Dark Secrets of the Future
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General information
Season 1
Setting Fario Bay, USA
Primary LEA Fario Bay Defense Force
No. of cases in season 60
No. of districts in season 10
Released TBA
Appears in Criminal Case
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Dark Secrets from the Future is the title of the first collab season of Criminal Case created by Inspector Diaz and Ranger Habib. Its date of release is still unknown.

Set in the year of 2045, the season follows the events after merging two major cities in 2028 and mysterious secrets hidden inside the technology advanced city.

Fario Bay

Main article: Fario Bay

The Events of Dark Secrets of the Future are set in the city of Fario Bay, a city created by merging of the city of Fario and the city of Alpha Bay, which is composed of ten different districts. The Fario Bay Defense Force appears as the law enforcement agency that serves and protects the city.


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