Liam: I can't believe you are going to Parinaita. It will be something new from....
Liam: Yeah. It's stupid that I'm crying but I will miss you mate.
Liam: Of course I will come and visit you every now and again
Liam: What is this you scream about murder sir
Peter: Someone has been murdered on this boat!
Liam: Well then. {Name}. One last investigation would be nice

Chapter 1 - Man Over Board!

Investigate Boat
Liam: Well there's the body. The body is that of Freddie Marconi.
Liam: That rope looks like the murder weapon. We have our murder weapon. You're on a roll {Name}
Liam: No {Name}. I will analyse the body...Even if I'm a bit scared of blood.

Analyse Victim's Body
Liam: That's not fair. You hardly gave me any time.
Liam: I guess it's fine. I manage to find some fibers and a pressed mark!
Liam: So it stands to reason that the fibers belong to a top hat and the press mark is a boat badge!
Liam: Good idea {Name}. We should have a closer look at the sails. There might be something there

Investigate Sails
Liam: Ah ha. That's what we need. Some ripped clothes. Put them back together at once!

Examine Ripped clothes
Liam: Wow. You fixed that fast.
Liam: You are right {Name}. There's a striped pattern on the shirt.
Liam: This must mean out killer has stripes on their clothes!

Before arresting the killer
Liam: I see we have everything we need. Let's arrest the killer right now!

Arrest Killer

Liam: Well my. I wouldn't have seen Gabriella Handsaw as the killer. I thought it was Peter. Anyway. I think the PPD will handle with her.
Liam: But you did amazing as always. Anyway. We are nearly there. You better pick up your things

At the Parinaita Port
Liam: Well. You are here. Please take care and I will miss you a lot
Liam: I guess I will see you whenever. Yeah...That sounds right.
Liam: Anyway. I need to get on the boat. Goodbye {Name}. You'll fit in fine
Emily: HEY YOU!

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