Death of a Partner
Season 4
City Grimsborough
Case Number 127
Date of Release 20/08/2015
Partner(s) Frank Knight
Preceded by Succeeded by
Harvested- with the GPD A View from the Bannister

Death of a Partner is the one hundredth and twenty seventh case of Criminal Case and the first case to feature the Pacific Bay Police Department.


Following the player's departure from the GPD they were welcomed to the GPD's major ally the PBPD by it's chief Andrea Marquez but the welcoming backs were soon cut short after reports that the player's former partner Jones was found dead in a car crash which made it incredibly difficult for his body to be autopsied when his body was brought for autopsy. The killer was an unlikely suspect Shawn Bailey.

Frank was surprised that the player found Shawn guilty for a second time of murder though Shawn admitted that the player had the right person but insisted the murder was an accident. Seeing as he was often involved in street racing Shawn had also received warnings from the police but also death threats from the Mafia and the Russian mob. But like his previous victim Carlos Antonio Shawn refused to take any warnings seriously and participated in street racing anyway and as a result failed to see Jones on patrol thus causing him to bail out forcing the car into the police car to crash, explode and kill Jones.

Even though Jones' death was an accident a murder is a murder and for the death of a police officer Shawn was sentenced to 20 years in jail 5 years for street racing and 15 years for the death of Jones.


Inspector Jones- Found dead after a police patrol

Murder weapon

Car crash


Shawn Bailey (accidental)


Milton Grimmes- Former leader of the Crimson Order



Age 56
Weight 180 lbs
Eyes green
Blood A-

Brother Klaus- Monk

Height 6'0"
Age 35
Weight 160 lbs
Eyes red
Blood A+

Tony Marconi- Gangster

Height 6'0"
Age 52

250 lbs

Eyes brown
Blood AB+

Eddie Moretti- Mafia boss

Height 5'8"
Age 63
Weight 196 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O-

Shawn Bailey- Tattoo artist



Age 25
Weight 204 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A+

Naomi Suzuki-Vigilante



Age 25
Weight 204 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A+

Killer's profile

  • The Killer is 6'0
  • The Killer is male
  • The Killer has brown eyes
  • The Killer is 25 years old
  • The Killer has tan skin
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