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Evan: <Name>, we have to go to that protest against Green Year Parade. Remember? Peter Galley invited us.
Evan: I've already bought our tickets, let's go to the train station!

Evan: I hate traffic jams, <Name>. We're late for that train!
Evan: Excuse me, sir. Have you seen a train with a lot of activists inside?
Ramon: Yes, the train's already left. I'm sorry you're late.
Ramon: You know what? There's another train leaving right now. The tickets are on me, don't worry!
Evan: Eh... Thanks!
Evan: Let's go, <Name>!

Evan: Wow! This is a luxury train! It looks so... expensive! Thank God that man didn't charge us for the tickets.
Evan: Hey, look who's there! Chandler Beemie!
Chandler: Hello, <Name>, Evan! I didn't know you could afford this trip. The tickets are worth my salary!
Evan: Actually, we... It doesn't matter. And what are you doing here?
Chandler: I'm cleaning. I don't like travelling by train. You can go to the next carriage, it's just been cleaned.
Evan: Ok, thanks! See you.

Evan: Mmh! Feel that scent, <Name>!
Evan: What? OH DEAR! There's a corpse in this carriage!

Chapter 1

Investigate Carriage
Evan: Who could murder this man in such a luxury carriage? Let's send him to the lab and see what happened.
Evan: It looks like this is his wallet. Why don't we take a look at it?
Evan: And this overall you found... Let's take a blood sample.
Evan: What? Oh, yes! You're right, this overall belongs to Chandler. Let's talk to him now.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: Your victim was murdered with a sort of knife. His killer stabbed him four times in his stomach. This man had no chance.
Daniel: The second stab was the deadly one. The other three wouldn't have been the reason for a murder. He could be in a hospital now instead.
Daniel: But there's something strange. He was sweating, but the carriage had a perfect temperature.
Daniel: According to the wounds, I can say with no doubt that the killer is left-handed.

Examine Wallet
Evan: Look, <Name>! This is the victim's ID. So his name was Jared Mangrim.
Evan: I don't know who he is. Maybe Lindsey could find something useful with this.

Analyze Victim's ID
Lindsey: I did some research on your victim. He wasn't rich enough for that luxury train.
Lindsey: But his employer was! He worked for Gustave Rod.
Evan: Gustave Rod? He's the wealthiest oenologist in this city, <Name>. Let's talk to him.

Talk to Gustave Rod about the victim
Evan: Good morning, Mr Rod. We're from the police department and <Rank> <Name> has some questions for you. Do you know Jared Mangrim?
Gustave: Of course. He works for me. He says he is a sommelier, but Mangrim is just alcoholic.
Evan: We found him dead in a train.
Gustave: Oh, that's a shame. He was an expert in sales. Mangrim sold more bottles of wine than any of my employees.
Gustave: Today he was going to a very important event. I'm sorry, but I'll have to be in charge of it. See you!

Examine Overall
Evan: That sample is perfect, <Name>! Let's send it to Sabrina.

Analyze Blood
Sabrina: I analyzed the blood on the overall and, surprise, it belongs to your victim!
Sabrina: But that's not all I found. Some black particles called my attention. I took a look at them.
Sabrina: And it was coal! It came from your killer, as blood doesn't contain coal and there's not any reason why a cleaner's overall should have coal.
Evan: So our killer uses coal. Pretty rare, right, <Name>?

Ask Chandler Beemie about the overall
Chandler: Hello again, boys! What d'ya nee-
Evan: There's been a murder in that carriage you just cleaned. And we also found your overall covered in blood. You know, it's kind of suspicious.
Chandler: There wasn't any corpse when I cleaned, I swear!
Chandler: I took my overall off when I started sweating. The carriage was very hot!

Evan: Chandler says he's innocent, but he was the last one there.
Evan: Why don't we take a look at the tickets post? Every passenger needs to go there, right?

Investigate Tickets post
Evan: What's this bag, <Name>? It says something but I can't read it. Can you decipher it?

