I know I have criminal past,but I'm loyal to police whatever happens...
—-Daria Lynn

Daria Lynn is a main character in Criminal Case Venusville,where she serves as Weapons Expert of Venusville Justice Fighters.

Prior her joining the Venusville Justice Fighters,she appeared as a suspect in the murder investigations of three people in Laroy Bay. While being a member of VJF, she appeared as a suspect in the murder investigation of VJF tech expert Ben Hathaway in Act of Disloyalty (Case #35 of Venusville).


Daria is 37-year-old Weapons Expert and former gang leader.She has long blonde hair under green hat.She wears red tartan flannel shirt with white shirt under it.She has blue eyeshadows and brown eyes

Age 36/37
Height 5'11''
Weight 160lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood Type AB-

Events of Criminal Case

Small Bite

Daria was interrogated after team found her DNA on victim's bag.She said that victim thought that Daria has bad influence on her son and earlier thisday,she hit her with a bag.

In the middle of investigation,Tech Town Tigers were found stealing mummies.Diane and player spoke to their leader,Daria who claimed that she doesn't know anything about it.Team put her in custody because they thought she poisoned Isabel so that they could steal mummies without being noticed.

Daria was found innocent after team arrested Lee Dupree for a murder.

In AI,team found out that Daria and her gang were planning to start biggest gang war to finally bring Melbury Cobras down.Since team was unable to convince Daria not to do it,they went to talk with Melbury Cobras gang leader.


Daria was interrogated after team found out that she had been invited to a paintball game.She said that Tarik was her good friend and that he will help them in destroying Melbury Cobras.

During the middle of investigation,Daria was shot with the crossbow in the arm.Team knew that it must be somebody from Melbury Cobras who wanted her dead.However,killer was revealed to be doctor who worked for Tech Tigers called Debby Pembroke.

Win the Battle,Lose the War

Daria was interrogated after team found Juniper Cooper's body in her hideout.She said that somebody shot Juniper throught the window.When team asked her if she did it,she said that she doesn't even know who she is.

Daria was spoken to again after team found her letter she sent to Juniper.She invited her to her gang because Juniper was born and raised in Tech Town,but Juniper said that her police work is more important than stupid gang war,making Daria angry.

Daria was found innocent for 3rd time after team arrested Nathan Hardwin for a murder.

In AI,Daria wanted the team to find her blue gun.When team found it,she said that since Tobias is in jail,gang war can finally stop.Daria thanked the player and rewarded them with her hat.

Act of Disloyalty

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The player may choose Daria to join the investigation of each crime scene (in any case in Venusville) and provide hint bonuses. She is available as a 4-hint partner. (This feature is only available in the mobile variant of Criminal Case.)

Case Appearences


-Case #31 Small Bite

-Case #33 Painball

-Case #36 Win the Battle,Lose the War


-Case #1 Learn the Ropes

-Case #3 A Conspiracy of Silence

-Case #4 Neck Pain

-Case #5 One More to Go

-Case #6 Slow and Painful

-Case #7 Lunch Off

-Case #8 Take the Heat

-Case #9 Dark History

-Case #11 A Gilded Cage

-Case #12 Arrow of Time

-Case #14 In a Cold Sweat

-Case #15 A Rough Diamond

-Case #16 In Low Water

-Case #17 In the Limelight

-Case #18 Arms of Lucius

-Case #19 All Bets are Off

-Case #20 Devil to Pay

-Case #21 No Prey, No Pay

-Case #22 Out of Sight

-Case #23 Bleeding Yellow

-Case #24 Not Set in Stone

-Case #25 With a Light Heart

-Case #26 Come the Acid

-Case #27 Just Roman Around

-Case #28 Face Fallen

-Case #29 Avenue of Escape

-Case #30 Brink of Disaster

-Case #31 A Ball of Fire

-Case #32 Saved by the Bell

-Case #33 Lost in Dark

-Case #34 Buttered On

-Case #35 Act of Disloyalty

-Case #36 The Bird Box

-Case #37 Above the Water

-Case #38 A Bag of Tricks

-Case #39 Stir Crazy


Case #1 Learn the Ropes

  • Rock Saw

Case #4 Neck Pain

  • Obsidian Knife

Case #5 One More to Go

  • Rifle
  • Bullets

Case #6 Slow and Painful

  • Handsaw

Case #12 Arrow of Time

  • Crossbow

Case #15 A Rough Diamond

  • Gun
  • Police Shied
  • Tazer

Case #17 In the Limelight

  • Pocet Knife
  • Blood Thinner

Case #18 Arms of Lucius

  • White Bear Claw
  • Gun

Case #21 No Prey, No Pay

  • Hunting knife

Case #24 Not Set in Stone

  • Molotov Cocktail

Case #27 Just Roman Around

  • Machete
  • Smoke Grenade


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