Dr. Damian Mallory was a suspect in the murder investigations of three people in Hidden Missions.


Dr. Mallory is a 63-year-old neurologist and the head scientist of the neurological research group Cerebrum Laboratories. He has silver hair with a matching silver moustache and blue eyes. Dr. Mallory wears a white lab coat with a pair of glasses and a red pen in his left breast pocket, over a light blue shirt that has a varnish spill and a black necktie. In his first suspect appearance, it is known that Dr. Mallory eats salmon, uses hand cream and is epileptic.

In his second suspect appearance, the varnish stain has disappeared on his shirt. it is discovered that he knows chemistry.

In his third suspect appearance, it is determined that Dr. Mallory studied engineering, is left handed and takes Vitamin C supplements.

Height 6'1"
Age 63
Weight 186lbs
Eyes blue
Blood B+

Events in Justice Department

Back To The Glory Days

During the murder investigation of A.S.I. private consultant Phillip Daley, Dr. Mallory became a suspect after his business card was found in the victim's briefcase. Dr. Mallory introduced himself as the head scientist of the neurological research group, Cerebrum Clinic, he stated that Phillip was one of the people who volunteered as test subjects in their science experiment that focuses on brain activities. Dr. Mallory added that he did not know Phillip personally, only knowing little of his medical background.

However, Dr. Mallory fell under suspicion when he sent Phillip a notification that he was removed from the experiment. Dr. Mallory claimed that he discovered that Phillip was a private detective and was investigating Cerebrum's activities. Dr. Mallory wanted to remove Phillip from the experiment due to his secret investigation.

Dr. Mallory was found innocent when A.S.I. Senior Agent Nick Daniels was found guilty of the murder. However, he was spoken to again by the player and Agent Kate Wong after A.S.I. Director Jonathan Fellowes was still suspicious about Cerebrum Clinic's activities, seeing that Phillip began investigating them. Dr. Mallory explained to the duo that they are performing ethical science experiments that have been proven to be legitimate. To prove his point, Dr. Mallory told the player and Agent Wong that he had given Phillip his research notes and to check its legitimacy. Upon being analysed by another private consultant, Hermes Perrot, it shows that Dr. Mallory was correct - his research group's activities were harmless and ethical, as well as legally approved by the city. Still suspicious, the player and Agent Wong gathered in the A.S.I. headquarters, where the team was assigned to look further into Cerebrum's activities.

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  • Dr. Mallory is based on Dr. Mark Sloan, the main character of Diagnosis: Murder, an American action comedy-mystery-medical crime drama television series.
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