Examine Bag
Evan: So this is a bag of coal. Why would a tickets seller keep a bag of coal in this post?
Evan: Let's write this down, and also talk to him.

Talk to the tickets seller
Ramon: Back again? Didn't you like the train?
Evan: We're investigating a murder. We found a corpse in a carriage.
Ramon: Oh, that's a pity. Well, thanks for letting me know, but I'm working, officers.
Evan: Why do you have a bag of coal there?
Ramon: Oh, coal is fantastic when you don't have paint. I'm a painter too, you know?
Ramon: I sell paintings to a very high price, and that made me rich. I'd love to stop working here, but art is something you can't rely. One day you can stop selling and you lose money.

Chapter 2

Evan: This case is a bit... shocking. Chandler is our prime suspect but I feel he can't have done it. And we're looking for a left-handed and coal-user killer.
Gino: Hey, <Rank> <Name>! Daniel wants to talk to you!
Evan: Gino! It's nice to see you here. Investigate which of our suspects are left-handed.
Gino: Alright. I'm on that.

Daniel: Oh, here you are <Name>. I wanted to talk to you about this case.
Daniel: I found some skin cells in your victim's teeth and tongue. And they came from your killer.
Daniel: How did they get there? Well, I guess that the killer kisses Jared and he bit their lips. That's the only sensible explaining I can think of.
Daniel: I guess you'd like to look at them later. I'll keep the sample for you.

Evan: And, <Name>? What did Daniel tell you?
Evan: Kissed? Oh, awesome. I think.
Evan: Well, if you like the idea, we could check the carriage again, shall we?
Evan: Ok, let's go.

Evan: Hey, there's a man there! Who are you?
Albert: Oh, hello. I'm Albert Korfberg, the train's driver.

Examine Skin cells
(Before examining)

Daniel: Oh, here you are, <Name>. Did you come for the sample?
Daniel: Ok, here it is. Show me you're a genius.

(After examining)

Daniel: And, what did you find out?
Daniel: Black skin cells? Great job, <Name>! You're wonderful!
Daniel: Well, see you later. Evan must be waiting for you.

Interrogate Albert Korfberg
Albert: Hello, I'm Albert Korfberg, the train's driver.
Evan: We're the police and we're investigating Jared Mangrim's murder.
Albert: Is Jared dead? That's a shock!
Evan: I see you know him.
Albert: Of course. He always visited me at the train. He really liked me.
Evan: Were you friends? Or did he like the train?
Albert: The train? It's not as nice as you think. They all say the deluxe train is perfect, but can you believe it needs coal to work?

Evan: So Albert uses coal, that's interesting.
Evan: And it's a good reason to take a look at his station, you think?

Investigate Driver's station
Evan: What happens with the heating system, <Name>?
Evan: So Albert can control the train's temperature. But why is that relevant to us?
Evan: You're right! The victim was sweating, and Chandler said he took his overall off beause the carriage was hot. I don't know why Albert would do it, but he's very suspicious.
Evan: And we could restore this glass shards too, ok?

Examine Glass shards
Evan: So the glass shards you found in Albert's station make up a wine bottle.
Evan: What does this mean? Is wine a new trend among criminals?
Evan: Oh, yes! Gustave said Jared sold many bottles, maybe he sold one in this train.
Evan: But it's a motive to talk to Gustave again!

Ask Gustave if he recognises the bottle
Evan: Do you recognise this bottle, Mr Rod?
Gustave: Let me see... Bon Blanc '92... Yes, I recognise it.
Gustave: It's one of those cheap bottles Jared Mangrim used to sell in the trains. I begged him not to say he was my employee when he went there.
Gustave: Imagine Gustave Rod's wines being sold in a humble train station. A reputation ruined!
Evan: You don't seem to have liked Jared at all.
Gustave: More or less. I needed him. He helped me sell my wines in places I couldn't visit.

Investigate Aisle
Evan: This is a piece of coal! Just like our killer. Let's examine it.
Evan: And this knife is our murder weapon for sure. It's got blood on it.
Evan: Oh, it's called rampuri knife. Thanks for the info, <Name>. We should look for some fingerprints.

