Dead Cop Bad Cop is case 14 of Grimsborough 2 (Financial Center)


The victim was a 30 year old police officer named Edward Grey. He was killed by a gunshot between the eyes, whilst he was monitoring a subway. His killer was a bent cop called Walter Barrens

Walter was angry with Edward as he tried to report him for drug usage, theft, and aiding gangs. He would have lost his police badge if he was ever caught. He knew that his partner was one of the few who knew what he was up to trouble, thus had to kill him.

At court Walter stated that he would not care that he was about to lose his police badge. Instead said that he would rather serve life in prison than the whole police force knowing about the crimes he had committed, he also stated that he enjoyed committing crimes and that he would be more than happy to do it, but only if it wouldn't increase his stay in prison.

Walter Barrens was sentenced to 20 years in prison with no chance for parole for the murder of Edward Grey


  • Edward Grey (This cop was found dead, killed by a gunshot between the eyes)


  • Gun (assured, but the murder weapon is never found)


Killer Profile

  • The Killer is in Contact With Cocaine
  • The Killer is a Man
  • The Killer Handles Guns
  • The Killer is Bald
  • The Killer is an A+


  • Violet Grey - Victim's Daughter (12) [N/A]
  • Walter Barrens - Victim's Partner (43) [HandlesGuns, Man, Bald, InContactWithCoccaine, A+]
  • Howard Ashton - Foundation Network Manager (50) [HandlesGuns, Man, Bald, A+]
  • Albert Troy - Retired (72) [A+, Man, Bald]
  • Chad McGordon - Drug Dealer (25) [HandlesGuns, Man, A+, InContactWithCoccaine]

Crime Scenes

  • 1: Subway Station
  • 2: Subway Seats
  • 3: Subway Station Bonus (Differences) (3/45) stars needed.
  • 4: Police Station
  • 5: Edward's Desk
  • 6: Police Station Bonus (8/45) stars needed.
  • 7: Backstreet
  • 8: Broken Walls
  • 9: Backstreet Bonus (17/45) stars needed.


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