Daffyd Evans
Full name Daffyd Evans
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 1965
Death 19 January 2016
Nationality Welsh
Residence Barry Island, Wales
Profession Doctor
Affiliation(s) Welsh Health and Service Care
Appearance(s) The Shooting Range
Daffyd Evans was the victim in The Shooting Range (Case #2 of The World Edition).


Daffyd had brown hair and green eyes. He wore a leg height white doctoral jacket and a white shirt and black trousers. He wore black shoes.

Murder Details

Daffyd was found in the sea of Barry Island in Wales with weights on his feet. He had also been shot. Millie's autopsy said that the killer had to be good at swimming as they would have struggled to get away from the body and onto the beach fast enough without being caught.

Killer and Motives

Leanne Plaid, a politician of the Melyn Party.

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