Examine Coal
Evan: The molecules you collected from that coal proove me your abilities.
Evan: Now let's compare them to the database and see what they are.

Examine Molecules
Evan: The molecules on the coal are detergent. We can't be sure it belongs to the killer.
Evan: But Chandler uses detergent. And it seems he uses coal too.
Evan: We could ask him, okay?

Ask Chandler if he uses coal
Evan: Chandler, do you use coal?
Chandler: What kind of question is that? Yes, I do. I seize coal stains to check my products' efectivity.
Chandler: It saddens me sometimes to use a vegetal coal, but those plants were already dead.
Evan: And by the way, why were you cleaning this train? Right now there's a protest against Green Year Parade. You're an activist and you hate the event.
Chandler: I'm working. I'm paid for it. I can't stop working to go to a protest.

Examine Rampuri knife
Evan: Magnificent work, <Name>! Let's send these fingerprints to Lindsey.

Analyze Fingerprints
Lindsey: I analyzed the fingerprints you found in the rampuri knife and I found a match.
Lindsey: The fingerprints belong to Yale Williams, one of the richest people in the district.
Evan: That's not a name you hear very often! Well, <Name>, let's talk to him.
Lindsey: Yale is a woman, Evan Day.
Evan: Let's talk to her instead.

Contact Yale Williams
Evan: Miss Williams, is this rampuri knife yours?
Yale: No, it isn't. Why do you ask? And... why is there blood on it?
Evan: This knife was used to kill Jared Mangrim. Do you know him?
Yale: He... he was my boyfriend! I didn't know he was dead.
Yale: Jared was so nice. He helped me when I started my project of sculpture in coal, he was always there for me.
Evan: Yale, we found your fingerpritns in the knife. We need you to talk about it.
Yale: I found it once in a luxury train. It was in my seat, but I left it there. It's not mine, I swear.

Evan: Yale is more suspicious than she looks. I refuse to believe she only touched it once by mistake!

Chapter 3

Gino: I did what you told me, boys. I talked to your suspects and...
Gino: Only Albert Korfberg, Ramon Ravens and Yale Williams are left-handed.
Evan: Good job, Gino. Thanks for that!
Evan: Now that we know Ramon is a lefty, we could ask him if he knew Jared, what do you think?

Talk to Ramon Ravens about the victim
Evan: Ramon, do you know Jared Mangrim?
Ramon: Yes. The boy always comes around, he is so annoying. Always chasing Mr Korfberg.
Ramon: We never talked, but I feel he's suspicious. He stashes something.
Evan: Jared is dead, Ramon.
Ramon: Oh! Well, I didn't expect that. If you want to know something about him, ask Mr Korfberg. They always did some time together.

Evan: Albert didn't talk to much about Jared. We'll have to ask him later. But now, we could check Ramon's post again. Let's go!

Investigate Ramon's desk
Evan: Mobiles are always a clue, <Name>. This one must be a lead too.
Evan: It's locked, but you know how to crack it!

Examine Cellphone
Evan: It took you less than I thought! This cellphone is a clue now, and we'll have to give it to Lindsey.

Analyze Cellphone
Lindsey: It took me more than I'd have wanted, but that cellphone has much useful info.
Lindsey: First of all, it belongs to Jared Mangrim. The fact that it was in Ramon's desk remains a mistery.
Evan: That's already good info. We can ask Ramon why he had the victim's cellphone.
Lindsey: His notes were just meetings organized by his boss, nothing of interest.
Lindsey: But the messages sent were very... I don't know how to call it, but listen.
Lindsey: He sent many "lovely" messages to Albert Korfberg. He never replied, but he DID receive the messages.
Lindsey: But he also sent love messages to someone called Susan Vianne.
Evan: Who is she?
Lindsey: Another name for Yale Williams.
Evan: Well, time to ask those two about their relationship with Jared!

