Death in First Class is a case featured in Hidden Missions. It is the first case on the series and it takes place in district one, Acropolis Airport.


The season opens with the player arriving in Acropolis after accepting the offer to take the special agent position in the Acropolis Special Intelligence. The player meets Senior Agent Ethan Cruz in the airport. However, before heading to headquarters, Agent Cruz and the player were approached by air marshal Scott Emery, who reported that there has been a murder in his flight. The two agents go to the airplane to collect the body of businesswoman Claudine Lewis and search the crime scene.

During the investigation, Agent Cruz and the player escort supermodel Ingrid Jergen from the airport after journalists were harassing her. The two agents also arrest flight attendant Ryan Warner upon catching him in the act of smuggling drugs. In the climax of the investigation, it is revealed that Ryan was Claudine's killer.

After being confronted with evidence, Ryan confessed that he killed Claudine after she discovered that he was a smuggler - Claudine blackmailed Ryan by demanding that he would smuggle jewels for her in exchange of her secrecy. Desperate to tie up loose ends, Ryan injected her with an EpiPen loaded with poison. Ryan was then shipped to court, where he was sentenced to 40 years in prison by Judge Shields.

After the trial, A.S.I. Director Jonathan Fellowes assigned the player and Agent Cruz to go back to the airplane's cargo area to investigate further into Ryan's smuggling operation. Upon finding one of Ryan's luggages, weapons expert Rand Collins discovered that the luggage was specialized with a hidden airtight compartment and a disabled tracking bug. The duo grilled Ryan about what he was smuggling in that particular luggage, only to claim that he did not know as he was only provided with the special luggage and a metal box to put in the hidden compartment. When asked about his conspirators, Ryan smugly refused to answer. Afterwards, the player and Agent Cruz reported the smuggling scheme to Scott Emery, who went to pass on the message to his superiors.

Meanwhile, the player accompanied Director Fellowes to the airport to meet another new agent, Kate Wong. However, the agent was nowhere to be found. A hotel pamphlet in the arrival lounge deduced that Agent Wong was staying in the Grand Oasis hotel. Agent Wong claimed that she arrived earlier in the day, but no-one was there to pick her up. The meeting was cut short by agent Debbie Sommers when she reported that scientist Carla Hagan needed their help to find her missing tablet. After finding it and having police technician Reed Rothman and coroner Graham Woodley analyze it, the tablet was returned to Dr. Hagan, with Dr. Woodley expressing his fascination over Hagan's current research on permanent virus immunization.

As the case concludes, Agent Wong and the player got an official welcoming party held by the A.S.I. team. Upon hearing the report on the smuggling investigation, Director Fellowes tasked the team to make contact with Osprey Airline's CEO to hold an official investigation in his company.



  • Claudine Lewis (poisoned in her first-class cubicle)

Murder Weapon

  • Poisoned EpiPen


  • Ryan Warner



Killer’s Profiles

  • The killer eats W&Ws
  • The killer is epileptic
  • The killer uses hand cream
  • The killer has a varnish stain
  • The killer wears an Osprey pin.

Crime Scenes

Main Crime Scene Secondary Crime Scene
First-Class Suite Luggage Compartment
Arrival Lounge Brochure Stands
Cargo Hold Luggage Shelves


Chapter 1

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Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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Additional Investigation – Sky High Affairs (1/6)

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