David Drog
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Biographical information
Full name David Drog
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1988
Personal information
Nationality American
Residence Queensville
Profession(s) Drug dealer

Meth manufacturer

Unnamed high school (formerly)

Game information
First appeared Case #1 First Case

David Drog was a suspect of office worker, Lisa Rosenburg  in First Case (Case #1 of Queensville)


David was a drug dealer and meth manufacturer in Conner's Village. He had brown eyes and crazy black hair. David wore a black shirt that says "Go United Bears" in white words and a rainbow scarf. It is known that David drinks cocktails and plays FortLite.


David became a suspect when he saw Lisa's body in the entrance of Conner's Village. The team ask him if he knew the girl, David said he knew her in high school, he told the that her name is Lisa Rosenburg. The team ask him if he knew her very well. He told them that he knew her in one of her classes, but never knew her very well.

David was spoken to again about a complaint for his job. He said that he was furious at Lisa for giving him the complaint. He told the team that she saw him giving cocaine to strangers. Lisa was unhappy about it and filed a complaint about his drug dealing scheme. After she gave the complaint to him, he tore it up and threw it in the trash outside the brewhouse.


  • David's surname means drug, the same job that he works.
  • The logo on his shirt "Go United Bears" maybe inspiried by Chicago Bears.

Case Appearances

First Case (Case #1 of Queensville)

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