Ask Ramon about the victim's cellphone
Evan: We found Jared Mangrim's cellphone in your desk. Would you please like explain that?
Ramon: He used to hang out here, maybe he just forgot it and that's all.
Evan: Why at your post and not in the train? It means he was here before entering the carriage and being murdered.
Evan: It means you're the last person who saw him alive.
Ramon: And what if you were right? I didn't kill him, you hear? It's not my problem if he didn't want to take his mobile with him!

Question Albert about Jared Mangrim
Evan: Albert, you forgot to tell us you were Jared's boyfriend.
Albert: WHAT??? Who told you that?
Evan: We know he sent you many love messages. Why didn't you tell us about that?
Albert: But... of course we weren't boyfriends! That f*g was in love with me, but I never told him "yes"! He kept on molesting me in front of his girlfriend!
Albert: When he came to sell wines, he said he'd saved an aphrodisiac wine for me, he wouldn't listen to me!

Evan: I don't know if Albert is telling the truth, but it wouldn't hurt to look at his station again.
Evan: A coal burner is the right place to make some evidence disappear.

Investigate Coal burner
Evan: This paper is burnt, as if Albert had wanted them to fade away.
Evan: Only in the lab we'll find out what it is!

Analyze Burnt paper
Lindsey: With Sabrina's help, this burnt paper was analyzed in a matter of seconds.
Lindsey: I don't know why Albert did it, but the burnt paper comes from dollar bills.
Evan: It sure isn't conventional, but we could ask Albert why he burnt those bills.

Ask Albert about the burnt bills
Evan: We found some burnt bills in the coal burner. Why?
Albert: I guess that I can't keep a secret with <Rank> <Name>, so here it goes.
Albert: Jared Mangrim gave me those bills, but I didn't want anything from him. NOTHING.
Evan: Didn't you need the money?
Albert: Ha! I'm rich, cops. I don't need Jared's pocket money. That's breadcrumbs compared to my wealth.

Quiz Yale about her double identity
Evan: We have to ask you some questions again, Yale Williams. Or should I call you Susan Vianne?
Evan: Why do you have two identities? Are you a criminal? What are you hiding?
Yale: I'm not a criminal! I'll tell you why Jared didn't know my real name.
Yale: I am Ernest William's daughter, and-
Evan: Ernest Williams? The thief?
Yale: Yes, he's in jail now. I don't want to be treated like a criminal, so I invented that name. Please keep the secret.

Evan: <Name>, it's in these moments when you come up with the idea to keep working!
Evan: You're right! We should have thought about it before! Let's examine the knife again!

Examine Rampuri knife
Evan: I'm so glad the knife has a serial number! With Lindsey's help, we'll find its owner.

Analyze Serial
Lindsey: I ran the rampuri knife's serial through the databse, and I didn't find any matches. But I've got something to say anyway.
Lindsey: This knife was auctioned in a convention some years ago. The serial had already been engraved when its owner bought it.
Lindsey: I don't know who it belongs to, but it cost a lot of money!
Lindsey: Your killer must be well-off, <Name>!

Evan: Ok, <Name>, so our killer is well-off. Gustave is one of the richest people in this city.
Evan: Ramon said he made up a fortune with paintings, and Albert said he's rich too.
Evan: You're right, Lindsey said Yale Williams was rich too. Now, we-
Chandler: <Name>, Evan? Officer Reina said you were here, I need to talk to you.

See what Chandler needs
Chandler: Officer Reina said you were here, I need to talk to you.
Evan: What do you need, Chandler?
Chandler: Well, I picked my overall back up from the train, remember? I'll have to wash it and-
Chandler: It doesn't matter. When I took it off, the man wasn't there, so the killer stained my overall with blood.
Chandler: When I checked its pockets, I found this. And I didn't put it there. Your killer did.
Evan: A flower? Well, it's of help anyways. Thank you, Chandler!

