Type City
Founder Felix Blanket
Established 1888
Country WE66 United States of America
Inhabitants Americans


Population Unknown
Primary LEA Darnestown Police Department
Key figures Oscar Polansky (Mayor of Darnestown)

Julius Maddavar (Chief of Police)

Appearance(s) MrKors71 Season 1
Darnestown is a city featured in the fouth season of Criminal Case

Located in United States of America, Darnestown is a little metropolis divided in a total of six districts featuring a total of 50 cases across the whole city.

The Darnestown Police Department is the law enforcement agency that serves the city of Darnestown.

Unlocking Darnestown

To be able to unlock Darnestown, the player has to finish the last case of World Edition (<--This can be modified if the developers adds other city)


There isn't much information about Darnestown foundation or its past. It may be revealed when the first case of Historic Circuit will be released.


Darnestown features six different districts

Musical Spot

Musical Spot features night clubs, some little business, a forest, a mountain, a local baseball team's stadium and some recording studios. This category list all the cases situated in the Musical Spot district.

Cases #1-#11 are situated in this district

Monetary Center

Coming Soon!

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