Daniel Tan
Full name Daniel Tan
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 12 July 2016
Family Victoria Tan (cousin, arrested
Affiliation(s) Victoria Tan, his family.
Appearance(s) The Bloody Tea Party

All of 6 The Darkness cases (talked about)

"Daniel Tan", is killed on The Bloody Tea Party  (Case #1 of City Anderson) his cousin Victoria Tan


Daniel is young, he haves black long hairs and glasses. He haves a brown jacket and a t-shirt behind jacket. He haves blue eyes. 

Theres no more known about Daniel.


The Bloody Tea Party

Player and his partner Reyna find a dead body with a bag on tea room. In victims bag Reyna find ID Card of Daniel.Daniel is trying leaving his house from a unknown request. In Daniel's last day Victoria finds about he taking ecstasy everyday on a tea restrouant. In autopsy results, theres a lots of ecstasy on Daniel's stomach. 

The Darkness

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