Evan: What can we do with this flower, <Name>?
Evan: Yes, let's give it to Sabrina right away!<

Analyze Flower
Sabrina: I analyzed the flower Chandler found inside the overall, and I found something.
Sabrina: It was traces of the killer's DNA! If <Name> had wanted to collect a sample, it would've been practically impossible! The killer left almost nothing of DNA.
Sabrina: However, the sample is enough to determine your killer is a man!
Evan: Ok, <Name>. Let's put a man behind bars!

Arrest killer
Evan: Albert Korfberg, you're under arrest for the murder of Jared Mangrim. The motives surely must be related to the love Jared felt towards you, but...
Evan: There are some things you have to explain. The bloody overall, the flower, the heating system...
Albert: I don't know what overall you're talking about. As for the flower, Jared had brought it for me.
Albert: Oh, and the heating system. It was to incriminate the cleaner.
Albert: I hadn't seen him, but it was cold outside. He must have been wearing a jacket, or something. The hot temperature would force him to take the jacket off, or whatever.
Albert: When I saw him leaving the carriage, I went in with Jared and killed him with my knife.
Evan: And why did you kiss- Wait, were you really dating?
Albert: No, it was part of the murder! I kissed Jared to fool him. His eyes were closed and I had the chance to stab him.

Esteban Gonzalez: Albert Korfberg, you stand in front of this Court to answer for Jared Mangrim's death.
Esteban Gonzalez: <Rank> <Name> has already exposed your motives and your "strategy" to incriminate an innocent man. Is there anything else you would like to add before your condemn.
Albert: No. Just that I killed Jared because I was fed up with his stupid gay things.
Esteban Gonzalez: This Court sentences you to 16 years in jail with parole in 10. Court dismissed!

Evan: Well, at last we found out truth. It looks like Yale really touched the knife by mistake.
Evan: And the case was a nice chance to talk to Gustave Rod. It's like when we met the Jamin back at the Countryside. Talking to rich well-known people feels great!

Additional Investigation

Gustave: <Rank> <Name> and Inspector Evan, may I have a word? I need a favor from you.
Evan: Ok, sir. You can get back to your wine vault, and we'll meet you there.

Evan: Did you see that, <Name>? Gustave Rod himself came to talk to us! I feel so important...
Gino: <Name>, someone called Yale is waiting for you. What with that name? Pfhee...
Gino: Oh, and Ramon Ravens called to ask for help.
Evan: Well, we'll keep busy enough before another crime happens...

See what Yale Williams wants
Evan: Hello, Yale. Gino said you wanted something. What is it?
Yale: I was about to take the train, but they say I need a permission to enter a crime scene.
Yale: I'd take a taxi, but I left my suitcase in a wagon. Could you give me that permission?
Evan: Uh, ok. Don't worry, take that taxi and come later. We'll go for your suitcase.

Investigate Aisle
Evan: It's the only suitcase here, <Name>. I just hope it belongs to Yale.
Evan: I know it's unproper, <Name>, but we always need to check everything. C'mon, crack this code!

Examine Suitcase
Evan: I wonder how you manage to open these things, is there any trick?
Evan: Well, forget that. Let's see what Yale has here.

Examine Suitcase content
Evan: Look, a photo! Who is this man? Maybe it says something in the back...
Evan: <Name>, I'm gonna faint! This man is Gary Perkins! Do you see the connection?
Evan: Well, there isn't a connection. But maybe Yale knows Doodley! I'm glad we looked in her suitcase!
Evan: Now, we have to ask her what she knows.

Ask Yale about Perkins's photo
Evan: We have your suitcase here, Miss Williams. And we found a photo inside. Do you recognise this man?
Yale: Why did you? Was it necessary?
Yale: Gary Perkins is an informant. I hired him to follow Jared to see what he did every day in the train.
Evan: So you knew Jared was in love with the driver?
Yale: Of course I knew that. I'm glad he killed Jared before I did. Now, just walk away!
Evan: We work here, ma'am.
Yale: Oh, dear. Ok, I'll walk away then!

