deadly drummer is the second case of paradise city.

the player and the players partner , crissy ambilera went to the concert of the band cool montess. suddenly after the concert they found the drummer of the band Harry hill with strange wounds in his head on the show stage. The murder weapon was meat tenderizer. the killer was the best friend of the police chief , eerie jazz. Harry hated eerie and made him embarassedd on basebook. so after the concert eerie killed Harry. Judge Cindy sentenced eerie 23 years in jail with a parole of 1 week because eerie was the chiefs best friend.


Adam Rays-lead singer

profile:uses crayons


Eerie jazz-chiefs best friend

profile: wears a CM badge , dances jazz , likes to play scary maze game


drago vilmons-genius

profile:wears a CM badge , uses crayons

killers profile

the killer uses crayons , the killer likes to play scary maze game , the killer wears a CM badge

crime scenes

show stage-drums-show stage bonus

chiefs office-USA flag-chiefs office bonus

CM temple-posters-CM temple bonus

cases on beach seaside

airport corpse , Deadly drummer , mall victim

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