up in the café, with Phillip tearing up the complaint slip.

In the end, Debbie was found innocent after A.S.I. Senior Agent Nick Daniels was found guilty of Phillip's murder.

Case Appearances

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