Help Ramon Ravens
Ramon: Oh, <Rank> <Name>! I thought you wouldn't come!
Evan: I'm here too, ya know?
Ramon: Someone gave me a leaflet about an important event. I need the information, but I can't find it! Can you help me?
Evan: So you called us, to look for a leaflet? This is not serious, Ramon.
Ramon: I can give you something if you help me.
Evan: Ok, I get it. C'mon, <Name>. Let's look in the tickets post.

Investigate Tickets post
Evan: If the leaflet was so important to Ramon, why would he tear it up?
Evan: So you want to repair it? Alright, let's do it then.

Examine Torn leaflet
Evan: Great work, <Name>! Now, what is this leaflet about?
Evan: Green Year Parade??? So Ramon is for this event and not against? After talking to the activists, I already have a bad opinion about it.
Evan: Millions of flowers cut, and they think is beautiful? Nature dies!
Evan: I don't think Ramon will make up his mind if we try to persuade him, so let's just give this back to him.

Give Ramon his leaflet back
Evan: We found your Green Year Parade leaflet, torn up.
Ramon: I always tear leaflets up, but I realized I can participate in the parade.
Ramon: I love plants, you know?
Evan: Then why would you kill them?
Ramon: Activists! Don't worry, we won't die for some daisies. Take something flowery so that you can come to the event. I'm sure you'll like it!

Gustave Rod needs to talk to you
Gustave: Oh, here you are! I need you to do something for me.
Gustave: Remember that important event I told you about? Well, I have to bring a bottle of one of the best wines. I'd left it in my wine cellar, but it's not there anymore.
Gustave: I checked the ledger, and Jared Mangrim sold it in the train station to a certain Albert Korfberg this very morning, before he died.
Evan: So what should we do?
Gustave: Please talk to that Albert and tell him to give me back that wine! It doesn't matter if the bottle is open, just a glass of it is enough.
Gustave: Tell him that he can visit me and I'll pay him back for the wine, but I really need it!

Evan: It looks like the rich think they can have what they want from anyone, don't they? Gustave disappointed me.
Evan: But if he really needs the wine, we could check Albert's station. He surely left it there.
Evan: The money? Oh, c'mon, Albert won't be able to drink the wine anyway.

Investigate Coal burner
Evan: This is the only bottle of anything here, but maybe Albert had bought more bottles.
Evan: Luxury wines are different from normal ones. I'm sure Sabrina will find out if it's the one Jared sold.

Analyze Bottle of wine
Sabrina: <Name>, I had to do a torough research in wines. I'm not an oenologist, but I managed to learn some things anyway.
Sabrina: This wine, when bought, could be very expensive. Its cork is made of wood, and the type of grape is one of the best rated.
Sabrina: It was produced in a very good terroir, and the years in which the vine grew were perfect! Good temperature, good rain.
Evan: This must be Gustave's wine! Let's give it back to him!
Sabrina: I don't think he'll be happy with its taste though. It was near a coal burner, so it's hot now. And the bottle must've shaken when the train moved.
Evan: <Name>, I'm afraid of what Gustave could do to us!
Sabrina: You could check the wine's name so you can see its price. Maybe the damage wasn't too serious.

Examine Bottle of wine
Evan: Ok, so the tag says "Petit Cuveé". Alright, Gustave's wine is a Petit Cuveé.
Evan: Our database say it's worth... WHAT??? I can't believe we'll give Gustave Rod a ruined Petit Cuveé!
Evan: I'm sure he'll understand if we explain to him what happened... After all, this bottle can only pour two glasses of wine.

Give Gustave his luxury wine
Gustave: Oh, my! The Petit Cuveé! Thanks, guys! Do you know what would happen if this wine were damaged?
Evan: Galp! Well, sir. The Petit Cuveé IS damaged.
Gustave: What!?
Evan: It was in a train, what could we do? It's hot and shaken.
Gustave: Don't worry, it wasn't your fault. Once it's cold, that bunch of ignorants will praise this wine just because it's a Petit Cuveé.
Gustave: It will only hold up two glasses... but it's enough to raise money from the drunken.
Gustave: Thanks, <Rank> <Name>! Take this as a recognition.

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