Darcy Keller (1981-2018) was a suspect in the murder investigation of Parental Advisory Committee head Henry Baltimore in Neighborhood Block Murder (Case #1 of Toomeswood) and her boyfriend's ex-wife, divorcee Lorena Esposito in A Devastation Of Love (Case #3 of Toomeswood. She made an appearance as a quasi-suspect in Too Young To Die (Case #4 of Toomeswood, before being murdered in A Fallen Hero (Case #5 of Toomeswood)


Darcy was a 37 year old former kindergarten teacher with long wavy blonde hair and black eyes underneath bronze horn rimmed glasses. She donned a brown leather dress with light blue at the chest area with a peach, teal and lavendar floral pattern and yellow bow at the neck. She also sports a pearl bracelet on her left arm which was given to her by school custodian Miguel Esposito and she is seen holding a red apple. It is known that Darcy plays pool, eats Take It Cheezy snacks and smokes weed.

In her second suspect appearance, she became a high school teacher. Her hair had been disheveled and her glasses were broken. She sported multiple cuts and bruises all over her face. Her outfit also changed to a torn white long sleeved top that was covered in her own blood. It is known that Darcy is allergic to seafood and is an insomniac.

In her quasi-suspect appearance, she wore new glasses with a black rim. She also sported a plain light grey dress underneath a white cardigan.

At the time of her death, she wore a light yellow dress with a white floral pattern underneath a beige cardigan, as well as blue pumps. She also sported a faux pearl necklace. It is also discovered in her murder investigation that Darcy was allergic to pollen.

Height 5'6"
Age 37
Weight 142 lbs
Eyes Black
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

Neighborhood Block Murder

Darcy became a suspect when the team found her work tablet at Dr.B.A.Pearman Elementary School. She informed the team that not only was Henry a member of the Parental Advisory Committee, but he was appointed as the head as well and that he was popular among the wealthy members of Perleyville Community.

Darcy was spoken to again after stoner Sean Crackton told Jordan and the player that she ordered him to vandalize his property, which she admitted to. She also revealed that the victim was investigating her for selling weed brownies, not only to pay for her rent but to fund school trips out of her own pocket as well as her relationship with Miguel, with the intention of destroying her livelihood . The teacher also suspected the victim of cutting funds for field trips as he felt field trips were not at all educational. She even stated that while the wealthy adults revere the victim, he was despised by the students of Dr.B.A.Pearman Elementary School, even his own grandchildren who felt alienated by his actions. This also prompted the teacher to plot to vandalize the victim's property as a means to cause damage to the property value and alienate the victim from his inner circle, knocking him down a peg.

Despite her passionate grudge against the victim, Darcy was found innocent when Sean was found guilty of the voluntary manslaughter.

After the trial, she was assaulted by irate housewife Theresa Millhouse in a scuffle as the housewife demanded that she be fired for her relationship with Miguel after her son discovered the two of them together as well as Miguel was seen smoking cigarettes outside the building. However, after Theresa's arrest, it was discovered that Darcy would be fired from her job as a kindergarten teacher, much to her devastation. She was given a small amount of time by principal Julianna Gideon to gather her belongings and leave the school forever per the victim's investigations on her. Despite the kindergarten teacher's heartbreak, Darcy thanked Jordan and the player for having her back. She also returned the pool balls that she wound up having to confiscate from prostitute Todd Merowitz's adoptive son and apologized for inadvertently causing an arguement between the two men.

A Devastation Of Love

Darcy once again became a suspect when Vanessa and the player found the victim's missing heel covered with the now high school teacher's blood. She informed the team that Lorena had assaulted her with the shoe multiple times simply because she was in a relationship with Miguel.

Darcy was spoken to again after the team found a nude portrait of her. The high school admitted that she made the sketch her herself as a gift to Miguel. She also admitted that the portrait caused Lorena to bully and demean her as well as trying to force Miguel to break up with her and vice versa. However when Darcy asserted herself and refused to cave in to Lorena's demands, the latter attacked her by thryowing her shoe at her which prompted a physical altercation between the divorced parents. She even bemoaned about the attack further exacerbating her stress since her firing from the elementary school despite now working at the high school.

Darcy was found innocent for the second time after the team arrested Veronica Hernandez for the murder.

Too Young To Die

Darcy was spoken to when a kindergartener named Lizzie Cobb said she saw Darcy drop a book at the school playing field. After an investigation of the school's playing field, the team found and analyzed notebook which had been revealed to be drawings made by the high school teacher.Darcy explained that after her firing, she investigated the attacks on the kindergarteners and cut funds being traced to somebody in the high school faculty embezzling the funds for the same criminal mastermind that hired Principal Gideon to run the elementary school in prison-like conditions. When the team used this information to try to demand answers from Principal Deckerton, he insisted that there was no such criminal activity going on. He even insisted that he ran backchecks of every teacher in the school, which Jordan was skeptical of reminding him of Brock Rothery's reign of terror. The high school principal then had the team and Darcy escorted out by security. Jordan however, encouraged Darcy to keep investigating further.

