Cultural Center is the fifth district in Townville to be investigated by the player in PetersCorporal's fangame. It contains eleven cases, as well as most other districts in Townville. After this district is finished, the player will head to the Town Outskirts.

The main themes in this district are The Wizard Of Seas, the suicide of Elena Smith, and the business feud between Artclan and Right Art.


Case #45, The Heinous Painting:

The Heinous Painting

Case #46, Economic Studies Of Death:

Economic Studies Of Death

Case #47, Yoga Killers:

Yoga Killers

Case #48, Blue Blood:

Blue Blood

Case #49, Musicians' Revenge:

Musicians' Revenge

Case #50, Elite Wars:

Elite Wars

Case #51, Water And Electric Guitars:

Water And Electric Guitars

Case #52, Bestrewed Insides:

Case #53, Yacht Lovers:

Yacht Lovers

Case #54, Terror In Hotel:

Case #55, The Electrify:

Bestrewed Insides

Terror In Hotel

The Electrify




Police Dogs Shop

To unlock the police dogs shop in the Cultural Center, the player has to earn 46 gold medals first. The available dogs in the shop are listed below.

Dog Cost Output
Fox Terrier 800,000 coins 5,000 coins (Small)

300 XP (Tiny)

Chow Chow 900,000 coins 10 Energy (Tiny)
3 Lucky cards (Small)
Doberman Dog (Premium) 900 cash 2 Orange juices (Small)
15 Energy (Small)
Level Hearts Required Stats Increase
Level 2 70 Hearts Skill 2: +1 bar
Level 3 280 Hearts Skill 1: +1 bar
Skill 2: +1 bar
Level 4 500 Hearts Skill 1: +1 bar
Skill 2: +1 bar
Level 5 1350 Hearts Skill 1: +2 bars
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