David Kuzmanov
Biographical information
Full name David Kuzmanov
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 1979
Death 2018
Cause of death Blast injuries
Personal information
Nationality Russian
Residence Laroy Bay
Profession(s) LBPD Chief
Family Anya Kuzmanov (daughter)

Valentina Kuzmanov (daughter)

Josh Knight (son)

Unnamed wife

Partner(s) Unnamed ex-girlfriend †
Affiliation(s) Laroy Bay Police Department
Game information
First appeared Welcome To Laroy Bay
Hello there ! I'm David and this is my team.I heard you are one of the best detectives in USA.I can't wait to see you in action !

David Kuzmanov (1979-2018) is a main character featured in Criminal Case Laroy Bay where he served as a Chief of LPBD.

He appeared as a suspect in the murder investigation of young detective Sandy Corey in Make Laroy Bay Great Again (Case #48 of Laroy Bay) before his death in The End of Times (Case #56 of Laroy Bay)


Born in Moscow,Russia David was 39 year old LBPD chief.He had short brown hair and light blue eyes.He wore his police chief uniform along with his hat.He wore Russian Badge that he got from his late father.He had 2 daughters and wife.He was known for being friendly all the time.

He enjoyed playing basketball in his free time.He loved drinking tea with his wife and older daughter Anya.Prior his work as LBPD Chief he was working as Secret Agent.

Age 39
Height 6'3''
Weight 218lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood Type 0+

Make Laroy Bay Great Again

Chief was flagged as a suspect after his gun was used to kill Sandy Corey.He said that he probably forgot his gun when he had meeting with Mayor Martha Price.

Chief was spoken to again after team found Sandy's criminal record with ''YOU'L PAY FOR THIS KUZMANOV'' written on it.He said that long time ago,he arrested Sandy because of a thief,so she written that note about that time.

Chief was found out to be innocent after team arrested Mayor Price for a murder.

Case Appearences

-Case #1 Welcome To Laroy Bay

-Case #2 Curse of the Bloom Family

-Case #3 Turning the Screw

-Case #4 Six Feet Under Water

-Case #5 Last Saturday Morning

-Case #6 Bite the Snake

-Case #7 Virtual Death

-Case #8 The Granny Killer

-Case #9 Up in Flames

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-Case #48 Make Laroy Bay Great Again

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-Case #50 Up in the Air

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-Case #52 Seed of Doubt

-Case #53 Set your Heart Ablaze

-Case #54 National Basketball Murder

-Case #55 Blackout

-Case #56 The End of Times

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