Two days the events,Darcy informed the team that the school board was threatened by an anonymous figure to shut down any investigations on the embezzlement of funds. However, the team agreed to help Darcy continue investigating what's going on with the school funding.

Murder Details

Darcy's near skeletal body was found decomposing in an abandoned bathroom in the high school. Per Tazia's autopsy, Darcy was savagely beaten by the killer to near-unconsciousess and thrown inside the discarded bathroom. The killer then flooded the bathroom sinks and toilet with bleach and closed all air ventilation as well to choke her out, as putting a space heater on full heat to accelerate the victim's decomposition. Tazia deduced that the killer knew chemistry.The team also found a faded manila envelope in the school's weight room in which contained tabs on the victim, which meant the killer knew Darcy was investigating them and as Lucas found traces of anti-bacterial soap on the folder, this meant that the killer used this soap.

Mid-investigation, a drunken Miguel Esposito informed the team that he found evidence in the school's weight room storage closet of the victim being savagely beaten and dragged by her hair to the discarded bathroom. In doing so, the killer carelessly managed to drop their blood sugar testing device and per Jonah's analysis with Tazia's help, the killer was revealed to be hypoglycemic.

Later on in the investigation, the team found an empty bleach bottle as well as the CCTV camera that Miguel Esposito had smashed. Per Lucas' analysis, the empty bleach bottle was confirmed to be the one that choked the victim out and the killer was careless enough to spill some on themselves, leaving a chemical stain on their clothing. Jonah was able to analyze the CCTV despite the damage Miguel had done to it, the footage revealing the killer's gender: male.

Relationship with Suspects

Brenda Reynolds told the team that she had rarely ever had any contact with Darcy as she was busy trying to keep peace among both the teachers and the students. She also held an unconscious Jack Princeton who fainted after he discovered the victim's body. However, like Jack she felt that the victim was doing more harm than good as she had been stealing money and valuables from the elite rich such as Gladys Baltimore and Theresa Millhouse to try to provide beneficial extracurricular programs for the student body. Jack who had been the one to discover Darcy's corpse in the discarded bathroom per being informed by one of his students informing him of a rotten smell, the discovery caused him to faint. Like Brenda, he felt Darcy's actions despite her noble intentions were causing more harm than good and as such he laced the victim's snacks with pollen in order to stop her from her vigilante deeds such as sneaking the kindergarteners inside the homes of individuals like vlogger Brad Ryder and prostitute Todd Merowitz. Principal Gerald Deckerton admitted to the team that he had kept Darcy under close surveilance after she had tried to interfere with his takeover of being the gym teacher. He had revealed that he had gotten into many arguements with the victim as she hated his Draconian methods of running the school and the fact that he hired Brock Rothery without even bothering to run a background check on him. The drunken Miguel had witnessed the savage attack on his girlfriend via a surveillance camera in which he had smashed the critical piece of equipment. Upon finding out about his father's presence in Toomeswood, he felt it was best to break up with Darcy so that she could be safe from the crime lord though the decision devastated the victim. School nurse Rose McGrady was revealed to be an accomplice in the victim's robberies as she admired Darcy wanting to ensure the well being of the kindergarteners. Later on, Rose was revealed to be ex-mobster Velma Keller who was Darcy's birth mother who gave up the victim for adoption to protect her from rival mafia gangs.

Killer and Motives

The killer turned out to be Gerald.

Gerald had at first adamantly denied involvement til Vanessa cracked down on him and forced him to admit to the murder. Afterwards however, he pulled the fire alarm to escape before the team could confront him about his motives. He had also broken convicted principal Julianna Gideon out of prison to hold the faculty hostage along with other members of the community such as prostitute Todd Merowitz and vlogger Brad Ryder, Julianna however was gunned down by Vanessa and the player who were accompanied by Jordan went to finally confront Gerald. With the evidence presented against him, Gerald still denied everything and continued to claim innocence. However after the team finally cracked down on him fully, Gerald could no longer hide behind his lies and admitted Darcy had been investigating him for embezzlement of school funding. However he refused to speak any further and the team didn't hesitate to ship the disgraced high school principal to trial. In court, Gerald refused to testify anything which infuriated Judge Whiterock. The football team however, testified against Gerald revealing all of his criminal activities from embezzlement of fundings to desensitizing the students to violence and even hiring a violent criminal to act as his enforcer.Judge Whiterock didn't hesitate to sentence Gerald to life imprisonment without parole.

Gerald however was later murdered in his cell.



  • Darcy bears a small resemblance to Mandy Pregodich, a character in Criminal Case:The Conspiracy
  • Prior to Into The Armageddon, it was mentioned that Darcy's father was a deceased unknown man, however this was revealed to be a lie as mortgage broker Raul Grover was revealed as her father.

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